"The Runaway Bride"

September 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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"The Runaway Bride"I was about to get married until I realized that I was'nt indeed yet ready.
I'm afraid i'm only nineteen years old to become a spouse for eternally.
furthermore, I also know nothing about motherhood someday, even parenting.

The problem is, i'm now actually walking along the red carpeted mile of the aisle while facing the Golden Altar.
I took a deep breath as my heartbeat's going faster and faster.
I'm having two mind and really having a hard time deciding.
completely underpressure thinking if I can really say "I Do".

I find that noisy orchestral maneuvers so very annoying as if they were out of tune.
for a sudden, I glanced at my parents-in-law to be, standing next to the altar in front of me, I can barely see the gladness in their eyes inasmuch as the happiness grown in my fiance eyes as I stared at him.

I feel too nervous, totally anxious as I find it difficult to make another step.

"Take a look at your lawfully husband-to-be, is'nt he has the face of a million happiness?"
said my alongside mother sealed with a smile.

No words came out of my shivery soft lips, I just smiled back, and also with my father walking with me on my other side.

"Do I really love you?"
words that keeps going inside my mind, waiting for a sign.
I can't take my eyes out of him as if he thinks I admire him.
He always put that revulsionery smile on his disgusting face, and for the sake of this miserable event, I forced my entire lips to create a smile back to him, though sympathetically fake but still can call a smile.

He reached out for my hand as I arrived to him, damn it kills me, holding his hand is something I could'nt precisely take.
I glanced at him, not looking directly into his eyes to show him that i'm infavor with what's going on.

"I entrust to you my one and only daughter. Love her and take care of her"
how could my father tell such words with his courtesy. I'm deadly sick and tired of this show.

My mind is floating, mentally block as I pursue walking, now with him by my side.
It's really hard for me to take another step, I take a look at my Mother, She continued encouraging me with her mean face.
I run my tounge around my lips and take another deep breath.

"Oh Merciful Lord, what am I doing here?"
I'm still hoping for a flash of signs.

"Can you just relax and pretend that you're loving it?!" he whimpered.

"Then you truly act so good. No doubt, it's your forte, the greatest pretender i've ever met."
I answered with another unreal smile.

I'm shivering from head to toe, i feel so cold-slowly dying inside and out.

This tragedy is a one big mistake.
Oh yeah, of course, I have plenty of excuses when the only true reason of my hezitations to this marriage is just simply I don't love this person standing next to me.

The wind blows so slightly as the Priest started the solemnly theatered show.

"Today, we will witness the marriage of this two young hearts."

The stars are dying. How I'd like to tell the Priest, "Oh no Padre, we will now witness the merging of two old businesses instead."

"But before we come forth, please take the chance to make a stand for the one whom infavor of this Wedding."
the Priest proceeded.

A moment of silence aroused.
In the depth of my poor heart i'm waiting for someone, the real love of my life.
In the midst of my hoping i'm still waiting.
I want to hear him shouting here in this unfair moment, grabbing my hand then taking me somewhere, anywhere outhere.

"In the name of Love, I beg to disagree!"
a voice of a man shouted, took the attention of everyone.

Finally, my last resort has arrived.
I smiled at my fiance, and I, with my knee, kick his balls off.
I stepped back, I run with full courage.
My Mother tried to pull my hand but she did'nt get the chance to grab it, while my Father smiled at me, a sweet-smiled lips indeed.

A smile that made me realized my decision, I quit. Obviously i'm quitting. I saw this man with his horse. He's shimmering, my knight in shining armor. But why is it a horse instead of ferrari? What an old school kicker!

I run as fast as I could think. There's no the hell way of turning back.
With all my might I jumped onto the horse as he grabed my hand and pulled me up.

I embraced him, he started to kick on his horse.
Everyone in the church went out to witness how a bride suddenly ranaway.

"Do you think they're following us?"
he speak with a loud voice over the noise.

"I wish they do not. Thank you for coming Henry..."
I answered.

All of a sudden, he pull over.
I almost fell down as the horse forcely made a full stop. I was so nervous, i'm catching my breath, keep on wondering.

"What happened?!"
still in shocked.

Then he slowly turned his head on me. I gazed him for a while 'till I realized that this guy, for Gad sake, was'nt Henry.

"Who the hell are you?!"
He asked with his worried face.

"Who are you either?! You fetched me at the church not knowing who am I?!"
I mutter.

"Oh! My! Gad! What the heck! I went in a wrong church!"
while shaking his head off.

"Hey Lady, get off the horse, hurry! I need to catch the wedding of my beloved girlfriend before it's too late, and I wish i'm not! So hurry!"
he continued as he dumped me to flown away.

Oh how annoying! How could he leave me here in the midst of nowhere. All I can barely see is an empty road with lack of houses and has only few trees.

No doubt he already left me. And now i'm standing alone, I had to walk, stretch my bonestock legs along the road.

I feel so hot under this freaky-crazy sun, so then with all my might, i cut out my gown into skirt.
I'm freaking inside, totally upset.

I rush into the city, to the nearest store to get some drinks, but when I reached it, I realized that I have nothing even a single coin. All I've got is a deep breath.

From a far distance, again I saw that man furiously coming with his horse, and now with the girl from which he has mistaken of me.
He successfully claimed his beloved, and i'm happy for them.

They've passed me with that stunning smile on their face.

"Woah! Nice! You the man!"
I cheerfully shouted.

After a while, sadness came within me. Where is Henry, where is Henry?
Where is the man whom I expecting to be here?
The man who supposed to be inhere.

I fell down on my knees and so my tears, I trembled, my hands were shaking-shivering. And after a moment of silence and regrets, a mere voice suddenly came over me. A voice of a man in grief. He's walking in heartaches-melted heart.

I ran my fingers through my eyes to wipe my tears off. He was completely in a flash of shock when He finally saw me.
Perhaps He did'nt notice me because of his one-own moment of sadness.

I don't know this stranger but with his tuxedo I just knew that this man is the bride's dead-approaching groom. What the heck!
A single glance, he's terrified. Another glance, he's marvelous.
How could a bride left such a handsome groom? Very intriguing but I won't bet a single penny.

"Hey, have you seen my lady?"
He held me a hand.

"Oh. I guess so!"
as I took the hand.

"She's not yours after all"
Then He stared at me so seriously while lifting me up.

"Oops! I did'nt mean that, i'm sorry."
I murmur.

We were in this li'l talk untill He noticed my clothes.

"Is that a wedding dress?"

I just smiled, and my eyes makes him wonder.
Then I shouted,
"Yes! We can talk!"
when I knew the meaning of his face.

We went in a cafeteria alongside a river. I can't get those bird's hymn out of my mind. A couple of coffee to warmth our coldest senses.
People started staring at us. We were totally in terrible mess, but the both of us, him and I, were mesmerized to each other, cheerfully fascinated as we celebrate our tears.

"By the way, I'm Brent!"
while giving his hand to me.

I grasped it, then shook.
"Just call me Alice."

Being in public with indecent looks and a totally stranger in front of me over this round table, and, by the way, from the very day of my wedding, is something I really could'nt imagine at all.

A cup in an underliner, I zip my coffee. Ooh. Damn hot! I find myself smiling, wondering if this so called Brent i'm sneakingly glancing is as hot as this white coffee taste. How bitterly sweet. Another smile creates!

Oh I think he caught me staring at him,
I rushed my word before he did his, as if he's the one staring at me.

"What's what?"
he mutter.

i feel nervous as I rapidly think for an answer. I don't want this guy to think something with my previous stares.

"What now?"

Those gazed eyes of him makes me tremble like a teenage. I do admit that he is really as handsome as Brad Pitt. His masculine figure really makes me feel that i'm completely attracted.

"How about going to your place?"
He straightly asked.

To my place? Really? This guy's must be crazy. How the hell he could merely think coming with me in my place that calmly easy?

"What? Are you out of your mind? Look. What if we depart from here? I'll go on my own, you... I don't care, just go!"
in a high tone.

"Please?! You know, i'm embarrased. I can't go home. I don't. I won't. So please let me be with you for a couple of day, I guess?"
he insisted.

This is just ridiculous. Fate must be joking. But on the other hand, I understand him. I, myself either don't wanna go home. After what i've just done, I think I have no right to even think of coming back at all.

I took a deep breath, released the stress.
"We're..on the same shoe..."
my voice suddenly lowered.

"Uh-oh. I know, right?"

Birds keeps on humming. Silence preluded the no-other-choice moment. What the heck am I doing here? I wanna cry! Holy hell yeah I wanna cry! Cry so loud! Cry it out to vanish! Grr...

"Why don't we go somewhere else?"
words came out of my mouth before I could think. Oh my! Why did I say that?!

i'm afraid of his expression.

"Ah! I know this place where we can go! Exactly!"

He furiously picked out some penny from his wallet, place it on the table while he stand up grabbing my hand. We left the cafe and we took a taxi. Along the ride, I keep thinking what's on his mind. There is something within me that I can't explain but it keeps on telling me that I ought to trust this pretty stranger.

Guilt suddenly across into my mind. I know those people were worrying about me right now, specially my Father. I just wish that my decision was awfully right.

"We're here!"
Brent shouted.

We are standing in front of a wooden door. The front door of a two storey house-timely-abandoned. Curiosity came out of nowhere.

"What is this place?"
I asked him.

"What do you mean? This is our old house, i'm grateful that nobody wants to buy it."

"Ohw. How come you do have its key with you?"

"I pass my time here once in awhile. I always bring the key."
what a sweet smile of him.

We entered the house. All I can see is an empty room, from living room where i'm standing still up to the kitchen area. This house is not as dirty as i'm expecting. It seems to me that this guy is telling me the truth. It was hence totally not abandoned at all.

I rolled my eyes since Brent asked me to stair up his room to change my clothes. I think for a while and finally convinced myself to route his own personal, for Gad sake, room. Is he trying to hit on me now? What a sopisticated thought.

I think i'm blushing, am outta myself. I saw him naked! Wow! This man's really seducing me, well, he succeeded.

He's staring at me, eyes to eyes, as if he's trying his best to connect with my soul. I can't move, my nerves were locked up. His gaze keeps on pulling out my body hormones. It makes me horny. I'm aroused by his naked body and I actually don't know why.

No words came out. I want to think that this hot man was hypnotized me, i'm entirely under his lusty spell. My eyes are blinking while my heart is pumping.
Damn I want to undress myself!

He reached for my hand, held it and, shocks, he kissed my fingers. Oh I know what that kiss truly means, it's an invitation for sex. Well, he's cute and i'm so horny. Another minute, i'm naked.

We kissed.
We're passionately-there's-no-tommorow kissing.
As I touched Brent's face, I caught myself in fire, so hot!
I never thought that I can do this, that I would do this.
I merely don't know why i'm here, standing in his room and kissing with him tounge to tounge, but it feels so good, truly good.

His naughty big hand were slowly wandering in my cold-naked body. Cupping around my breast and nubbin nipples, He massaged thoroughly while the palm and the fingers of his left hand caressed the cheeks of my butt, and also gives a sudden touch to my pussy.

"uhm.. Your pussy is already so very wet for me."

Oh, he's really good!
He really knows how to do it.

I pushed him.
he murmur.

I did'nt answer, instead, I walk toward his room. He also walk behind me, then I faced him when we reached his bed as I lay down my body in his soft cushion as I ran my tounge around my dry lips and swallow down the lump that suddenly lodged in my throat.

"come to me!"
I begged, holding his cheeks and Inviting his lips.

He passionately kissed my nose, nice and slow, and keeps on kissing my lips making my mouth moan once in a while.


His tounge starts to wander around my face, licking every single detail of my skin.

"moan! You whore, moan for me!" he quietly shouted.

Oh yeah. You read it right. I'm a whore, nailed by a stranger, fucked by someone whom name is the only thing I know.
Okay. This is my fantasy. To be treated like a whore by a stanger. Perhaps this could be the reason why I am here, or just an excuse? Ha ha

I gasped catching my breath, granting his wish.

I wrapped my arms around his body, touching his warm and tough muscles.
My feet suddenly began stretching along the air, a sign of lust arrousing.
It ushered me to heaven's gate.

He brushed his lips softly against me persistently. We, once again kissed, torridly. Ohw torture me!


Hell i'm so horny. I wanna get fucked! He lay down his warm body over mine, skin to skin. My breast were beneath his chest and I can feel his erection brushing my pussy. I welcomed him as I spread my legs. Holding my hips without letting go my mouth.

His hard cock, holy mother shit, pursued knocking on my carnally open door, splitting my pussylips.

"O com'on now Brent! What ye waitin' for? Bang me now holy cow! Ahh"
I whimpered.

"Ohw shit..."

I just felt his hard headed cock coming inside me. I need air to breathe.

"Oh my gad... It's so big... Ahhh"

he gave me a really smooth pump as we begin the real sexual delicacy. Sweet summer scent, i'm sweating inside and out. It's too hot in here. This room is on fire. My sensuality burns my emotions.

"Oh my gad! Oh my gad! Fuck! Ooohhh"
i'm out of control.

"Do you like this huh?! Want more?! Huh?! Ohhh..."
obviously he's moaning.

While we're in the midst of rose-in-december pleasure, I realize something...
Damn! Why here? Why now?
I think I really love my Groom, that i'm just blindly fascinated with what Henry can give me. Sex. Yes, sex and yes, My Groom husband-to-be does'nt give me this kind of atention.

Although we were the sweetest couple in the eyes of others, he never lay his hand over me. He never touched me, even a smack kiss on my lips. Nevertheless that forehead sometimes cheek unforgivenable bald kiss. Woah!

Now I, oh merciful fate, understand the difference between my fiance's affection and my henry's attention. Sweet autumn's heaven in winter's hell, what have I done?

Before I forgot this man's dicky stick inside me, I should make up my mind and back to my senses.
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