September 20, 2014 (3 years ago)
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you guys have pretty much heard about the recent Bench underwear show : The Naked Truth ( which was cancelled due to the weather but pushed through the following night)

and i'm assuming, you've browsed through photos and vides posted all over the internet to see those freaking hot, chiselled, delicious-looking, awesome bodies beneath the tiny-weenie-piece-of-garment which covers the ''gems''.

so i came across this particular post over at Cosmo.ph

and then i started thinking, going scientist mode, why the heck do those patutoy look like that when covered? pardon my innocence, i have not an experience trying to stare at penises in close range and in real life (i sure hope boyfie from the future will indulge me with this to-do list lol). i have very murky idea of what it looks like, its been ages since the last encounter and it wasn't lighted very well, so yeah i don't know anymore lol

link to the graphics:

http://www.cosmo.ph/celebs/latest-buzz/the-best-bulges-at-the-2014-bench... Read More

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