The Unfaithful

July 15, 2014 (3 years ago)
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The Unfaithful“Here I go again.”  She said to herself as she entered the room.

“Hmmn.. What did you say?”  She heard him say as he followed her inside.

“Oh nothing!”  She took a deep breath and turned to him and smiled.  “So here we are.”

He smiled back and said, “Yes, here we are.”


A few hours ago

“You do know that I take my marriage seriously and despite the fact that I don’t really know you, you have aroused me sexually that no other woman has done so for a long time.  I am being bold about my sexual feelings with you.  I figured I better be frank about it than hide and develop a perverted psych later.”  He took in a deep breath and sighed.

They were sitting inside his car.

“So what do you propose we do about it?”  She asked him.

He went quiet for a minute or two, then turned his face in her direction and said, “Well you know what I want to do.  Now, you tell me.”

She leaned over until their faces are a few inches away from each other, “Kiss me.”

She wanted more than a kiss.  That is one thing for sure.

She imagined feeling his lips on her rock hard nipples and she shivered.  “Taste me.”

He obliged.  He leaned over and claimed her lips.


He abruptly pushed her against the wall and reached under her blouse.

He cupped her full breasts and squeezed the nipples while he leaned started kissing and licking the pulse of her neck.

She moaned.

He reached down to her short skirt and pulled the hem up to her hips.  “No panties!”  He growled into her mouth and slid two fingers inside her.  “So wet!”

She ground herself into his hand and began to cry as an orgasm started to rip through her.  He kissed her and covered his mouth, taking her scream.

He unzipped his pants and took out his cock.  “I want to be inside you.  Now!  Wrap your legs around me.”  He grabbed her ass with his hands.

She did as he asked.  She was suspended in mid-air with her back against the wall.  She positioned her cock between her thighs and slowly slid his cockhead inside her wet pussy.  He plunged himself inside her and started to pump.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  He was inside her.  All the way to the hilt as he squeezed her ass cheeks as he slid his cock in and out of her one last time and came as she did.


She could see herself in all her naked glory through the mirror as she lay on her bed.

No, she was not embarrassed.  She had her legs spread eagled, and he was feasting on her wetness.

“Oh baby!  You have the sweetest tasting pussy!”  He flicked her clit with his tongue and she nearly bucked off the bed.  He held her firmly with his hands to keep her pussy right where he wanted it – at his own mercy.

He plunged his tongue inside her several times and then started focusing on her swollen clit, took it into his mouth, swirled his tongue around it once, slowly.  Paused for a few seconds and swirled at it again.

She grabbed his head and pushed his face down harder into her pussy and they both knew she was on the verge of coming.  He changed his pace and started flicking at her clit rapidly and firmly until she was crying out – her spasms taking over her body.  And through the mirror, she watched herself came and he lapped up all her juices.


He pushed her on her lower back to bend her over forward with one hand as he used the other to grip her hip.  He positioned her right directly in front of the mirror.  He rubbed the head of his cock against her clit at first before easing inside her.

“Oh yesss!”  She heard him groan.

She braced herself.  His first few thrusts were slow and easy as he teased them both then building up to a quickened pace.

She saw her reflection and was fascinated with the way her breasts swayed with every thrust he made.  Who is this wanton woman?  She asked herself.  She could not recognize her own reflection.

“Almost there.  I am almost there baby!”

She pushed back and met his every thrust and he sped up.  “Fuck me!  Harder!  Do it harder!”

He groaned – long and hard and came with one last hard thrust.


He wanted to see her again.  He told her that right before he left her place, and all she can muster herself up to say was, “We’ll see.”

Her phone rang.  She already knew who it was.  She answered.

“Hello love,” came the deep voice from the other end.  “Are you still at work?”

“On my way home now.  It’s late.  You should be sleeping.  The doctor told you not to stay up late, remember?”

“I know.  I just woke up actually and wanted to check if you were on y... Read More

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