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August 27, 2015 (2 years ago)
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When you thought you finally met the one

The one that gives you smile just a thought of him
The one that gives you shiver just a light touch from him
The one that you have just dreamt of when you were young
The one that promised you that he will always be there for you
The one that said that he will hold your hands when you feel alone
The one that told you that you will face today and tomorrow together
The one that whispers i love you to you everyday

Suddenly left you without a word..

And so 

you realized that he was not the one..
You realized that he was just a passer by
You realized that he was a lesson and a blessing
You realized that you are now facing today and tomorrow alone
You realized that no one will hold your hands
You realized no more i love you everyday

You start to lose hope 


Someone out of nowhere grab your hand

That someone try yo make you smile again
That Someone's touch make you feel alive again
That someone help you realize that dreams do come true
That someone dont make promises but just say "gagawa ako ng paraan" always
That someone make you believe in love again
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