The Runaway Bride

December 27, 2013 (4 years ago)
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The Runaway BrideI was about to get married until I realized that I was'nt indeed yet ready.
I'm afraid i'm only nineteen years old to become a spouse for eternity.
furthermore, I also know nothing about motherhood someday, even parenting.

The problem is, i'm now actually walking along the red carpeted mile of the aisle while facing the Golden Altar.
I took a deep breath as my heartbeat's going faster and faster.
I'm having two mind and really having a hard time deciding.
completely underpressure thinking if I can really say "I Do".

I find that noisy orchestral maneuvers so very annoying as if they were out of tune.
for a sudden, I glanced at my parents-in-law to be, standing next to the altar, I can barely see the gladness in their eyes inasmuch as the happiness grown in my fiance eyes as I stared at him.

I feel too nervous, totally anxious as I find it difficult to make another step.

"Take a look at your lawfully husband-to-be, is'nt he has the face of a million happiness?"
said my alongside mother sealed with a smile.

No words came out of my shivery soft lips, I just smiled back, and also with my father walking with me on my other side.

"Do I really love you?"
words that keeps going inside my mind, waiting for a sign.
I can't take my eyes out of him as if he thinks I admire him.
He always put that revulsionery smile on his disgusting face, and for the sake of this miserable event, I forced my entire lips to create a smile back to him, though sympathetically fake but still can call a smile.

He reached out for my hand as I arrived to him, damn it kills me, holding his hand is something I could'nt precisely take.
I glanced at him, not looking directly into his eyes to show him that i'm infavor with what's going on.

"I entrust to you my one and only daughter. Love her and take care of her"
how could my father tell such words with his courtesy. I'm deadly sick and tired of this show.

My mind is floating, mentally block as I pursue walking, now with him by my side.
It's really hard for me to take another step, I take a look at my Mother, She continued encouraging me with her mean face.
I run my tounge around my lips and take another deep breath.

"Oh Merciful Lord, what am I doing here?"
I'm still hoping for a flash of signs.

"Can you just relax and pretend that you're loving it?!" he whimpered.

"Then you truly act so good. No doubt, it's your forte, the greatest pretender i've ever met."
I answered with another unreal smile.

I'm shivering from head to toe, i feel so cold-slowly dying inside and out.

This tragedy is a one big mistake.
Oh yeah, of course, I have plenty of excuses when the only true reason of my hezitations to this marriage is just simply I don't love this person standing next to me.

The wind blows so slightly as the Priest started the solemn theater show.

"Today, we will witness the marriage of this two young hearts."

The stars are dying. How I'd like to tell the Priest, "Oh no Padre, we will now witness the merging of two old businesses instead."

"But before we come forth, please take the chance to make a stand for the one whom infavor of this Wedding."
the Priest proceeded.

A moment of silence aroused.
In the depth of my poor heart i'm waiting for someone, the real love of my life.
In the midst of my hoping i'm still waiting.
I want to hear him shouting here in this unfair moment, grabbing my hand then taking me somewhere, anywhere outhere.......

........As I touched Brent's face, I caught myself in fire, so hot!
I never thought that I can do this, that I would do this.
I merely don't know why i'm here, standing in his room and kissing with him tounge to tounge, but it feels so good, truly good.

His naughty big hand were slowly wandering in my cold-naked body. Cupping around my breast and nubbin nipples, He massaged thoroughly while the palm and the fingers of his left hand caressed the cheeks of my butt, and also gives a sudden touch to my pussy.

"uhm.. Your pussy is already so very wet for me."

Oh, he's really good!
He really knows how to do it.

I lay down my body in his soft cushion as I ran my tounge around my dry lips and swallow down the lump that suddenly lodged in my throat.

"come to me!"
I begged, holding his cheeks and Inviting his lips.

He passionately kissed my nose, nice and slow, and keeps on kissing my lips making my mouth moan once in a while.


His tounge starts to wander around my face, licking every single detail of my skin.

"moan! You whore, moan for me!" he q... Read More

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