The Gentlemen's Confession Sessions: Playing with my co-OJT

May 18, 2015 (2 years ago)
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"Bonjour!" This word is the most used word in a 5-star hotel in Pasay.  That’s the word we used to greet our colleagues and most specially the guests. I was an OJT in that same hotel a very few years ago. And as you may have guessed, I already earned my degree in Hospitality in of the universities in the UAAP. Call me Ian. I was assigned in the Front Office as a Concierge (FO). And as we all know, FO has the majority of the most beautiful employees in the hotel. I’ve had the privilege to work with these beautiful ladies which gave me a reason to come to work every single day.

I am with my three other classmates in that position. Some of the OJTs were also at the FO, some were at F & B, Housekeeping, Spa, etc. I think I was just so lucky because some “laking aircon” OJT students who also worked in the FO were just as beautiful as those regular FO ladies. As the days passed-by and after a bunch of gala kahit na ilang weeks palang magkakasama, I knew that they’re also a student of the participating universities in the UAAP which brought us all even closer. However, on the latter part of my stay as an OJT, there’s a new comer in our team, Christine. A girl from the province. But don’t get me wrong, her beauty was enough to make a man commit cheating.

Maputi, Sexy, Long Hair, angelic face, these are just some of her attributes. She started her OJT first week of December. And as we all know, during these time the weather is already becoming perfect, PERFECT FOR SEX. I ain’t a playboy, I just get so horny that easy, and often times, especially during those times na kami lang yung nasa loob ng isang room sa back office, she never failed to make my alaga damn hard.

There were times na nagsasabay yung duty namin ni Christine. There’s this one time na na-assign sya as a door greeter, she’s not the one opening the doors, she was the one who greets the guests upon entering the hotel. She wore a Filipiniana-looking dress, heels, make up, and  that made her even more outstanding. And as the day ended, Christine and I bid our goodbyes to our supervisors and other colleagues and went to the back office para mag prepare umuwi.

Those assigned as a door greeter are required to return the heels they used and iwanan sa back office. When I entered the back office, nakita ko na nasa loob na si Christine, I saw her sitting on the Luggage cart as she was removing her heels. I already know the situation, Christine was wearing a Filipiniana that is not that fit, nakaupo sya sa napakababang level, so it was an opportunity para bosohan ko si Christine. I went to her to purposely chat with her para makalapit ako sa kanya habang nagtatanggal sya ng shoes. When I got closer, malapit na yung ulo niya sa nagagalit ko nang cock. My cock even got angrier nung yumuko siya and gave me a very very fantastic angle para Makita yung cleavage ni Christine. Napakaputi ng skin ni Christine, her breasts was just perfect, not too big, not too small, tamang tama lang. at the moment, I wanted to unleash my cock, whip it in front of her, isampal sa pretty face niya, and ibayo sa bibig niya. And kapag lalabasan na ko, I was thinking na ikalat sa mukha niya and iputok yung ibang gatas ko sa breasts niya. However, I can only imagine that time. And then natapos na niyang tanggaling, I helped her get up and escorted hanggang sa employees locker.

Days passed-by. Nagkahingian kami ng number. We talked a lot every after duty. About relationship, about her ideal guy, etc. and then one time, since after lunch naman yung naging duty namin, we talked until midnight.

And she texted me “Umm. pwede mo ba ko ihatid sa dorm mamaya? Gabi na kasi eh. Takot ako ;(“. I’ve had the most devilish smile on my face when I read her text. Thinking to myself na mukhang eto na yung chance.

I replied, “Okay lang sure, san ba yun? Pero anyway, basta may dumadaan naman na Cubao, SM Fairview or Quezon Ave na sasakyan dun makakauwi na ko Haha.”  

She said, “Oo ata, I think meron naman.”

I then replied, “Haha Sige sige. Bukas Ihahatid kita ;)”

The conversation ended with her text “Thank you ;) Goodnight!”

Then the day came, we greeted each other, survived our duty, and called it a day. Then again, same routine, she was removing her shoes, so here I am again, having my appetizer, and so binosohan ko ulit si Christine. This time yumuko pa sya ng husto which seemed like she’s inviting me na sumilip pa and magenjoy sa view. So she got up, we went to the locker and sabay na lumabas sa employee’s entrance to ride a jeep going to Vito Cruz. 

She was wearing a super nipis white v-neck shirt and short ripped maong shorts. I was in an awe when I saw her dressed that way. Napatigas niya yung alaga ko ng husto, mula pagkasakay ng jeep, hanggang pagbaba naming sa V. Cruz, the bulge in my pants never went back to normal. I asked If she wants to eat something, so we went to Mcdo, bought a burger and a sundae, and I thought we were going to eat there. When the cashier asked if the order is for dine-in, I replied yes, but all of sudden Christine told the cashier “Miss to go nalang po please.” I looked at her, she was looking very still, very serious and all at the cashier, so I told the cashier nalang din na “To go lang miss sige.” I was bugged by the way she acted. I had many things and questions going inside my head.

 So we went out, and proceeded to her dorm, I asked her “May gusto ka pa?” she replied, “Umm, okay na ko sa food.” I realized that I am also getting nervous as we walked the streets headed to her dorm as I asked and asked her kung may gusto pa ba syang bilhin or what. Her dorm was near an exclusive school in Vito Cruz. No need to ride a jeep or tricy, we just walked. Then we got to her dorm, I was nervous, I was perspiring really hard. I was really thinking about a dorm set-up kind of establishment, pero what I saw was an apartment. No rules, No bantays, no nothing to stop me entering the establishment.

When we were about to go upstairs, I spoke, “Christine, pano, una na ko? Dito ka na ba?”

And out of nowhere, she exclaimed, “HA??. Eh kaya nga nagtake-out tayo eh. Dito mo na kainin yan”

I was about to reply to what she said, “Ehh baka bawal dya………” I stopped speaking kasi biglang dire-diretso sya umakyat ng hagdan. I could not resist looking at her back. Thinking that I’d like spank that ass of her. We reached her unit, and as she was looking for the keys in her bag, I was looking around the area, It was a nice place, although may malalapit na ibang units, I think nobody could hear us inside.  The situation is just too nerve-wracking. She found the keys, opened the door, opened the lights, placed her bag on the dinner table and asked me “May gusto ka ba?” she was looking at me seriously. She was looking at me habang nagtatali ng siya ng buhok. I told her, “Umm sige, tubig please hehe”. What I did not mention in the first part of this story was that Christine and I had naughty conversation nadin naman. Naughty to the point na I was aking her what she was wearing, If she already kissed a stranger, If she already cheated with her bf, those kinds of things. So I can say that Christine somehow naughty. Although I’m not sure gaano siya ka-naughty.

She took a glass, poured water and handed it to me. We chatted while we were eating our burgers. Nung naubos na, I somehow was not able to contain myself, nalilibugan na ko, so I asked her. “Di ka na ba magbibihis?”

She replied while looking very serious AGAIN, “Hindi na sana, Bakit?”

Ian: “Wala naman”

Christine: “Bakit nga?”

Ian: “Wala nga lang”

Christine: “Sige magbibihis ako.”

So she got up, went to the bathroom without saying a word. I was wondering what she’s going to do.

 Then I heard her saying something while inside the bathroom, “Wala pala akong dalang pamalit. Kuha mo ko dyan sa maleta ko”

Ian: “Alin kukunin ko?”

Christine: “Kuha mo ko ng shorts na cotton, meron jan yung pink”

(I actually get turned-on when girls wear this certain kind of shorts, yung shorts na may lining sa edges, ang hirap i-explain, basta yung short na parang pang jogging, I find it sexy.) And what a coincidence, the short she was talking about was what I like.

I asked then asked her, “Shorts lang?”

Christine: “Ayaw mo ba yung top ko?”

I did not say anything. Then I knocked the door of the bathroom...

She was hiding behind the door, her head was out to look at me.

Christine: “Ayaw mo ba yung top ko?”

I could not contain my libog anymore at the moment. I know she’s not wearing any shorts behind that door.

Ian: “Gusto, ang ganda nga eh, manipis and vneck pa.”

Christine: “Really?”

Then all of a sudden she handed her ripped maong shorts to me… It was very very small, I think wala pang isang dangkal yung shorts niya and as well as yung pinakuha niya sakin, wala din isang dangkal.

Ian: “Would you mind kung amuyin ko yung shorts mo?”

Christine: “You have it. Do whatever you want with it.”

Then I gave the pink shorts to her, closed the door then she went out. And My good Lord she’s so sexy…

Inabutan niya ko na hawak parin yung shorts niya. Then she gave me a devilish smile and a very very naughty wink.

Christine: “Okay na?” – She was asking kung okay na ba saking yung suot niya.

I reached-out my right arm, inviting her to get close to me and she did. Nakaupo ako sa sofa, nakatayo siya, when she got close, I never wasted a moment to caress her body. Pinagapang ko yung kamay ko sa waist niya, manipis yung damit, I can almost feel her skin, makinis, madulas, masarap.. She smiling at me, she seemed to enjoy looking at me enjoying what’s happening.

Then stood up… I dragged her in the dinner table, placed both of her hands on the table to support her. I went to her back, as her arms are leaned on the table, Idiniin ko yung bukol sa pants ko na matagal ko nang gusto idikit sa kanya. She had exclaimed a slight “Ooohh…”

My right hand traced her neck from the back. I was slowly becoming dominant, becoming harsh, become rough, nung natapos ako sa neck niya, I suddenly pulled her hair with my right hand. Sinasabunutan ko na siya. I pulled her hair even more para palingunin si Christine sakin para bigyan siya ng French Kiss. So we did, our eyes were closed, enjoying the moment na tinitikman naming yung labi nung isa’t isa. Our tongues have become so active, I teased her a lot of time, kinakagat ko yung lips niya.

Ian: “You like this Christine?”

Christine: “Yess….”

When I asked her that, bigla ko siya inutusan na i-pull yung vneck shirt niya para hayaan niya kong Makita yung boobs niya. So she did, hinila niya yung vneck line ng shirt niya para makaboso ako from top. I told her to let it that way habang hinalikan ko yung leeg niya, dinidilaan, nilalawayan, binabasa. Habang dinidilaan ko leeg niya, I found myself dry-humping her perfect ass. The table makes it own sound as it was hitting the wall habang binabayo ko si Christine.

Habang binabayo ko siya, nakita ko sa table yung sundae na binili namin, while my right hand is tweaking her hair, My left hand reached for the Ice cream, it was melting a little bit but still is firm somehow. So I took the cup, my right hand released her hair, dipped my fingers in the Ice cream and then pinahid ko sa leeg niya. She shocked maybe because of the coldness of the substance on her neck, next thing I did, I slowly licked the dripping ice cream on her neck cleaning it from bottom to top. Once cleaned, bumabalik ako sa labi niya para makipagtorrid ulit sa kanya.

Next thing I did, I dragged back on the sofa, threw her there, she was hurt, but she was fucking enjoying what I was doing to her, her both legs are stretched-out, I went on top of her and started kissing her again,  my arms are leaning on the sofa to support my weight, she lifts her body every once in awhile para idikit yung malamang namamasa niyang pussy sa cock ko. I Kissed her lips, down to her neck, and to her breasts. I lifted her shirt, and finally, nakita ko na yung binobosahan kong boobs. I was right, it was just perfect, she was wearing a blue bra, (another favorite of mine aside from pink and black).

She was into it, she started touching her right boob as I was licking the top of her left boob. I pulled her bra down to free her breasts,  and I did the same thing with her nipples. I teased her, pinaikot-ikot ko yung dila ko sa nipples niya, nababaliw na siya sa sarap. Sometimes, kinakagat ko yung nipples niya while still licking her nipples against my teeth. Left, right , left, right, I couldn’t choose alin sa breasts niya nag gusto kong paligayahin, so pinagsalitan ko nalang i-suck at dilaan.

And then I continued kissing and licking her body slowly going down until I reached her shorts. My arms went to her waist para iangat yung lower body niya at mailapit sa bibig ko. I was like eating a watermelon kahit na may suot pa siyang shorts and panty. Nabasa ng laway ko yung shorts niya. And then I decided to fuck her with my fingers outside her shorts. I can feel her pussy. I know it’s already wet. Alam kong naglalawa na ang pussy ni Christine. So pinagbigyan ko siya.

I like teasing Christine and making her suffer through sex.

Pinatayo ko siya, and again, I went to her back, and then all of a sudden, nagulat siya because my right hand was caressing her pussy again. This time, ipinasok ko na yung right hand ko. I poked her pussy outside of her black lace panty. Idinidiin ko yung middle finger ko, dina-dial ko paikot-ikot yung middle finger ko, ipinapasok-pasok ko din at times.

Christine: “Ohhhh, Fuckkkkk Ian….. Hmmmmm.”

Christine: “Fucckk please, please, wag mo na ko takamin, please put it in please.”

She was moaning so hard, begging me to fuck her with my fingers.

I teased her again, I was kissing her neck when suddenly she felt my middle finger traced inside of her undies and give a long, naughty, lustful moan…

Christine: “Oooohhhh……Tangina…”

Ian: “You’re so wet Christine, ang sarap mo…”

And then slowly, I toyed her clit, played with it for quite some time. Pinaikot-ikot ko yung middle finger, I dialed her clit as I call it. After using one finger, I then added another one to play her clit.

Christine: “Ahh ahh ahh ahh, fuck naman, ang sarap…. Don’t stop. Hmfffff…”

Ian: “Beg for it Christine, I know gusto ng pussy mo to. Beg for me na basain p... Read More

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