The Standing Wrap Sex Position

May 21, 2012 (5 years ago)
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The Standing Wrap Sex PositionIf you can manage it, this is a position she’ll never forget.

Here’s What You Need:

Just the two of you, your female partner and you.

Here’s How You Do It:

Get your woman naked. You, too. Sit on the edge of the bed and have your woman stand in front of you. Tell your woman to place one leg on the bed, then the other, and sit on your lap as your enter her.

Now that she’s sitting on your lap with you inside of her, have her place her arms around your neck and wrap her legs around your waist. After she’s done this, stand up. Put your arms under her buttocks to help stabilize her.

Walk to the nearest wall and let your woman’s back rest against it. Now you’re ready to thrust in and out of your woman as you hold her pinned against the wall. Continue until she reaches an indescri... Read More

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