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They Get Better as They Age?

December 7, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Hi everyone, this is my first post. Have been visiting this site for a while now and i actually like reading these hot steamy stories... mostly true stories. thanks for entertaining me here guys. well i plan to write some of my own as well... i guess i'll start with this confession. I'd like to get your views on this.

Before anything else, i'd like to introduce myself first. I'm chinito, light-skinned, medium built (used to go to the gym regularly- USED to is the key word. haha) and 5'10 in height. Well i should say i am a little good-looking (that's what my mom said) and 30yo by the way.

I wanted to share with everyone this: i grew up having crush on older women, be it in grade school or high school. In fact i seldom got attracted to younger women. Most of my gfs are older (well mostly a few months back in school to a few years while in college and after college). at first i thought maybe i like girls who are in their 25-30 age bracket since they are in their prime. i mean their bodies are in their prime. However, recently it just occurred to me that i'm 30yo already and im not looking for girls who are 25-30. Well, not really not looking cause i'd still grab the opportunity if she's younger and goodlooking and hot but i think i find myself more excited with girls who are older (30-35 or maybe even up to 40). I usually tell myself that i'd do someone who's +/- 10 years of my age, and come to think of it i'd rather do it with someone who is 40 than with someone who is 20. Well of course, considering they are both hot and beautiful syempre. There was this incident wherein i was at starbucks (i wont mention the branch anymore) and there are two pretty ladies, who came in together, that caught my eye. I really made it a point to get to know them before i leave but i know i had to choose between them. They turned out to be 24 and 36 in age. I considered about it but eventually i find myself more attracted and excited with the older one despite the fact that there are more red flags with the older one (i.e. higher chance that she's married, which makes it more dangerous, less likely to have sex with, more complications). Nonetheless, i went for it. Did it with her. After a few weeks, luckily i had the chance to do it with the younger one also. I was excited nonetheless but in hind sight, i still long for the older one rather that the younger one (and i know it has nothing to do with the performance since the younger one is the wilder one).

Well i hope this is normal... but my concern is more of what if i reach 40s or worse 50s. Do you get my point? lol It would get all wrinkly and dry... j... Read More

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