The Gatekeeper Theory

January 23, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I'm a believer of what I call the Gatekeeper Theory. I first came across this while channel surfing and stumbled upon an episode of Cougar Town, wherein they discussed that women are gatekeepers in a relationship. This started the seed of this theory.

My issue with what was said in CougarTown is that it restricted gatekeepers to women. I think that gatekeepers can be of any gender, including those who associate to being LGBTs.

Anyway, the basic premise of this theory requires two persons. Lets call them A and B for now. Like I said earlier, both A and B can be of any gender. Now let's have A making advances towards B, whether because A is courting B or because they met at a bar and are both looking for a one night hook up or anything in between. Because B is in the receiving end of the advances, let's imagine a fence surrounding B and that there is gate on this fence which is being guarded by B. So B, being the reciver of the advances of A, is the gatekeeper. So B now has to decide whether or not to allow A past the gate and into the fence. If B is amenable to A's advances, then s/he says yes and allows A past the gate. If B says no, then the gate is kept closed and A stays outside the fence.

Further points to remember in this theory are:

1. If B says no, then A can't jump or knock down our imaginary fence and gate. Because if A does so, that now counts as rape.

2. If at anytime B is drugged by A, then that counts as also "jumping the fence" and thus counts as rape.

3. If B is a minor, it understood that B has no faculty to properly decide whether or not to allow A past the imaginary gate. In this case it is now statutory rape.

4. Even if A is now inside the imaginary fence, s/he is still subject to the rules and regulations of B. Any violations to these rules and regulations can subject A to being thrown out of the gate. Fighting to stay inside the imaginary fence is considered rape.

5. A and B are interchangeable because whoever is on the receiving end of the advances is the gatekeeper. For example, if B were to suddenly make advances/suggestions, s/he becomes A and A now becomes B.

6. Both A and B can be more than one person. That is, A has a" co-advancee" and B has a co-gatekeeper. This is applicable in group scenarios wherein A and/or B are a couple or a team.

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