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October 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi guys.been reading on this site for quite some time now but this is the first time am going to write something.nothing very sexual but just about a "bad" thought hovering my mind for qiute some time now.

Im guy in a committed relationship for 9 years now but lately ive been having these thoughts about the wife of my friend.i dont know why particularly but it's just that this lady has a very strong appeal to me which i know is wrong because she is the wife of a very close friend plus more importantly i am in a relationship which i know will eventually lead to me settling down.i just cant erase the thought in my mind of making love to this particular lady.lets just call her jane.

My gf and i are very close to these couple.and when i say close i mean literally i have my own set of keys to their house to their car and i have access to everything.that's how much they trust me. Now jane's husband, though not technically bec they are not yet married but living together instead, lets just call him turk, is not only my friend but also is my kumpare bec i am the godfather of one of his child, which by the way is named after me and he is the godfather of my daughter.kumpareng buo as many of us would say.

Now my problem is this, bec we are very close to each other jane would sometimes come to my house if she and turk is having an argument or problems.she would text me and ask me if she can come over to my place and of course booze will always be present in those kind of in all fairness i would only agree to jane coming over to my place if my gf agrees and of course she will bec we are close nga to each other.

When jane comes over she would start mumbling abt her problems with turk.she would cry, shout and in some very insane instances throw anything that she gets her hands me, as any good friend would do will just listen to her.give her some advice if she asks me to and let her rant and cry and shout all she wants until she is satisfied.

Until come a time that they were having a fight,jane as always came over to my place and i noticed she's a wee between being tipsy and drunk.that was around 11 in the itold my gf that jane was in my pad and she is some kinda gf told me that i should take care of jane and let her sleep over bec it's dangerous if i let her drive at that state and so i did.

Jane asked me to buy some booze bec she wanted to drink more and me being a good friend obliged. After awhile i had in my hands a bottle of tequila.guys take note that all of these happenings my gf knows bec we were still skyping at that time.

Now the interesting part came when my gf told me and jane that she would already sleep bec she has work early in the jane and i said goodnight to her.after our i love you's my gf slept alredy and jane and i were the only ones left.i bought another bottle of tequila and we continued drinking.

After downing 1 and a half bottle of booze,jane suddenly cried and she held my hand.she was thanking me for being a good friend and for always listening to whatever she has to say and so i said that it was ok and that she can always count on me and my gf of she has a problem.she told me that my gf is really lucky having me and how she wished that turk was like was really flattering hearing that. I mean literally i felt i was the best bf on earth but then i told her that turk and i has the same qualities.sabi ko nga baka mayroon lang silang hindi napguusapan kaya nagkakaron sila ng problema and i told her to undetstand turk more.

That was how our conversation went until we finished the second bottle and i ask if she wants to go home eh ihahatid ko na sya.but then she insisted that i buy 6 bottles of beer.pang banlaw daw.good thing there is a 24 hour convenience store near my place.and so i did buy 6 bottles and we continued talking until i noticed her na nakasandal na sa balikat ko.for me wala naman yun.i thought lasing na sya kaya ganon and then i heard she was i held her face and wiped it and i said tama na yan.papangit ka kapag umiyak ka ng umiyak sayang ang ganda mo and then i laughed.

Then out of nowhere she suddenly embraced me while saying these exact words "sana ikaw na lang siya" and then she tried to kiss me.guys, im not trying to be mayabang or anything ha but these words were what she said.ako naman nagulat.sino ba namang hindi magugulat nun db. Jane is a beautiful lady.siya ung tipo na malakas ung dating.and minsan talaga kapag nagiinom kaming magkakaibigan i would not deny na napapatingin ako sa kanya especially kapag swimming/inuman.oh my God the curves man.grabe.kaya lang inaalis ko agad sa isip ko kc nga she is our friend.

So to continue, when she tried to kiss me for a brief moment i was really tempted to kiss her also.i mean the situaion presented itself.we were drunk and were both vulnerable to committing infidelity plus she was wearing a very.very very tempting dress that i would not deny turned me on the minute she entered my pad.

But i dont know what came to me that after that very shall we say nakakatuksong moment, i suddenly thought of my sweet she kind and how much she loves me. And then i felt na parang binuhusan ako ng malamig na tubig. I mean literally ung lust nawala sa sistema ko.yung gusto ko sanag gawin kay jane nawala talaga.and the thought na paano kung ito rin ang gawin sa akin ng gf ko came in to my mind.and at that moment niyakap ko si jane.i embraced her with sincerity and warmth and assurance that things will all work out between her and turk. And i told her that being unfaithful will only be additional burden to her problems.then i kissed her on the forehead and said that it would be better uf she will sleep already so that she can rest her mind and not be stressed out.she then thanked me and asked if she can sleep beside me because she wanted to feel secured and i said it's ok.she slept in my arms while i finished my bottle of beer and then before i went to sleep i texted my gf and i told her how much i love her.

Now, jane turk and us are still friends.... Read More

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