The Bus Encounter

January 13, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Earphones' in. Volume's up. While on the bus, I stared outside the window. Watching cars, people and city lights while listening to my playlists. Home stresses me more than work and moment like this relaxes me than partying all night long. I suddenly felt my tears running down my cheeks. Fuck the world! My head screamed. I heard the bus conductor call out "Sm North! Paramount!" Passengers came in and someone sat next to me. It felt like whoever was sitting beside me was staring at me, but I wasn't bothered, or at least pretended not to care. After a couple of minutes...

"Miss?" the stranger said. "Panyo..." he continued. He got a handkerchief on his hand and I ignored it.

"Wag mo na yun iyakan, eto gamitin mo muna.." I was dumbfounded, "eh?"

"Kung sino man iniiyakan mo, hayaan mo na," he quickly added. I was pissed, so I turned to look at him.

"Close tayo?" I replied. He's crazily smiling, the jerk is cute and obviously tall (6footer, I guess) yun pa talaga napansin ko e nagpupunas pa ko ng luha.

"Excuse me? Hindi lahat ng iniiyakan po ay lovelife, no thanks, di ko kelangan panyo mo sir, I'm fine." I uttered as I tried to compose myself.

"It's fine Miss, bago lang to..", he insisted.

"Di ka rin makulit noh? Bago man yan o hindi... I said I am okay!" I exclaimed with indifference.

"I don't mean to offend you miss, pero sige na... tumutulo na kasi make-up mo."

He got me conscious, so i looked for my mirror. Fudge! My eyeliner smudged. So I reluctantly accepted the stranger's handkerchief and got my check eyes' fixed.

"Sorry, stained na siya ng make-up.."

"Its fine, sayo na... baka umiyak ka ulit.." I smiled. He looked fascinated.

"Ang ganda.."


"Ang ganda mo ngumiti.." I quickly took my smile back, nahiya ako ee!

"Centris!!!" The conductor called out.

"Ay dito na 'ko miss.. just smile ok? Ganda ka pa naman... sayang dimples mo." Hala, kinilig naman ako!

"..." I was left speechless but didn't take my eyes off him yet.

"Bye miss." he slightly tapped me on my shoulder, winked and stepped off the bus. I looked at the window, hoping for his presence and he was there standing! I was happy seeing him. He was waving at me and he gave me the sign to "smile" and so I did. He's really cute.

The bus left... I can't see him anymore. I was left dumbfounded, I stared at the stranger's handkerchief on my hand. Gosh! I forgot to thank him!

It may be just a common scenario with minimal conversation but it's my feeling that made it extraordinary. It did calm me and it kept me smiling the whole ni... Read More

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