Strange & Beautiful

June 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Strange & BeautifulIt was cool up from the beach in the shade and shadows of the resort. There was a good breeze blowing from the sea. It was beautiful, but I paid no heed to everything that was around me. The most beautiful, I have here beside me — you.

You were lying on the picnic blanket with your head in the bend of my arm and your eyes closed. The picnic lunch had been eaten. Enough of the wine had been consumed so that we were both peaceful and relaxed and the afternoon stretched ahead slow and lazy.

You looked content and I wonder if I had anything to do with it.

“Strange and Beautiful.” I murmured. I think those are the perfect words to describe you. I remembered the Aqualung song that I had been listening to weeks ago.

“I'll put a spell on you,
You'll fall asleep when I put a spell on you,
And when I wake you,
I'll be the first thing you see,
And you'll realize that you love me.”

I touch your cheek ever so gently with my fingertips.

You opened your eyes.

“Hi.” You said with a smile. Your voice was soft and low.

“I thought you were asleep.” My fingertips were now trailing the line of your jaw.

"I was...” And your hand came up and touched my face. “Or at least I think I was. What have you been doing?"

"Nothing. I’m just looking at you. Thinking of how beautiful you are."

Your cheeks blushed pink. Beautiful—you are still not used to being called that.

“You are too kind.” You laughed. “And I still think you need glasses because you can’t see that I am fat."

I touched your cheek and kissed you. Your lips were soft and warm.

I ended the kiss just to tell say, "I think you are beautiful. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes and then you would know."

"You know… I worry about your eyesight," You said. "I take it back. You don’t need glasses. If you ever get new glasses, you might change your mind."

“And find you even more beautiful…" I added and kissed her again. This time your lips were wet and slightly open.

Your tongue pushed into my mouth, and I felt that almost electrical shock go through me that always happens when you kiss me this way.

I sucked your tongue and pushed mine into your mouth. I could feel myself hard now, and the warm softness of your body against me.

I began to caress and fondle your breasts through the soft material of your shirt as we kissed.

I kissed your face, your cheeks, and trailed kisses down to your neck as I slowly opened each button and pushed your bra up. Padded bra—your breasts are small, which is alright with me. I have never understood the fascination most men have with large breasts. Yours were enough. Just like they were made for me.

I kissed each nipple and then began to suck.

"Bite," you said. I smiled to myself. You liked a little pain with your pleasure and I like giving it. I bite the nipple gently and pushed my hand up between your legs. You opened to me, and I started rubbing your pussy through your shorts.

You started shifting positions and opened your legs wider. I bit again. Harder this time.

"Ouch! You bad boy!"

I chuckled. I knew you liked it.

And you were pushing your pussy hard against my hand. I pulled away from your breasts and began to pull your shorts down.

"No." You said as you to stop me. "What if someone sees?"

"Then they'll wish they were me."

"No. Really. What if someone comes."

"Nobody is coming." I kissed your lips again to stop you from protesting. I pulled your shorts and your panties off.

I went back to kissing and licking your breasts again, sucking each firm little nipple, and began slipping my fingers into your hot pussy, my thumb massaging your clit as my fingers moved in you, in the wet softness of you.

The sweet sound of your moans filled the air and you were trying to stop yourself from moaning to loud.

I kissed down the swell of your tummy as I finger fuck you. You grew wetter and wetter. I knew I just had to taste.

It was like you knew what I was going to do because you opened her legs wide to accept my tongue where my fingers had just been. I began to lick and kiss and suck your pussy. My tongue turning tight circles on your clit as my fingers moved in you.

I wondered how many men you have fucked. I remember asking you that question once but you never answered.

Sometimes I would picture you fucking them. Yes, more than one man. Maybe two or three all at the same time. You were always on your knees in these imaginary scenes and you were fucking these men with your mouth. Sometimes I would imagine you sucking a cock while you were being fucked. Sometimes I was fucking you while you sucked a cock, but most of the time I was sitting in a chair with a glass of wine and watching—just watching you getting filled by cocks in all your fuckable holes. I know this is perverted of me, but I really have imagined you doing just that. It excites me.

I told myself it was just an erotic fantasy. That I did not really want it to happen. And most of the time I believed it. But not always. Not nearly always.

I felt your body arch and stiffen and then relax and stiffen again. Your hands were on the back of my head, holding me against you as I sucked and kissed and licked. You pushed your pussy against me, rubbing your pussy hard against my face.

"Fuck me," I hear you say. Almost demanding. Almost demanding. God knows I wanted so badly to. I rose up started positioning myself when you said, “No. First I want to suck you. Let me taste you."

How can a guy say no to that? I rolled onto my back, and you pushed down my shorts and began sucking. Your lips were wet and hot and soft and hungry. You sucked hard, moving up and down on my shaft. I could feel it all the way down to my toes.

As you sucked you pulled my shorts down, and I kicked them away.

"God, Baby! God, I love the way you suck me!" Your lips were lose but firm, and you were taking me all in. Going down fast and sucking hard.

"You are the sweetest little cock sucker."

You bit me softly.

"Oww! You naughty girl! Naughty little girls get spanked." I slapped your ass softly. You bit harder and I spanked you harder. The harder I spanked the harder and faster you sucked.

I felt the orgasm rising in me. Felt it begin in my toes and move up my body. I bite my lip and pulled away from you and pushed you down on the blanket.

“Now?” I hear you ask devilishly.

I slipped between your spread legs and pushed my cock into you. Pushing in hard and deep and then slowly pulling out. And then pushing in deep and hard. This time pounding into you, driving into you and slowly, moving so slowly.

I had to sort of kneel between your legs to get into you. I could not lay above you as I would like to do. I wanted to be able to see your face and kiss your lips as I moved in you.

I pushed into you. So deep into you. The hardness of me into the wet softness of you. Filling that empty place inside of her. Filling that hungry place inside of me.

And as we made love, as we fucked, all creation evaporated and the only reality was the perfection of our bodies joined into one.

And my mind slipped away again and I ceased to exist except for the sensation of my cum erupting into you, except for the sensation of you pushing against me as you reached climax.

I groaned and pushed deeper into you as the wetness of me filled the wetness of you until I was empty and you were full.

I jerked myself out of you and collapsed on your stomach. "God, that was good! I think I just died.”

“La petit mort?” You chuckled sexily.

I slipped a finger into your pussy. It was dripping wet with a different wetness now that she you full of my cum. I sucked the mingled wetness of "us" from my finger never taking my eyes off you as you watched me.

"I do love you so much," I said and you just smiled.


He stared at his laptop screen. He was done. His first ero-mantic writing, and it was loosely based on the non-erotic story she first posted on PinoyLiterotica almost a year ago—A Weekend Fantasy.

Who would’ve thought someone like him could ever write let alone something as erotic and as romantic like that? And it was all because of her.

“I've been watching your world from afar,
I've been trying to be where you are,
And I've been secretly falling apart unseen.”

But he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He’s hooked. He knew it. She had a way with words. She tickled his senses with her words and her highly imaginative mind. Her imagination—that’s her greatest arsenal.

He just read the new story she had on her erotic blog and he loved it! Who wouldn’t? She has talent! And he wanted her.

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