Stuck on your past?

December 22, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Its my first time to write something based from experience.  I hope you guys can relate and enjoy reading. :)

How would we know if we have moved on?
Siguro some of us may say na kapag Masaya ka na at din a siya naiisip.
Let’s see.
May mga oras na akala natin Masaya na tayo pero all of a sudden bigla nalang tayo malulugmok sa isang lugar na iniisip ang isang pangyayari sa ating nakaraan. Pag kasama ang barkada, masasabi mo na “yeah I think I have moved on already.” Are we sure? I guess not. Isipin nalang natin, bakit ba pinipilit natin mag move on? Hindi ba ito isang sign ng bitterness? Na parang ginagawa mo ang lahat para lang hindi mo na siya maisip when in fact, siya ang dahilan kung bakit mo ito ginagawa. Let me share you part of my story.
It’s been 5 months since we broke up and yet the feeling is still the same whenever we get time to talk to each other or even when I think of him. I keep asking myself, how can i move on? Do I want to move on? I don’t think so. Then, I just realize one thing while I’m reminiscing the past. I was not able to talk to him personally. Even when we broke up, we had a talk through facebook. So I decided to ask a friend for help. While we were talking about my plans of going there and see if there are still chance, even little ones to have him back, I realized, if we will be together again, will it still be the same as before? Is there a 100% assurance that we will not separate again? That’s the time I decided to stop. I asked myself, Why ? Why am I doing this? Why not do something for myself and not for others? Is this what I really want? Will it make happy?
Answer is, I still don’t know yet.
How about you? Have you tried asking yourself, why are you still stuck with you past?
Dahil ba mahal pa din natin sila? O dahil sanay tayo na nandiyan sila?
I think, trying to move on is just an excuse para patuloy parin natin sila maalala o maisip.
And being happy and enjoying the little things we have na alam natin na ginagawa natin para sa sarili natin and not because we have to move on is what really matters.
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