The Fiancé 3

August 9, 2014 (3 years ago)
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The Fiancé 3“Jace, this time I’ll be on top.”

JC was really appalled by Aimee’s sudden transformation.

She was a virgin when he took her, for Christ’s sake!

He must admit he likes rough sex. He has a thing for handcuffs and kiss marks.  Aimee’s on top of him right now, straddling him. He felt a pang of guilt. She’s filled with kiss and bite marks. May rope burn din sa kaliwang kamay nito because of her lace panty. She’s got the fairest skin, ang puti at ang kinis. Konting kagat lang namumula na agad He wasn’t able to control himself earlier. Natakot siya baka hindi nito nagustuhan at umayaw. But looking at her right now, it seems like she’s into it.

Hindi niya napigilan ang pag-ungol.  She’s slowly grinding her pussy against his dick.  She’s a sight to behold. Kapag nakikipagsex siya sa mga flings niya, he tends to be the dominant one. The girls always end up being handcuffed on the bed post. He likes the idea of pleasuring them, torturing them, denying them of their precious orgasm. He wants them to beg.

But this time okay lang sa kanya na si Aimee ang nagdadala.

He’s awed by her swaying breasts which are quite a handful.

He can’t stop staring at her while she’s rubbing her pussy against his dick.


Back and forth.

Aimee started to panic. Nakatitig lang kasi sa kanya si JC.

Am I doing it right?

She suddenly felt awkward. He kept staring at her breasts, caressing her waist.

She stopped grinding on top of him, wrapped her arms around her chest and stepped out of her bed.

“Babe? What’s wrong?” tanong ni JC sa kanya habang nagmamadali siyang pumunta sa bathroom.

Ang tanga-tanga mo talaga Aimee! You’ve acted as if you’re a dominatrix, hindi mo naman pala kayang panindigan!

She heard faint knocks on the bathroom door.

“Aims, babe? What’s wrong?”

Hindi siya sumagot.

“Babe, please…”

“Leave me alone, Jace.” She shouted.

“I’ll get the keys if you won’t come out.”

She didn’t respond.

“I’m serious, Aimee. Either I’ll get the keys or sisirain ko ‘to.”

She put on her robe and opened the bathroom.

“What’s wrong?” apologetic na tanong nito.

“I’m sorry…” she said, trying to fight back tears.

“Ssshhhh… It’s okay.” He kissed her forehead. Hinawakan nito ang mukha niya at hinalikan siya. It was a sweet kiss, as if pacifying her.

“It’s okay, babe. I understand. Hindi mo kailangang magpakitang-gilas, okay? What we did, it’s perfect.”

He kissed her again and hugged her tight. It’s as if nababasa ni JC ang isip niya.

“Lika, you need to rest. It’s late na. And you’re sore all over. “ He said while smiling at her naughtily.

Niyakap siya ni JC. He tucked her to bed and snuggled with her. Naka unan siya sa braso nito. He’s toying with her hair. Mabilis siyang makatulog pag ganun ang ginagawa sa kanya. Hindi niya namalayan nakatulog na pala siya.

JC left Aimee sleeping peacefully in her room. Pagkatapos niyang magpaalam sa mga magulang nito, he headed straight to his condo. While driving, napailing siya. Naisip niya kasi ang kasal nila ni Aimee. He can’t help but recall what happened when he knew about their fixed marriage…

“Dihia JC!” sinalubong siya ng kapatid niyang si Tintin, who is currently a freshman in high school.  

He hugged her tight.

“You’re getting married dihia!”

“No, shob.” natawa siya at ginulo ang buhok nito. Ang kulit talaga ng kapatid niya.

“I’m not asking you! Hello? I’m telling you.” She said while chewing some cupcake.

“Wala kang allowance next week. Sige ka.”

“Seryoso, dihia. You’re getting married. As in.”

He was dumbfounded.

“I heard mom and dad talking about it.”

He felt mad. He went straight to his parents’ room. Nakita niya sa veranda ang mga magulang niya, nag-uusap.

“Dad. shobe told—“ he didn’t finish his sentence because his dad cut in.

“Yes.” Sabi ng daddy niya.

“You’re getting married as soon as possible.” Dagdag pa nito.

Napatingin saiya sa mommy niya. Nakayuko lang ito.

“But, dad...”

“No buts. You’re getting married to Aimee Chua. You know how this works, son.”

Napadiin ang tapak niya sa accelerator. Of course he knew how it works. He witnessed how his Ahia Mark suffered when he learned that he was also in for a fixed marriage. Siya naman ngayon, sa shobe pa talaga ng best friend niyang si Carl.

Hindi naman sa ayaw niya kay Aimee. Hindi lang talaga siya ready magpakasal. He’s still enjoying the perks of being a bachelor. He enjoys his flings and fuck buddies. No hassle. Pag kinasal na siya, he’ll be forced to have a child. A son, to be exact.

Nakarating na siya sa condo niya. He was about to punch his password in when the door opened by itself. He got alarmed. Baka napasok ng magnanakaw nag unit niya. He slowly went inside, checking for missing things or any indication of theft. But there’s nothing unusual so he went to his bedroom.

He was shocked.

There, he found his fubu, Stella. Nakaposas ang mga kamay sa headboard ng kanyang kama. Wearing only her panties and a couple of nipple tape to cover her swollen nipples.

“Sir, please pakawalan niyo po ako.” She begged.

Fuck this bitch!

She really knows that he craves for dom-sub roleplays.

He opened his drawer and got his toys. Dinala niya sa kama. He removed her nipple tapes and replaced them with nipple clamps.

“Ahhhhhhh! Sir! Oh, shit!” Stella cried and bit her lips.

He tightened the nipple clamps.

“What did I tell you? I said, you’re not allowed to curse.”

“Ohhhhhhh! Uhmmn, sorry, sir! I’m so sorry!”

Tinanggal niya ang panty nito. He raised both of her legs and spanked her butt. Napasigaw si Stella. He then gagged her with a piece of cloth para hindi ito makasigaw.

He continued spanking her until he’s quite sure that she’s anally stimulated. Nang masigurong stimulated na ito, he then inserted anal beads into her butt.

He could see it in her face that she loves it. Submissive si Stella. She loves everything that he does to her.

He inserted his finger in her pussy and started pleasuring her. Nang mapansin niyang malapit na mag-climax si Stella, he stopped. He let her beg. When she did, he repeated the process. He ate her pussy and just when she was about to cum, he pulled out the anal beads which he inserted into her butt earlier.

He was so aroused when he saw her writhe in pain and pleasure while cumming plus the ecstasy in anal stimulation. Pinakawalan niya si Stella and pinaluhod ito so she could do what she needs to do. Magaling naman ito magblow-job. When he came, he pulled her hair.

When he saw Stella’s wounded wrists, he remembered Aimee. Na-guilty siya. He could swear he felt something fo... Read More

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