The Knot

March 29, 2015 (3 years ago)
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This was a story I have written a couple years ago.

I'm just lucky enough to have had it saved. I hope you guys like it.

Flames and criticisms on the writing are welcome.


I was straddling him when a question came into my mind.

“Rude brat?”


“What if I let other guys fuck me?”


I leaned down on him and hugged him, “What if I ever had sex with another guy? Would you leave me?”


“Well what?”

“I won’t. I’ll fight for you.”

“Hug me tighter.”


Because I never did that, and I never will.”


“Certain. I love you rude brat.”

“Come on. Resume with what you were doing slowpoke.”

“Slowpoke huh?” and I grinned at him while I sat up again.

On a slow pace, I rode him back and forth.

“Ohhhh. Damn. Don’t torture me. Don’t go slow. You tight pussy. Uhhh.”

“Why don’t we do the spoon rude brat? “I wanna hug you.”

“And I want to feel more of you.”.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed as he started fucking me again.

“Hey, no harsh words lady.”

“I’m sorry. I just can’t take it. You’re so great.”

“You know why boys would want to fuck so badly?”

“Hmm. Why?”

“Because we all want to go back to the womb, where we first came from. There’s no place like home,” and he thus kissed me passionately.

He’s 28, I’m 25. We met 8 years ago via chat.

Rude brat: bitch

Slowpoke: I’m not a bitch

Rude brat: Ohh. Wait. I’m sorry. I was just pissed. And that was not meant for you.

Slowpoke: That actually hurt.

Rude brat: Hush. Hey. Really. I mean it. I’m sorry.

Slowpoke: I don’t know. I’m crying now.

Rude brat: Please, forgive me. I’ll make it up to you.

Slowpoke: Okay then. I forgive you, but I can never forget.

Rude brat: I’ll make you forget it.

Slowpoke: I gotta go now.

Rude brat: Wait. Really. I’m sorry. Please?

Slowpoke: Yeah. I forgive you already.

That was the first day I knew he was a different man. He never flirted with me. He’s not the type of a man would just want to take me to bed and dump me right after, we never even talk about sex. You might think he’s gay, but hell he’s not. He just knows how to respect women. Going back to the story, for 7 years, we’ve been together, I’m an engineer now, and he’s a business tycoon.


“Hmm. Oh sorry, I dived into my thoughts,” I told him realizing that I stopped moving.

“Let’s switch,” and thus he carried me first before I felt my back touch the bed.

“I was just thinking of that day,”

“That day again, I told you to fucking forget that day,”

“If not for that day, you won’t be above me tonight,”

“Hush, I’m almost there,”

And I felt him going faster and deeper inside me, “Uhh damn rude brat! This is by far the sweetest lovemaking we’ve ever had.”

“Uhhhh. Slowpoke! Can I... uhhh… explode … inside you?”

“Yes.. I… wanted that… for a long time… now. Ahhh!! I’m coming!!!!”

“Ohh. Take this!”

I felt the hot surge of his sperm inside me. After that, he went behind me as I laid on my side. Hugging, he asked, 

“Slowpoke, will you marry me?”

“Of course I would.”

And I drifted off to sle... Read More

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