The Curious Case Of The Missing Dick

November 16, 2015 (2 years ago)
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One day I woke up and found my dick was missing.

I looked for it in my wife's pussy, its not there!

So, I stand and look for it in my men's magazine for I might have left it in the pages, where my movie star crush was spreading eagle, its not there!

I went in the laundry room and look at the soiled panties of my sisters in-law, still not there!

Finally, I went to the maids room and look for it in Inday's cunt, not there, either!

I'm losing hope, when suddenly. I hear the sound of a sizzling pan full of oil.

Alas, its my dick, about to jump at boiling pan of oil!

"Wait, dick! Don't jump, I need you!", I said.

My dick look at me and said in teary sadness.

"Yes, you needed me for your lust. But you always put me at a dark, wet and smelly hole. Then you make me puke with your thick semen. Or let Inday bite me. Or rub me against messy panties. I don't want none of that no more. I wanna die!"

"Please, dick. I love you. I wont do that to you again. I promise."

My dick believes me. We are again reunited.

But on the night, dick woke up in a dark, wet and smelly hole again and... Read More

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