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The first time

November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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"Sige payag akong mag EB tayong 2." Those were the words I recieved and read on my cp that late afternoon.I can't believe it!Finally she has agreed to see me.Matapos ang matagalan na pag susuyo,pagtatapat ang noon ko pang inaasam asam na tao ay makikita ko na."Sure ka,ha?Baka magulat ka sa itsura ko?" Napaisip ako.Paano nga kung hindi kaaya aya ang itsura at pagkatao niya?To hell with it!Take as much as I can while it's still here."It's not the physical,it's the character i'm interested of to know." sagot ko.We both agreed on the time and place of where to meet.Di ako mapakali,kasi weekend day ang napagkasunduan namin pareho.
7:00 am gising na ako,dali dali nag ayos,ahit ang balbas,ligo todo todo(2x).Picked the clothes I was going to wear.Nothing extreme na signatured.Just a casual dressed person.Looked at the mirror see if I looked good enough.Pwede na siguro?Took my watch,car keys,cigarettes,wallet,and CP.
Txt msg!Nakuuuu!Wag naman sana cancelation...
"Getting dressed na,see you in an hour." Waaay to go!Green light pa rin ang misyon kong ito.Went out to the car,got in and drove off to the meeting point.Not much traffic but why was I sweating like a pig?Naka ac naman ang sasakyan ko.I arrived way ahead of time.Went to the meeting place and ordered a glass of iced tea.Texted her and waited.Aaminin ko madami ang naiisip ko that moment but what was important was to see her and get to know her much better.Wala pa.Masama ata ito,tila umatras na yata?
"Sorry medyo malalate but on my way na,riding on the LRT coming from the north."
Sigh!crossed fingered umaasa pa rin na makita ko.Ordered another glass and went outside lit a cigarrette to ease the tention.
"Nearing na to the place.Ikaw where are you there?"
Holy fwet!Malapit na siya.stubbed out the cigarette and finished the drink.Told her i'll be wearing this,nearby this place.How will I recognize her?"
"Here na ako!"
Moment of truth.Di na ako makaka tago or even back off.There she was,walking towards me.Looking from one angle to another.She still has'nt seen me.I walk up to her and stop!kahit siya nagulat.Looked at me and I greeted her sabay kiss sa cheek.
"Hi Pp!"
"Your...your M?"
"The one and only,in the flesh."
"Shall we go somewhere and sit?"
"Sige,where t... Read More

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