May 3, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Here we are...after a grueling day...days...weeks...i dont know how long...
With the sand beneath my feet, waves caressing my body..only thing missing is a womans touch, but perhaps..
Perhaps...its not what i need, certainly its what i want...but so far it bought me nothing more than, grief and pain..

And as i stare towards the horizon, with the sun coming up...i feel.. has been so long since that happened..
Instead of the staring at something..different, something light.
And so when i looked back, to all the people, lounging in the beach...
Happy and sexy
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I live deep in the recess of your mind...i can be whoever you want to be, but to truly capture me, then open your mind..legs..and inhibition for you will get a wild ride, wild time, and then it will come crushing down...
You have been warned
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