The Kiss

June 11, 2015 (2 years ago)
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"  I want our first kiss to be something you'll  never forget"  he said.

As the rain poured with vengeance outside,  amidst a barely lit room  neither of us moved. Neither of us breathed.  I tilted my head,  looked in his eyes.


 In that moment,  we just existed .

He lowered his head,  I closed my eyes...

Then he kissed me.

The kiss was  artless, devoid of pretentions,  unhurried.  It does not display the skill of a  seasoned kisser.   It was  non-frivolous,  but only because it was real. The most honest, truthful moment  we shared. The kiss that evoked from me  all these  sensations  I had never known I'm still capable of feeling
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