The Fisherman's Daughter

October 23, 2017 (4 months ago)
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Writer's Note: I have always been a fan of literary works that deal with humans' carnal pleasures. As a writer, I want to try my luck and venture on writing a piece that I can call my own. It is not common to come across a piece that is delivered technically in Tag-Lish that is why I came up with an idea to write one.
The main paragraphs and lines in the story are written in English but the dialogues, except those who I intended to be expressed in English because the plot dictates so, are written in Filipino. So if you are not comfortable with that style of delivery, you have been forewarned and you may quit reading this piece now.

Must I also inform everybody reading that this is a work of fiction, so any instance where names of characters, places and events have real-life counterparts, those are purely coincidental.

Disclaimer: The writer does not intend to humiliate anyone for whatever purpose it may serve him.

This literary piece is a work in progress, so if you have comments or suggestions to make it better. Please do so.


The Fisherman’s Daughter


It was a very cool summer day in the provincial town of Pangasinan, the fishermen from the coastal town of San Fabian are busy manning their boats and dropping their nets. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the townsfolks, a teenage girl named Tinay laid lazily on the fine sand on the beach, waiting for her father, Mang Cardo to return from his fishing trip. Not that her father would be back any time soon, in fact it might even take a couple more hours before he returns. But what else can she do? In a town devoid of modern gadgets and advanced technology; plus, the fact that Tinay’s family could barely find means of livelihood aside from fishing – Tinay had nothing to do. No television, no radio – just tabloids whom her father buys and reads are the only things that could keep her preoccupied, but she has no interest whatsoever in such things because she could not read. Tinay never got the chance to go to school because she needed to take care of her younger brothers and sisters ever since her mother died.

Tinay’s daydream was stopped when she heard a group of people walking on the beach. Tinay knew they weren’t from there because they looked so out of place. They seem to be from the city. She can tell because she has never seen a woman wear a dress like the woman who seem to be the boss among them was wearing. She was wearing a plain white dress that fit and hugged her figure and it seemed pretty obvious that she’s not wearing a bra because her nipples can be traced on her chest. The woman looks like she’s not in a good mood as her pacing amidst the sand was quite fast while her entourage, especially the local businessman whom Tinay seem to recognize as Mr. Cheng are trying to keep pace with her.

“Hindi ko gusto ang nagyayari!”, the woman exclaimed while they neared TInay’s location.
“This should have been fixed months before! The amount of money lost by the company would keep on growing until the time that we get the title of this damn land!”

Upon passing Tinay, the woman looked her in the eye as if showing signs of pity. Then as quickly as it came, the moment was gone.

“Inaayos ko naman po, Madam. Ang kaso nga lang po, ilang pamilya pa ang hindi pumirma at pumapayag na ibenta ang parte nila ng lupa. Apat na pamilya po, ang mga Santiago, Cruz, Valdez at San Juan.”, Mr. Cheng defensively replied.

Tinay’s ear perked up upon hearing their last name being dragged in the conversation. She wondered what the woman was saying because she could not understand her language; but she is most certain that Mr. Cheng mentioned that their family did not agree to sell their land to Mr. Cheng.

“Then let me talk to them!”, the woman exclaimed. “If you can’t convince them, maybe a more competent person should do the job!” as they walked past Tinay.

“Okay, I will arrange a meeting with them. But let me assure you Ms. Lee, it will not be as easy as you think.”, Mr. Cheng replied.

Tinay laid back in the sand when all that she could hear were indistinct sounds coming from the group that walked past her. She has no clue as to what is going to happen – she doesn’t know that the people who just walked past her would change her life.


Meeting Ms. Lee

Ricardo, or Mang Cardo as people from their place usually call him is a quiet man. He looks out of place in the fishing village of San Fabian because of his physical features. His skin tanned from the constant exposure to the sun seem to be from a man from a western country. He stands tall among the common people of their place with his 6’3” physique and arms made muscular by the constant pull of nets filled with fish.

Cardo went inside their hut closely followed by Tinay who seem agitated. All the time they were together from the shore until they reached their hut, they never spoke a word. It was that way ever since Maria, Tinay’s mother, passed away.

The silence was only broken when the whole family was seated on the floor of the hut to eat their lunch. Tinay, while fixing their meal, casually asked her father.

“Tay, kilala ‘nyo po ba yung singkit na babae na kasama ni Mr. Cheng?”

“Bakit mo naman ako tinatanong tungkol sa babaeng ‘yon?” Cardo answered back.

“E hindi nyo naman po sinagot ang tanong ko e, narinig ko po kasi sila ni Mr. Cheng kanina na nag-uusap at parang narinig ko po ang apelyido natin habang naguusap sila.” Tinay casually answered.

“Hindi ba sinabi ko sayo na huwag kang makikinig sa usapan ng ibang tao na wala kang kinalaman, at ayusin mo nga ang pag-upo mo! Nakalitaw ang panty mo. Hindi ka na bata at dapat binabantayan moa ng sarili mo at kung paano ka kikilos!” Cardo heatedly fired back.

Tinay was taken aback by her father’s heated response. Plus, the fact that her father suddenly shifted to reminding her about her being a teen already seem to catch her by surprise.

Cardo has a point and reason for being protective of his only daughter. Tinay is already 13 years old and very pretty. Despite her not being able to take care of herself because of their lifestyle, she seems to have inherited the good physical attributes of her parents.

Tinay is very petite, standing at 5’0” with a very slim body built paired with a sun-tanned skin and dark brown long wavy hair – it is easy to compare her with Vanessa Hudgens.

With such untouched beauty, it’s quite obvious that many of the boys and men in their town looks at her with malice whenever she passes by.

“Hindi ko naman po sinasadya, ‘tay! Tsaka anu bang kinalaman ng panty ko sa pinaguusapan natin?” She retorted.

“Basta sundan mo lang ang mga sinasabi at inuutos ko sa’yo! Huwag na huwag mong babanggitin ang baboy na intsik (Mr. Cheng) na ‘yon sa pamamahay na ‘to! At wag ka na ring magbabanggit ng kahit na ano tungkol sa kaugnayan natin sa kanya habang nasa poder kita!”, was Cardo’s fiery response as he stood and stormed out of the hut.

There was silence amidst the people left inside the hut. The youngest among her brothers, who’s only 8 years old started crying while the others were too shocked to even react.

“Halina kayo at kumain na kayo! Madali kayo at lalamig ang sabaw!”, Tinay tried to make light of the situation but inside her mind she was thinking as to what could have triggered her father to react like that.

It was 7 in the evening when Cardo returned home, he looked drunk and he was singing an indistinct song as he entered the hut. Upon his entrance, he shouted at the top of his lungs.


Tinay rushed towards her father and she was very angry and worried at the same time upon seeing her father in that situation.

“Ano ka ba, ‘tay! Alam mo naman na napakahirap ng buhay, magtatapon ka pa ng pera para sa alak na yan!”, Tinay blurted as she started fixing her father.

She brought a basin with warm water and a towel. She couldn’t keep herself from crying upon seeing her father succumb to life’s stresses ever since her mother died.

Tinay started, rubbing the damp towel amidst her father’s body after she removed his shirt. Cardo kept on mumbling indistinct words and calling Maria’s name throughout the endeavor.

Tinay was so intent and focused on fixing her father that she was startled when she heard a voice from inside the hut saying, “How sweet to see people like you take care of each other.”

It was none other than the woman she saw at the beach earlier that day.

“Young daughter taking care of her drunk father. Pity.”, the woman sarcastically said.

“Ano po? Hindi ko po maintindihan ang salita ninyo. Sino po kayo?”, Tinay asked in a surprised tone.

“Oh, I’m sorry, nakalimutan ko na hindi nga pala nakakaintindi ng English ang karamihan sa inyo dito. By the way ang pangalan ko nga pala ay Mei Lee at nandito ako para makausap sana ang iyong ama, pero parang wala siya sa kalagayan upang makausap ako ngayon.”, Ms. Lee answered.

“Kung may gusto po kayong sabihin kay tatay sa akin nyo na lang po sabihin at sasabihin ko na lamang po sa kanya paggising niya.”, Tinay answered.

“No worries young lady, babalik na lang ako sa ibang araw, hindi ko na rin matagalan ang amoy sa barong-barong ninyo. I’m leaving. Mr. Cheng, let’s go!”, Ms. Lee sneered.

Tinay was taken aback by the woman’s response and she felt very insulted.

“Hindi naman po yata tama na magsalita kayo ng ganyan!”, Tinay fiercely responded.

Mei stopped in her tracks and slowly looked at Tinay who was turning red in anger. Mei looked at Tinay’s eyes. Tinay was not blinking, she looked at the uninvited guest with so much disdain and anger that she started to cry. She was expecting the woman to respond in as hostile manner as Tinay did.

But the woman only laughed, a high pitched laugh that exuded arrogance and pity at Tinay. Then she turned around and walked out the hut.



Mei is the type of domineering woman that you never want to cross and have a beef with. People know her as the tigress of Lee-Wei Corporation. Despite her small physique of 5’2 at the ripe age of 32, she imposes a physical presence in a room filled with people despite her fit built – a body she takes pride of because of her exposure with Pilates and Yoga. Her Chinese facial features coupled with her radiant white skin would never fail to remind people of Crystal Liu upon seeing her.

Mei is a proud woman, having been the only child of Mao Lei, one of the co-founders of Lee-Wei Corporation, she was born with a silver spoon yet raised inside the cage of the business world. She was born and raised to lead the corporation. She can never be bent and told what to do. She is ruthless. But inside her, welled a strange feeling that she felt for the first time when she got home after the visit to the San Juans. Laying in her soft queen sized bed looking at the bare white ceiling, she couldn’t get her mind of the face of the young lady that had the guts to defy her. That was the first time Mei was crossed and defied by someone, and she was stunned. She felt fear welling up inside her yet she could not help but admire the courage of the young girl as well. She could not erase the image of the tear-filled green-eyes of the first person that made her feel stunned. She feared the girl because of reasons that she herself could not explain – Mei feared her, and she loved that feeling.



Mei felt a tingling sensation in her tummy, the sensation woke her from her slumber but she dared not open her eyes. The tingling sensation from her bare abdomen felt foreign, that was the first time she felt it. She could feel a wet and soft thing rubbing her stomach relentlessly when suddenly she felt that thing play with her navel. The sensation was maddening, she felt tickled but she doesn’t want it to stop. She let a soft moan escape her lips. Suddenly, the sensation stopped.

“uuuuuunnnnnnggghhhhh don’t stop please…” Mei moaned.

The sensation continued. Mei knew what was playing with her longing body. It is the tongue of a daring person who trespassed her bed to make love with her.

Mei kept her eyes closed, wanting to feel every sensation that the tongue brings. She felt it move from her navel up until it reached her chest, she felt the tongue lick her cleavage slowly, up and down repeatedly like a painter’s brush on a canvas. She realized that she was naked, because the next sensation she felt was a lick from her cleavage towards her left breast.

Mei felt mad with her libido, she has never felt this way. She was a virgin and longed for sex yet she was afraid to admit that to anyone. She never had a boyfriend because she felt that a lover would exude weakness from her part. But this carnal longing for orgasm and sexual gratification, this primal need to reach orgasm was just too much to bear this time – especially with how good this unknown lover makes her feel.

The unknown lover teased Mei so much, the movement and progression is very slow, the tongue started moving slowly from the cleavage to the left breast, making swirling and circular movements as it moved. Finally, it reached the nipple where the unknown lover licked the areola round and round until goosebumps started to show on the minuscule hairs of Mei’s body.

Mei’s body is shaking with passion and excitement and it showed on her nipples. Her pink nipples are so pointy and hard. The unknown lover started to suck on Mei’s left nipple while licking the tip of the nipple repeatedly while it was inside his mouth. From time to time, the unknown lover gently bites the nipple which only made Mei crave for more. While sucking on one nipple, the other breast was kept busy by the soft hands of the unknown lover, fondling the breast repeatedly and pinching the nipples relentlessly. The switching from mouth and hand from left to right breast continued for 10 minutes when it abruptly stopped.

Mei got anxious, she did not want it to stop but she felt ashamed to beg for it. She was about to speak when suddenly she felt soft hands touching both her legs. These soft hands slowly and gently spread her thighs apart and she felt a warm moist breeze in her privates. She knows what’s going to happen and she felt excited for it. She could feel the breath of the unknown lover on her pussy. She could feel that the unknown lover was smelling her private area as if it was fresh air from the sea.

If the unknown lover took it really slow on Mei’s breast, he had a different approach with her pussy. Like paint brush, the unknown lover immediately took a dive on the crack between Mei’s thighs. The soft, wet tongue licked and brushed up and down repeatedly and relentlessly on Mei’s pussy and she loved the sensation. That motion kept on going for 5 minutes, non-stop. Mei knows that her pussy is dripping wet now, not only from the tongue of the unknown lover but from her own juice.

After licking relentlessly, she felt the tongue harden and go inside the hole of her pussy. The hardened tongue went in and out of Mei’s throbbing pussy repeatedly. After that, the hardened tongue stayed inside Mei’s pussy while making jerking motions that seemed to lick the inside walls of Mei’s pussy.

That motion made coupled with the lover’s hands constantly fondling Mei’s breasts and nipples drove her crazy. She was out of character, she was not the usual rigid, strict Mei that has control – she is enslaved by passion and carnal longing.

“Damn it, wag kang titigil! Malapit nako!”, Mei shamelessly blurted out.

But instead of continuing what he was doing, the unknown lover shifted to a different style. He started sucking on Mei’s clitoris while continuously licking it while it was inside his mouth. For Mei, that felt euphoric. Mei was clawing on her bed sheets because of the sensation. While the unknown lover kept on sucking Mei’s clitoris, he started fingering Mei. The continuous sucking of the clitoris together with the relentless movement of 2 of the lover’s fingers in and out of Mei’s pussy was enough to bring her to an orgasm.

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