Strange State of Emotions

December 23, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Minsan talaga dumarating yung puntong bigla ka nalang malulungkot. Yung tipong hindi mo alam kung ano problema, wala, basta ka nalang malungkot.

Tapos pilit mong pasasayahin ang sarili mo, gusto mo lagi kang nakikipagkulitan sa kaibigan o kanino man, hanggang sa isipin nila na nahihibang ka na.

Ang hindi nila alam kailangan mo sila, pero sa isang iglap lang, iniwan ka na pala, hinusgahan ka pa.


"Strange state of Emotions"
By: FicFac

Life is like a story that's full of twisted plot.
A flash of smile to hide the inner griefs.
A man can tell how perfect his life is,
but through time, and time again, a single tear falls,
no matter how happy he could be,
he cries for that sorrowful moment.

They say all things were state of mind.
Oneself is the only help for oneself.
Keep making yourself busy just to clear your mind for a while,
but then again at the end of the day,
it'll just all coming back again, the things that you hardly tried to skip yesterday.

It's so sad that we can't void the things that we tend to void.
We justly set our mind on the top of the ladder,
but our weakness is pulling us down back to the bottom.
Oh how sad life may seem when storms of trial occurs.

Whenever you awoke in the morning,
how could you see life if you arouse in pain?
Thinking it'll just going to be a bad day,
Triupmh is nowhere but obstacles.
What has life can offer me now?

They say perseverance is the rarest quality of man.
That you should persist living no matter how difficult it may serves.
Now things may be okay, but then again, all of a sudden,
things gone bad.

Heart may be relieved once in a while,
but totaly damaged after all.
Does'nt even know where to steal the courage to block the discouragement.
Thoughts will only turn you upside down.
But without thoughts we are nothing.

Oh see how life's being complicated with such rules,
words by words, works by works.
We live each day trying hard just to succeed,
although success is within our crumbled heart each time we breathe.

Ambition is like a killer poison that will kill us slowly,
while dream is the antidote.
Maybe the reason why we live is for us to live the living,
And not to urge your wit.

Day by day, we meet strange people we really don't know,
we're wasting our time to be somebody from nobody.
Just because we only see those who are above us thinking we can get something with their lifestyle, while ignoring those who are below us thinking that they're nothing with their real life.

Pity those who see things with their sight,
blessed are those who can see things... Read More

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