Tell Me A Story... Tell Me A Lie...

August 11, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Tell Me A Story... Tell Me A Lie...“Tell me a story.” I heard him say.

“All right then. Here goes...”

I took a deep breath and paused for effect before starting.


We'd start the say with a sweet kiss. We'd both be in bed in each others arms. The day just starting anew. The sun's rays beginning to come in through the parted curtains. We could hear the birds chirping and the continuous splash of waves. But we paid no heed to it all. All that mattered to us both was that we are together in this most special day.

Ah, but every single day had been special since we’ve been together and we celebrate each day like it’s our last -- full of love and full of laughter.

It was quite surprising how we managed to get out of bed several hours later that morning. Probably it was because of our grumbling stomachs. Nevertheless, we got out of bed eventhough the idea of spending the entire day in it was so appealing.

We showered together. Teasing each other all the more. The task alone took us hours to fullfil. But we didn't mind at all. Time wasn't wasted. Time is never wasted when we're in each others arms.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in a bit of a blur. I didn't remember much of theplaces we went to or how we even got there. All I could remember was that I was having a good time and that I was with you.

Nighttime came and we found ourselves walking barefoot on the beach. Hand in hand, we talked about life and how it magically brought us together. The moon was in it's best -- what the romantics would refer to as a lovers’ moon. We could hear the waves splashing. We could feel the seawater at our feet. Somewhere along the way we stopped walking. You turned to face me. We looked into each other’s eyes smilingly. It was as if we're both in a trance. We just stood there. Under the lover’s moon. Eyes locked with weird smiles on our faces. I'm not sure who broke the trance. I couldn't remember who said 'I LOVE YOU' first. We probably said it together both at the same time. You pulled me closer holding both my hands and you kissed them as I watched you. And this is the part where I started to cry..

“Don’t cry.” You say. And you wiped the tears away with the back of your hand.

“I’m not crying.” I insisted. “I’m happy.”

“No more sad tears, okay? There’s no more room for sad tears now that we’re together.” I nodded. I believed you.

You put one hand on my right hip and pulled me in closer and you used your other hand to tuck my hair behind my ear, leaned a little closer and you whispered , “I love you. Always and forever.”

“Always and forever.” I echoed.


“Nobody leaves. Nobody gets broken. Nobody dies. The end.” I ended dramatically.

“That was one helluva story.” I heard him say.

And I wanted to reply, “No, that was one helluva lie.”... Read More

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A good writer is also a good storyteller. He/she must ensnare the minds of the readers, trap them in a mind world that would make them believe what is happening is real, make them feel every stroke, feel every kiss, feel that final blow, and feel that explosion.


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