The Shape of the feeling (thoughts on orgasm)

July 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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What does an orgasm look like? Is it like fish shooting out in all different directions from a pebble dropped in their pond? Or is it like popcorn popping all over?

Some start out with a burning but fizzle and some start as misfires but suddenly, way up in the sky, just when you thought they were gone, spread out into the most brilliant umbrella...

My orgasms don't come that easily...

They often play hide and seek like the keys I can hear but can't find, at the bottom of my satchel;

I have slight orgasms like I have slight headaches. I wish two paracetamols could cure both;

It takes me so long to reach orgasm, I feel like I am on a freeway caught in a major traffic jam;

I always feel hungry after an orgasm, perhaps because I never felt licked clean;

The Orgasm was dead on arrival, like a tired bubble meandering on the top of an old bottle of Perrier water gone flat;

The orgasm teases like a fish I can feel down below, nibbling on the bait but never grabbing the hook;

It is senseless to pursue my orgasm, I am like a kitten licking and licking the bowl after the milk is long gone;

I have orgasms that feel like they are happening somewhere else, perhaps in a foreign country;

Sometimes I got frustrated about it. In the same way I became frustrated when I'm hungry for something I can't quite put my finger on. Often times I won't eat or masturbate which makes me even more frustrated. Or worse, I eat the wrong thing or have a worthless orgasm;

Some nights, I have working orgasms so I can write about them. Orgasms for the sake of art; Some orgasms is like looking for a memory hidden in the body. The first orgasms come to me, the final ones I have to hunt for;

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