The Reunion

June 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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By: Drage78

(Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to real events, names and places are purely coincidental. It has been a while since my last story. Hope you guys will like it)

It was a busy day, lampas tao ang paper works na kailangang tapusin. Overlapping ang deadlines at hindi ko na halos alam kung ano ang uunahin. While I was typing like there was no tomorrow, biglang nagbeep and facebook messenger ng phone ko.

Angela: Batch hello, how are you? We are organizing a grand reunion for our high school batch this summer May 20-21, hope you could attendJ

Kahit sobrang busy I was a little bit distracted not because of the message but because of whom it was from.

Angela was my childhood crush, we’ve been classmates since kindergarten thru highschool. She was the prettiest girl in our batch, (In my opinion at least). Maputi, matangkad kesyo foreigner ang tatay. She is smart too, we were actually always competing for number 1, but in spite of her efforts, she always fell short to catch up on me (aherrmmm, yabang).

Dahil nga maganda, mayaman at matalino pa, hayun kasinghaba ng traffic sa Edsa lagi ang manliligaw. Almost every one who had the guts sa barkada namin nangligaw sa kanya, maliban sa akin. Ewan ko ba pero ayoko kasi makigulo pa sa kanila, but my heart always bled every time I saw her na hinahatid ng kung sinu-sinong lalaki. I presumed she had a lot of boyfriends and I even hated her for that…

Enough of sad and bitter memories. Because I was so busy, or I did not know what to say, I just concentrated back to my tasks at hand. Eventually, I already totally forgot about Angela and before I knew it was already past 8 p.m. By then, medyo lumuwag na desk ko.

Buzzzzzzz, I pressed the buzzer for my secretary.

Mel: Yes, sir?

Me: Please attend to these papers I have already signed, reviewed and studied them, just follow the instructions written on the post-its. Uwi na ako and you may go home too after clearing things up. Sorry ha, overtime ka na naman.

Mel: Okay lang, Sir. Trabaho ko po yun, besides wala pa naman po ako pamilyang uuwian.

Me: Thanks, Mel….Walang pamilyang uuwian? Ano yun, may pinahihiwatig ba si Mel?Hmmmm, wala naman siguro, malisyoso lang talaga siguro ako…tangna makauwi na nga baka kung ano pa maisip at magawa ko…syet..bakit kasi pumili pa ako ng maganda at seksing secretary….

I got my suit, left my office and went down to the parking area where I parked my car. I drove away. And on my way home, I felt excited to be the wife and kids again. They are my life and inspiration. They are the reason why life for me is worth living.

While along Edsa, Yun lang traffic, so it’s gonna take me a while to get home. While bearing the traffic, I suddenly remembered the message of Angela… May 20-21, wow libre ako nun, mukhang pupuwede ako umattend. Thinking of our reunion made me excited and nostalgic. I thought of old friends, san na kaya sila? Ano na kalagayan nila sa buhay? I have communications with a few of my friends pero wala na sa mas madami. Alam ko Angela eventually became a doctor but I do not know kung saan siya nagwowork exactly.

As for me, oo nga pala, I have not introduced myself yet. I am Jeremy San Jose, a.k.a. Jimmy for my highschool batchmates. I am now 38 years old, married to my beautiful and loving wife, Jen, for 8 years now, with two kids. I have my own small (for now) auditing and tax consulting firm, catering mainly to BPOs and other foreign corporations doing business in the Philippines. Life is good, if I may say. I have a brown complexion, pero I insist na I used to have fair complexion umitim lang kagogolf (Ahermm). I am 5’9”, I am by no means lean, medium build,

My wife, Jen, is a lawyer and she is now a partner in a medium size law office based in Ortigas. Jen is beautiful, matangkad, smart, with legs that go forever. After two kids, Jen no longer has the body of a twenty year old but the additional weights were just on the right places, hot mama pa din ang dating.

Describing my wife actually made me horny, I just can’t get enough of her. After 8 years of marriage with two kids, we don’t make love like rabbits anymore, but every chance we get, given our busy schedule, our making love sessions were still hot as ever. I love going down on her and she like giving me head also, almost everytime we make love, save those quickie ones, we take time to explore each other’s body, we both love a long foreplay.

Jen loves the tease. So I take time teasing her when we make love. We kiss a lot, wet, passionate and long kisses while exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. Jen’s skin is absolutely flawless, so exploring her entire body with my lips and tongue is a no brainer.

I usually start by kissing Jen’s forehead, her eyes, nose, cheeks, chin. Then I take time kissing her jaw line and her ears. The moans I get from Jen tell me that I was doing good, so I take time kissing her ticklish parts.

Then I go down to her neck, Jen loves to be kissed there, too, especially when I blow a soft breath from time to time. Then I kiss and lick her collar bones, back to her neck, back to her soft lips, then side and down to her earlobes, then to her neck, collar bone, down to her chest, just in between her breasts first, licking and kissing the sides, after a long tease, I sucked and lick her sensitive nipples which make her squirm like a cat…

Beepppp, beeppppppppp…

Shit, kakafantasize ko umuusad na pala traffic. Hayyy, salamat naman.

After almost an hour of gridlock along Edsa I was finally able to go home.

The maid opened the gate and when I entered the house, my two gorgeous kids came running to hug and kiss me.

My wife, Jen, was already home, kakadating niya lang din actually, nauna lang ako ng kunti. She was still wearing her lawyerly dress, moving about the kitchen and she went to the fridge to get some water, because I saw her hand with a glass.

I was checking out my wife, damn she’s is hot. Her outfit suits her very nicely. She looked so smart, yet sexy at the same time. I love her legs, no stockings, just her flawless, shaven skin. Then she opened the fridge, bent down to get pitcher. Wow, look at that ass, molding perfectly at her pencil cut skirt. I was instantly hard again.

And then I noticed that it seems that it takes her longer than the usual to bend over to pick up the pitcher. Is my wife teasing me? If so, she is doing a damn fine job. I am horny as a rabbit and hard as steel. Then while still bending, my wife looks at my direction, bingo…huli ako. She saw me checking her out, and she showed me this beautiful and lusty smile, showing her pearly white teeth, sabay kindat.

Jen: (in a low voice so as not to be heard by the kids or the maid) Were you just checking me out?
Me: Guilty as charged, counselor, do I get any punishment?
Jen: As a matter of fact you do, follow me to the bedroom and you will see, you horny toad.
Me: Yes, ma’am but please be merciful.
Jen: Let’s see.

Then jen climbed the steps to the second floor where our bedroom is located, I was not far behind.

Me: Yaya, wash the kids so we can have dinner afterwards.

Jen entered the bedroom, closed the door after her. I looked down at where the kids and yaya were, just to make sure they were not following me. Then I entered our room.

When I entered the room, it was dark but I saw Jen’s silhouette on the middle of the bed.

Jen: Lock the door and turn on the lights.

I did as I was told and voila, I was surprised at what I saw, it was a sight to behold. There was Jen sitting on the center of the bed, pillow propped on her head, still fully clothed and with 5 inch heels still on but her skirt is hiked up to her waist, and she had no more panties and her legs spread eagled. There it was, beautifully displayed before my bulging eyes, the most beautiful and best tasting pussy I have ever seen and eaten. Jen does not shave her pussy, she wants it to be natural, good thing her hair is not dense. I can already see that it is glistening with her juices.

Me: Wow, I can get used to this kind of punishment
Jen: Shut up! Come up here and fuck me until I cum, that’s your punishment for making me horny you bastard!
Me; Yes, madam counselor, I will take that punishment anytime.

I climbed up the bed, unbuckled my pants, lowered it to just my hips, together with my boxers in one swift motion, I was really hard and ready to explode.

Without any foreplay and ceremony, I inserted my rock hard penis to the already wet pussy of my wife.. and kissed her full on the mouth.

Jen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, dad ang sarappppppppp, fuck me please, I’m so horny…
Me: I’ve been fantasizing about you while in the car and stuck in traffic, so I’ve been planning to really do this to you….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ang init ng pussy mo hon…ang sarappp
Jen: More dad, sige lang….wag ka tumigil madali na lang ako labasan…ahhhhhhhhh….

I was fucking my wife like a jackhammer now…ohhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, we were moaning in unison, buti na lang soundproof ang room.

Me: Mommy, lalabasan na ako…di ko na kaya pang pigilan…ahhhhhhhhh
Jen: Sige daddd, im about to cum toooo, iputok mo lahat yan sa loob ko..shitttttt ang sarapppppp, im cumminnggggggggg
Me: I love you mommyyyyy, sabay tayo ahhhhhhhhhhhh……

And I collapsed over her while my semi hard dick was still inside her.

Jen: Whew…that was intense. What has gotten into you.
Me: You k... Read More

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