The Silent Conversation

January 31, 2014 (4 years ago)
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The Silent Conversation

Finally I’m leaving but this heart wants to stay behind so we had this conversation…

Heart: why do you want to leave BOSS? I like it here! I'm happy here!

Me: I’m happy here too, but you know its impossible & its wrong right?

Heart: impossible? Where is the impossible? And how can it be wrong when it feels so good and so right.

Me: you wouldn't understand you only use your emotions…

Heart: make me understand then!!!

Me: if we continue this we will end up hurting her, stupid! Do you want to see her cry because of you? Do you want her to hate you for the rest of her life? Do you want to….

Heart: STOP!!! I just wanted to love her… not to make her cry… you are just saying this cause you are a big coward!

Me: then just love her… and I’m no coward… I’m just afraid… I’m afraid to lose her…

Heart: you are confusing me, damn it BOSS! You’re afraid to lose her then why leave?! ARGH!!!

Me: AISHT! Brain would you please help me here…

Brain: you are on your own their BOSS, it’s hard talking to heart when he is like that…

Heart: what do you mean by that smart ass!

Brain: oh nothing… STUPID… you are losing yourself again.

Me: that’s enough you two… this conversation is over OK heart…

Heart: OK… leave me here! Go with your... Read More

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