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THAT NIGHTHe knew he was dreaming.

Because he’d been dreaming of this place for weeks now.

Each and every time the dream starts with him walking along a dark alley. And he knew how it ended. Oh how he knew so well!

“Don’t go there!” He wanted to tell himself.

“Stop walking. Turn around and run!” He wanted to yell.

But it was like his feet had a mind of its own.

He felt it then. That feeling that someone was watching him. Following him. Noting his every move.

A shiver ran down his spine. He knew it was there. Haunting him. Taunting him.

“Wake up now! Open your eyes and wake up!”

It’s coming. He felt it. He swore he could hear it in the dark.

It’s out to get him.

He needs to wake up. Now!


And as he drifted in the void between sleep and wakefulness dimly aware that he was returning from the oblivion of sleep but unwilling to take the step to consciousness, he became aware of two facts. One - he was massively aroused and fully engorged. Two - it felt as though there was a practised mouth at work on his cock.

Not sure if he was still dreaming or really being woken this way but his body was in no hurry to change the current situation. Imagined or real, the sensations were electric as a hot mouth enveloped his cock.

Opening his eyes, he saw her naked ass beside his head where she was kneeling as she sucked his cock. He couldn’t speak and he certainly didn’t want to interrupt her. Her tongue was toying with him as her teeth gently grazed the sides of his shaft and one hand cupped his balls. It felt amazingly good.

Rather than say anything, he reached out with one hand and touched the beautiful round buttock beside him. She paused briefly acknowledging that he was awake then returned her attention to his hard cock. He ran his hand over her ass, tracing the smooth lines of it all the way from her back round to her thigh and between them. His fingers found her pussy and found that it was wonderfully damp already.

As his finger parted the entrance to her pussy and slid slightly inside her she responded instantly. The leg nearest him shifted overhis head so that she knelt directly over his mouth in the classic 69 position. Her lips were still around his cock and her open, damp pussy suspended inches above his face was so inviting that he couldn’t help but lift his head and kiss it.

Softly at first then harder, his tongue explored her delicious wet flesh, lapping at the soft skin and hungrily seeking her clit. She tasted divine. Her natural scent mingled with the flavor of her arousal and the taste saturated his senses, sending waves of pleasure through his brain.

His  tongue responded the only way it knew how and worked busily at her pussy, savoring the taste and the responses from her body as he licked and sucked. He could feel the involuntary contractions of muscles inside her as the ripples of pleasure shot through her in sympathy with the spasms currently racing through him in response to her talented mouth. Their bodies worked beautifully together, his mouth devouring her pussy as she feasted on him.

He reached around her legs and placed his hands firmly on her ass, running his hands down and inwards so  that his fingers met as they traced a path over the puckered flesh of her asshole and passed onwards to the  oh-so-sensitive piece of flesh between ass and pussy. She responded by running a finger over him in exactly the same place and they could hold off no longer.

They both came together. The muscular spasm forcing them even harder together briefly, her thighs clamping his head tightly in place as her pelvis bucked away from his outstretched tongue then they relaxed, slowly relinquishing our actions.

She released his cock from her mouth and licked the tip gently, consuming all trace his cum. The sensations were exquisite, each touch of her tongue sending an electric pulse through his groin and making him flinch on the border between pain and pleasure.

He brushed his tongue slowly over her, delighting in the taste of her post orgasmic pussy but being very gentle and deliberately slow. She eased off of him and collapsed beside him. They lay there, breathing heavily, both awake and sated… for now.


And in the semi-darkness of the room, he watched her sleep yet again as he sat on a chair beside their bed like he always does.

She slept like a baby and sometimes a smile would spread across her lips like she was dreaming something wonderful. He wished it was of him.

He loved her, but he never as much as uttered the words. In his mind, he’d said it one too many times.

But he knew she loved him. He heard her say “I love you” when she thought he was asleep. She said it with a soft whisper that made his heart jump ecstatically.

“Stop that.” He heard her say. He must’ve imagined her speak. But a small smile played across her lips and he knew she was half-awake.

“Stop what? I’m not doing anything.”

“You’re watching me sleep again. It’s starting to creep me out.”

“I like watching you sleep.”

“Come sleep beside me. You haven’t been sleeping well for days.”

She was right of course. The nightmares started coming back again and they have been keeping him awake for over a week now. He wanted it to stop. He wanted to forget everything that happened the night before he met her, but the horrendous event haunted him in his dreams. He remembered every single detail like it only happened moments ago.

But in spite of the darkness that tormented his every being, she was the light that shone bright in the midst of it. He would have gone mad if not for her. Oh how he loved her!

He reached for his pants pocket and felt a small box there. He took the box out and opened it. A ring was inside it—his mother’s ring. It was his mother’s dying wish that he give her ring to the woman he will choose to spend his life with.

And he chose this woman in his bed.

Tonight… He will have to do it tonight. He decided as he stood up and neared the bed. He sat near her sleeping form and kissed her forehead. He took her hand and kissed it.

She stirred but let him hold her hand. “Come back to bed.” He heard her say but her eyes remained closed.

“I will. In a bit. First, I need to do something.” He said. With his other free hand, he slipped the ring on her ring finger and whispered ever so softly in her ears, “Be my wife.”

Her eyes flew open. The deep browns looked at him for a few seconds and then looked at the ring. “I… I…”

He laughed. He knew she stammers when she is nervous. “I know it’s a little too soon. But I can’t wait any longer. So what do you say?”

He watched as the tears started falling and before he could say anything more she reached for him and hugged him tight. “Yes! A thousand times yes!”

And at that exact moment he knew it was meant—him and her—happily ever after.

But he closed his eyes—and the image of the monster that haunted him flashed in his mind. Will he ever be free of that night?

He had to tell her. Maybe it will help.

“There is one more thing…” He said. She looked at him questioningly. “I need to tell you this. This happened the night before I met you.”

He took a deep breath and started talking. He recounted everything that happened that night. He avoided looking at her though as he told her what happened. He didn’t want to see her reaction yet. But she was quiet. Listening.

And when he finished telling her that’s when he looked at his love and was surprised to see her crying.

“Don’t cry, Baby. It’s okay. We will be okay. That monster won’t hurt us.” He reached out for her but she pushed him away. She got up from their bed and moved away from him. She looked out of the window. Her back turned.

“I told you not to tell.” He heard her say. Her voice shaking.


“That night. I told you not to tell.” Her voice hoarse now. She was shaking.

“I—What do you mean?” Did h... Read More

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