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March 23, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Good PM everyone!Getting straight to the point, I'm bisexual as far as urges are concerned. Bisexual in a way that heterosexual sex turns me on more than homo although I've only tried having encounters with males because I find it hard to look for girls who are willing to roll in bed with anyone without getting emotionally entangled.(for those who are curious, by encounters I mean getting sucked and fondled by men).

So, what exactly do I want to achieve with this post? I want to do it with a girl and I just want anyone to help me out with this.

a)A goodlooking girl who is willing to do it with me. Attachment will begin and end in bed.

b) A man who knows girls who are willing to do it; or who are interested to co-scout for girls who         are game. Don't worry, my intention is to share the girl (sorry, sounds so pollitically incorrect) or maybe watch you do the deed. I won't touch you, t... Read More

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