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Sweet Revenge

September 4, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened around 8 yrs ago.  It was the time when I suspected my ex-wife (still wifey kasi di pa kami annuled) of infidelity.  We got married because she got pregnant of our 1st of 2 kids so it was not really love (although I admit I was in love at that time).  When our youngest son celebrated his 1st birthday, my wife had plenty of guests most of them I have seen for the first time.  Although I myself was not monogamous in our relationship (I've had a few one-night stands, but none of it became a relationship), I knew she was an infidel too.   A few months later, she finally admitted she is seeing her ex bf from their province who was assigned in our city.  Although she told me she would end it, I didn't believe her (guys instincts?).  It was finally that I caught them watching a movie and went out holding hands.  I confronted her when she got home and we argued that she left the house.  I felt bad, sad and hurt.  But I have the philosophy of not forcing on things, not fighting for battles not worth fighting, (kung ayaw na niya, why would I force her).  She came back to get the kids, but I decided that I would be the one to leave since it was their ancestral home and nakikitira lang ako.

I left the house and rented a place.  They eventually also left the house and had it rented, and went back to the province.  I asked some of her relatives that i know, but they told me that only the kids were there but she was not living there.  It was also then I learned that nag live-in na sila ng ex nya.  I wasn't that painful anymore and all I had in mind was getting even.

I contacted most of her close friends hoping and wishing that I could finally have my revenge.  But most of them were happily married and I didn't want to be a home wrecker so my revenge will have to wait.  All my life, I haven't paid a cent for sex (right moves may get you to have it for free) so it was not an option to mess around with a hooker or a callgirl and besides, it wouldn't hurt that bad.

It was not until 4 years later that my revenge was coming to form.  I don't know most of her relatives since we were somewhat into a forced marriage due to pregnancy, so I only knew her immediate family and some relatives that were part of our wedding entourage.  One of them was our bridesmaid during the wedding.  Her name is Marjorie.  She was 20 then and just graduated from nursing.  She was looking for a place to stay since she was reviewing for her board exam.  Although I cannot offer my place (I live in a studio type apartment) so I recommended to her a place just a few doors away from me.  But i cannot make a move because Marj had a bf then and i knew what they were doing almost everyday (His bf would go home very late at night or sometimes in the morning).

Marj and I got closer because I would sometimes visit her in her pad and bring her food and coffee as she was studying.  One night, coming from work, I brought pizza and seeing that her lights were on, I approached her door.  It was around 12 midnight already and usually she was still studying by that time (I'm off at 11pm).  Peeking at the window, I could see Marj making out with her bf.  They were kissing and her bf's hands were under her shirt.  I just froze there and watched their every move.  She then pulled the shorts of her bf and gave her a blowjob while her bf continued to play with her boobies.  There were drapes in the window and the lights outside were off so I was confident I would not be seen.  Her bf pulled her shirt up so I could see her pink boobs and her pink nipples.  She then sat in her bf's lap and without taking of her soft shorts, she let her bf enter her.  She was so hot and was pumping and grinding that I didn't realize my hands were inside my pants slowly stroking myself.  They finished a few minutes later, with her staying in the sala while her bf went to the toilet.  I just went home and jerked off imagining what just happened.  It also came to my mind that I would blackmail her or go there and caught them on the act, but it was just not my style.  Since then, it was part of my routine to check everytime I come home and always bring food, but that was the only time I caught them doing the deed.

One day, it was her who visited me and brought a red wine with her.  Marj told me that it was her rest day and that her bf was out of town (team building daw).  So I invited her in my pad and she told me that she wanted to drink the red wine.  We just talked and enjoyed the wine.  She told me that she was also there to spy on me because the story that came out was that it was me who was cheating and that I hit her aunt (my ex) everytime we argue.  She told me that I was nice and that it was not true and she knew her aunt was a flirt and was the one at fault.  We were becoming louder as the wine entered our system.  I knew she had high tolerance of alcohol since she was acting normal and alert although our voices were a little bit louder.  When we finished the bottle, she told me that her body was heating up and that she would take a shower.  She left and I was left to ponder the what if's and again my revenge.

A few minutes later, she came back, wearing a white polo and maong mini skirt.  She told me she wanted to go out and asked me to change so we can go out.  I told her that lalabas lang kami sa day off ko and that I was to work early in the morning.  She was a little disappointed but she asked if it was ok she hanged out with me for which I said yes.  I asked her what she wanted to eat so I could cook for her, but she answered she was full, she just wanted to drink.  I asked her what she wanted to drink for which she answered "yung tequila nalang" pointing to a bottle of  about 1/3 full jose cuervo tequila.  I told her I don't have kalamansi for it for which she said it was ok.  I took a shot glass and iodized salt and started to tagay.  We talked about her aunt and our failed marriage and also his bf.  We were squatting on the floor and used the sofa as our headrest as we talk.  She was across me and I could see her white legs glimmer under the glass table and could barely see her black panties.  She was also wearing a matching black bra as it was evident as she was wearing a white polo.  Slowly, I would notice that her legs began to spread as she would move feeling uncomfortable squatting wearing a tight maong mini skirt.  She then moved up and sit on the sofa just across me giving me a better view of her legs and glimpses of her panties.  I also noticed she was getting drunk (mixing red wine and tequila).  She was also feeling heat in her body as she would unbutton one button of her polo exposing her cleavage.

When we finished the bottle, she asked what other spirits I had but told her that she is drunk already and I need to bring her home.  Marj told me that it was ok because she just live nearby and that she was safe me.  I just laughed with her, giving me a devilish smile.  I told her I'll bring her home, so when she tried to stand up, she almost fell towards the glass table had I not caught her arm.  She hugged me and whispered something to me which made my dick almost popped out of mt shorts.  She told me, "lalake ka pa rin, na-a-aroused, can be tempted".  I had to carry her back to her pad.  I let her rode on my back (piggyback ride) and took the 15 meter walk to her pad.  While I was carrying her, I would feel her soft legs with my arms and felt her boobs at me back.  I put her down and asked for the keys to her place since it was locked. She said it was in her purse, so I went back to get her purse.  When I came back, she was already throwing up.  She had "suka" all over her legs and some on her skirt.  I opened her pad, and brought her in.  I laid her on her sofa.  Watching her so helpless and her legs open wide exposing her black panties, I had to avoid my evil thoughts (thinking she still was my niece).  I couldn't leave her there so I decided to bring her to her room (her pad is a 1 bedroom pad).  This time I carried her like a baby, and while doing it, she was awake and we were seeing eye to eye.  I just smiled and laid her at the bed (it was a double or queen size bed).

With her laying on bed, she said thank you and before I could answer, she pulled me down and kissed me.  I couldn't resist anymore as I was having a hard on already just watching her panties and her pretty shinny soft legs.  She whispered something to my ears.  "Please.  I want it".  We continued kissing and I slowly unbuttoned her polo.  She also slowly unbutton her mini skirt and slowly lowered it and eventually kicked it of her.  I moved my hands inside her panties and felt her already wet pussy.  I could feel her pubic hair just starting to grow guessing it was shaved recently.  With her polo now open, I pulled her bra up and played with her boobies.  Licking and sucking her nipples.  She pulled my shorts down using her feet bring my briefs with one push.  My now hard cock sprang out and rested between her legs.  I was so in it that I entered my cock without protection.  I positioned myself standing beside the bed and slightly pulled her up letting her legs rest on my shoulders.  I slightly knelt at the bed and started pumping.  With every pump, I could see her boobs shake and wiggled.  She would... Read More

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