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The Fiancé 2

August 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I freaked out when I heard my mom’s voice. I pushed JC away but he just kept going.

“Are you out of your mind?! Nasa labas si mommy!” I shouted at him. Tumayo na ako and  I gathered my clothes.

 He stood up and hugged me from behind. He’s still fully naked. I could feel his hardness poking my back.

“Aimee, sweetheart? I’m just checking if kumain ka na,” asked my mom.

Nagbibihis na si JC. Ako naman, napaupo sa gilid ng kama. It’s as if my mind’s not working anymore.

“Aimee? Anak?” Tawag ulit ng mommy ko.

I was just staring at the door. Biglang lumapit si JC sa akin at binigyan ako ng robe. “Go to the bathroom,” sabi niya. And so I went there. Tulala pa rin ako.

What on earth happened to you, Aimee?

Narinig ko nalang na nag-uusap na sina mommy at JC sa labas.

“It’s okay, Tita. Kumain na siya. She’s just in the bathroom to freshen up.”

“Very well. We were so worried kasi hindi na kumakain yang batang yan. How did you persuade her?”

“I used my charm, Tita.”

“Ikaw talaga. Sige, I’ll leave you here. It seems like comfortable naman si Aimee sa’yo. “

I heard the door close. I just stared at my reflection in the mirror. Kahit balot ang katawan ko ng silk robe, kitang kita pa rin ang mga kiss marks at bite marks sa leeg ko. It’s just the same when I checked my chest down to my navel and down there still.

Biglang bumukas ang bathroom door at pumasok si JC.

“Tuloy natin, babe? He’s smiling devilishly. 

Napatitig ako sa kanya. I gathered all my strength to shout at him, “Babe your face!”

I have never slapped anyone before so inasmuch as I wanted to slap him, hindi ko nagawa. Besides, hindi lang naman siya ang may kasalanan sa nangyari, ako rin. I got tempted by the call of the flesh.

“Please get out of here, JC.” I told him in a very gentle manner. Hindi ko siya tiningnan. I headed straight to the shower. Sinundan niya ako at bigla akong niyakap from behind. He smelled my hair and kissed my neck.

“Wag ka muna mag-shower. Ang bango mo pa kaya,” he said while still inhaling my scent.

I felt aroused with what he did. Dalawang beses niya palang ako niyakap mula sa likuran but it felt so perfect. It felt so sexy.

He caressed my hair and slowly licked my neck habang mina-massage niya left breast ko. I really wanted to moan pero pinigilan ko talaga sarili ko. Tinulak ko siya but then he just held me closer to him. Hinalikan niya ako. I tried to clench my teeth so that he couldn’t kiss me hard. He then inserted his right hand inside my robe and pushed his thumb inside my pussy.

Nagulat ako sa ginawa niya kaya naibuka ko ang bibig ko.  His tongue probed inside my mouth. He drove me crazy. Napakapit ako sa kanya. He led me towards the shower and removed my robe.

“Akala ko ba ayaw mong magshower ako?” I teased him. I’ve realized that there’s no point holding back. I like what he’s doing to me. For the first time in my life, I felt needed and desired. I’ve never had any boyfriends before. I was so focused on making my parents proud by doing well in my studies and making sure that I don’t bring shame to them or dishonor my family.

Now, I want to be myself. I want to explore my femininity.

When I looked at him, he’s flashing his perverted smile.

He turned the shower on. Hinubad niya ang t-shirt niya. I’ve just noticed his buffed body. Just looking at it makes me wet. He’s got lean abs. Hindi ganun ka defined ang six-packs kagaya ng mga body builders pero hot pa rin tingnan. Sakto lang. My eyes feasted on his entire chest and abs.

“O, chill lang babe. Parang hinuhubaran mo na’ko ah?” he teased me while he’s trying to unzip his fly.

I inhaled deeply. Napansin niya yata na hindi ako mapakali as I was staring at his crotch area, so he took his precious time removing his pants.

I don’t know what got into me but I felt so eager to see his manhood. But he’s intentionally prolonging my agony.

I got possessed. I reached for his fly and hurriedly unzipped it. I could see it in his face that he was shocked. I know the reason why. Alam niya na wala pa akong boyfriend. He knows that he’s marrying an inexperienced woman.

I want to show him that I’m not like most Chinese girls who are always submissive. I want to give him the hint that I am never going to be one once we get married.

I rolled down his briefs and grabbed his huge dick. He quivered, groaned, and looked up the ceiling.

“Aimee, babe! Fuck!”

I got excited. I caressed his dick with my fingers and toyed with his balls.

He groaned.


“Ahhhh, shit! Aimee!”

I felt the urge to lick his hard dick. Pero hindi ko alam kung saan magsisimula.

Should I start at the base or at the shaft? Or maybe at the tip? I asked myself.

I caressed his balls and slowly, and licked his dick from base to tip. He grabbed my hair gently and called out my name. I got accustomed to his dick quickly so I licked it like my favorite ice cream.

“Oh, shit.” He caressed my nipple.

I sucked his dick gently and then slowly played my tongue on its tip.

“Fuck! Where did you learn that?!” he hissed.

Duh? I’ve read E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Trilogy for the nth time. Pati na rin ang Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day which, in my own opinion, is a lot more erotic than Fifty Shades. Sabi pa ng professor namin sa World Literature, we should avoid reading it because it’s “trash”. Trash? I don’t care.

I just continued pleasuring him. He writhed, moaned, groaned, and grabbed my hair.

I’m quite sure he’s aroused.

Nanggigil ako. I wasn’t able to control myself. I used my teeth and grazed his hard dick.

Bo! Fuck! Dammit! Don’t do that or else I’ll be done in one second!” Hinawakan niya ang balikat ko while muttering curse words in Fookien.

I didn’t know what I did wrong. I just stared at him. He kissed me hard and carried me towards the bed. He laid me down. Dinaganan niya ako. He was heavy but I didn’t mind. It felt good.

He started licking my neck.




Here we go again.Baka kailangang naka-turtle neck blouse na ako paglabas ko ng room ko mamaya.

His kisses trailed down my chest. He’s like a hungry baby licking and sucking my nipples alternately.

 “Oohhhh…” I moaned habang napapasabunot ako a kanya.

He kissed me torridly. Busy ang mga kamay niya sa paghimas sa breasts ko as well as my pussy.

I moved and tried to kneel beside him. I let him lie face up. I sat on top of him and licked his earlobe while slowly grinding my pussy against his cock. He looked at me in a puzzled way. I disregarded him. I just continued grinding. Biting and licking his jaw.

Napaungol siya.

I smiled.

Not bad for a girl without experience, huh?

I held his dick. Nilaro ko against my pussy. Umungol ako. He also moaned.

“Bo…” he said. It means “no”.

I was still savouring the sensation when he suddenly grabbed my waist.

Confused as to why he said no, I creased my forehead. With just one swift move, he repositioned me back to supine position. Nakadagan na naman siya  sa`kin.

But this time, his kisses and touch were a bit rough.

He bit my neck.

Pinched my nipples.

Squeezed my butt.

Grabbed my hair.

So, he likes it rough now?

“You’re mine, Aimee. Mine.” He said while kissing me and biting my lower lip.

Hindi ako tanga, I know why he’s acting this way.

He doesn’t want me to be on top.

He wants to be in control.

He wants to assert dominance.

I was torn between enjoying the sensations he’s giving me and processing the BDSM aspect of it. I told myself, “Okay lang, wala namang harmful objects dito sa room ko if ever gusto niya talaga ng dom-sub roleplay.”

He stood up. Picked up my lace panty at the foot of the bed and tied both of my hands at the headboard.

“Bo! Jace! Stop!” It was my turn to say no.

But then he tied my hands securely at the headboard.


Seriously, I’m not scared about what he’s gonna do to me. In fact, I’m a bit excited. What I’m scared about is what’s gonna happen to my panty. Nanghihinayang ako na ma-stretch masyado ang limited edition VS lace thongs ko.

Ginamit niya lang na pantali sa kamay ko? Imagine?!

Magre-react na sana ako but he parted my thighs. I could feel his heavy breathing against my pussy. It felt so ticklish.

“Tell me to stop if you can’t handle it.”

I just nodded.

He started by sucking my clit and playing with it through his teeth.

Gustong-gusto ko talaga siyang sabunutan pero hindi ko magawa kasi nakatali ang mga kamay ko. I also wanted to stretch and flex my legs but then he’s holding both of them kaya hindi ako makagalaw.

Moan. Curse. Scream. Those are the only things that I can do.

Umungol ako when he continuously sucked my pussy.

Minura ko siya as he squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples so hard.

Sumigaw ako nang bigla niyang kinagat ang clit ko.

“You like it, babe?”

“Uhmmn… No!”

He smiled.

“Your pussy says otherwise.” Sabi niya sabay kain at finger sa pussy ko.

Just when I was about to reach my climax, he stopped.

“I’m asking you again, do you like it?”

Umungol lang ako.

He did it again. He ate my pussy. Pero binibitin ako.

“Again, do you like it? Hmmm?”

“Fuck! Oo!” I gathered all my lower body strength so I could wrap my legs around his head, pulling him closer to my pussy.

I know I’ve gone wild. But I guess it’s just what happens when you’re horny.

He managed to pin my legs to the bed again.

“If you like it, you should beg for it.”

No way!

But then I begged.


He just looked at me.

“Uhmmn, please…”

“Please, what?”

“Please… Jace!”

“What? Say it.”

“Fuck me.”

He traced the outline of my pussy with his thumb.

“Fuck me now!”

He clenched his teeth.


What the heck? Dominant prick!

“Fuck me, Jace. Please fuck me…”

He smiled.

“That’s my sweet girl.”

He positioned himself on top of me and started kissing, nipping, and biting my neck.

I can’t wait. I want him inside me. But he’s still kissing me. I could feel his swollen dick against my pussy so I started grinding.

He got mad.

“Don’t move unless I tell you to do so.”

He slowly inserted his dick inside my pussy.

“Fuck. You’re so tight.”

He pumped slowly.... Read More

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