Stories of a Party Animal: Crystal Trash Party

August 16, 2015 (2 years ago)
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It's 3AM. I walked through the dark corridors as I headed to the door of my unit. “They haven't fixed the lights yet? This has been going on for two nights already.” I said to myself. Halfway through, I rummaged my bag for my door keys. I opened the door, my pumps scuffed the tiled floor as I clumsily dragged myself inside. I went directly to the bathroom and turned the tap on. The water gushed into the bath tub and I stretched out my right hand to feel the flowing water onto my palms.

I went to my bedroom and threw my bag on the bed. I took my pumps off and headed to the full body mirror just beside my wardrobe. I started at my reflection and unzipped my dress from behind. I’m left with my matching black lacy undies and I turned sideways and examined my slender body. I fronted the mirror and unhooked my brassiere. I gently caressed my proud Cup B breasts. I then pulled down my lacy black thongs. “I am beautiful and yes, Ishy! You are goddamned sexy! I grinned at myself.

I advanced to my bed, grabbed my bag and emptied its contents. “Where the fuck is it?” I said agitatedly while I continued searching. “Fuck my ass, baby!” I shrieked as I found the tiny packet. I grabbed my West Ice and slid a stick on my lips. I lighted it up and puffed. I reached for my hand phone and dialed Marco’s number. One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, “…please leave a message after the beep.” There was a long silence and a couple of sings before I managed to speak. “I’m wondering if you’re up for a party tonight? My place, my bath tub to be exact. And oh! No clothing allowed. I’m leaving the front door open. Hurry up.” My phone joined in the clutter on my table.

I went back to the bathroom and checked on the water level. I opened the cupboard and took a bottle of liquid soap. I unscrewed it and poured in the contents into the tub. The room smelled of lavender. I placed the bottle back in the cupboard and my right hand reached for something under the folder towels. My hand moved for a while before it found what it was looking for. I puffed on my cigar once more before I pressed it in the ashtray.

I turned the tap off and dipped into the tub. I rubbed my body with the foam created by the liquid soap that I poured in earlier. I took my time as I gently rubbed every part of me. After that, I sat straight and dried my hands with towels hanging above the side table. I reached for the foil and gently formed a U-shape using my pointer finger. I made sure that the foil was stretched smoothly then I bite on the tiny packet to rip it open then emptied its contents to the foil. I lighted the bottom of the foil and waited as I stared intently at the smoke coming out from the crystals. I pressed my pointer finger on my right nostrils as I sniffed on the crystals on my left nostrils. “Ahhh damn it!” and I sniffed some more. I took a cigar stick on the packet and lighted it. I leaned on the tub as I watched the whole place whirled around me. I puffed and my lips formed a circle then I blew the rounded smoke into the air. One last puff and I pressed the cigar into the ashtray.

I leaned on the tub and immersed my whole body up to my neck. My hands started moving all over my body then my hands ended up on my breasts, drawing circles around them. My nipples hardened and my fingers flicked and pinched on them alternately. My right hand moved down to my tummy, feeling every inch of my skin on my palms. My fingers reached my clitoris and I started drawing circles around them, mimicking the movements of my left hands on my left breast. Then I rubbed on it gently at first, and pressed harder and flicked on it alternately. I could hear myself moan from the excitement that I am feeling. I opened my legs apart as my left hand moved towards my pussy. I then inserted my pointer and middle fingers inside. I felt it’s warmth as my fingers touched the walls inside. In and out it goes as my other fingers flicked on my clitoris. I opened my eyes and my vision now more blurry. I am not too sure if this is because of the ecstasy that I am feeling due to my masturbation or because of the effect of the crystal. My head is spinning, my body convulsing and my sex is aching for real action.

I closed my eyes once more and moved my right hand to my breasts and kneaded it aggressively while my other fingers are still moving in and out of my pussy. My moans echoed my bathroom. It made me feel hungrier for a man. I want a cock inside my pussy now. I continued playing with my pussy and I felt it coming.

My thoughts were distracted by a sound of metal that clanked on my bathroom floor. I opened my eyes and saw a figure undressing as he walked towards me. I adjusted my head to see more clearly, but my vision is blurry. All I know is that I am on the verge of releasing my juice as I felt the electricity crawled all over me. I felt a hand pulled my fingers away, and instead he inserted his fingers in my pussy. It teased on my clitoris while his two fingers moved in and out of my pussy. “There baby, Ohhhh shit baby!” I screamed as my back arched on my orgasm.

“What’s the rush baby? Why didn’t you wait for me?” It’s Marco’s voice. I felt him cupped my breasts as he lean... Read More

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