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May 3, 2015 (3 years ago)
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The elevator door opened. A guy around early 30's stood there and waited for the passengers to alight before he came inside the lift. I rushed into it and squeezed my slim body inside making me trip on the gym bag that I'm carrying. My chest almost touched the guy's body but good thing I stretched out my arms on his shoulders for support.

"Uhm, sorry.. I'm just in a hurry" I said, and I felt my cheeks blushed crimson.

"No problem, just be careful next time." The guy replied. He's tall and manly, but gave me the "suplado" vibe. The elevator door closed totally and I was about to press the level "10" button but it's already on. "Hmmm we are staying on the same floor. How convenient." I said. He looked like he came from a jog by the look of his sweat-drenched shirt plus he's carrying a water bottle. Me, on the other hand is wearing a sports bra underneath a loose tank top and matching yoga pants. Our eyes met and I smiled at him.

"Work out day, isn't it?" he asked, and I nodded with a smile. "Fuck! This guy is hot." I told myself. Maybe we can have a "work-out" together one of these days.

"Ting!" the elevator door opened and I went out first. "Geez, I forgot something downstairs--" he said as he scratched his head. "Hmm. See you around!" I waved at him and the door closed. I wondered which unit he is staying as opened my apartment door.

I went straight to the kitchen, opened my fridge and took a bottle of orange juice. I gulped straight from the bottle. I went inside my room and checked my phone. I've 20 unread messages in my WhatsApp-- it was from a group message from my girls with subject titled as "10pm @ 7th High" followed by some other messages why I am not replying back. "Went to the gym, see you bitches later." I replied to them.

It was only 8pm so I thought that I still have enough time. I grabbed the packet of my cigars and my lighter on my bedside table and headed to the balcony. I looked around, there were 8 balconies lined up and all of them are empty except from the one on my right. The door was open and the light from the inside illuminates the balcony floor. I took a puff and gulped the remaining orange juice from the bottle.

"It's not really a good habit smoking right after your work-out!" I almost jumped upon hearing that familiar voice. I looked at the balcony on my right and lo and behold! It was the same guy in the elevator. "Hey! So you're actually my neighbor." I shouted back at him. "Unfortunately, yes." He chuckled. "My name's Marco by the way. And you are?"

"I'm Ishy. Nice meeting you."

"Great. You just transferred here? Because this is the first time I saw you" He asked.
"I just moved in two weeks ago." I said.
"Oh, that makes sense. I've been away for two weeks and I just arrived last night." He shouted back.
"Hmmm yeah. Anyways, nice meeting you again but I got to go. See you around Marco!"

I came inside my apartment and made myself a sandwich for dinner then I took a shower. It's already 9pm. I blow dried my hair, applied a setting lotion then curled them. I put on my make up and dressed up for the night.

I arrived at 7th High around 10:15pm. My friends were already there and they all looked pretty. We entered the place and headed to the table that my friend Lisa booked ahead. We ordered our drinks and started chit-chatting. Around 11:30pm we started grooving in the dancefloor. It's already packed but we were having so much fun. I felt a bit tipsy after 3 orders of Margarita. One of my friends has started hooking up with an American guy and left the 4 of us in the dancefloor.

We took a quick break from dancing and went back to our table and started ordering tequila shots. Around 2am all of us were already giddy so we decided to go home instead. I went to the ladies room for a quick fix. "Hmmm still looking okay, just a bit wasted." I told myself.

I headed to the lift and pressed the button. I waited for around 5 minutes when the door opened. Just right after I came in, Marco also stepped in and flashed a smile at me. "It's you again!" He said.

"Uhm yeah, obviously." I joked.
"Looks like somebody is drunk here" he said as he examined my face.
"Uhm a little tipsy, Yes. But definitely not drunk." I replied with a flirty look.
"I see. I was thinking maybe you would like to hang out for a while, just chat and stuff--"

"Ting!" He got cut off by the opening elevator door.
"What time is it?" I asked him.
"Past 2:30am" Marco said. "It's weekend so maybe, no harm in waking up later than the usual, unless you have plans tomorrow then, I will not insist." He continued.
I feigned nervousness as he spoke, but at the same time I am excited by the thought that this guy is asking if we could hang out.

"Ok then... Uhm where do you want to hang out, your place or mine?" My voice raspy yet flirty.
"Can I have a look at your place?" He walked ahead to my door.
"Be my guest then, Mister!" I rummaged my pouch for the door keys then I opened the door. "Go on, make yourself comfortable."

Marco looked down on me with a smile as he swept past me. I felt his arms brushed onto my breasts. I am wearing a black tube mini dress and I felt my nipple harden at his gesture. Marco walked over to the mini bar that I have opposite the dining table. "Fancy for some more drinks? I have Cuervo, Absolut, Bacardi, & Jack Daniels that you can choose from." I asked.
"Woah! You have your cupboard handy in times like these. Girl scout?"
"Hmmm sort of. But no, let's just say that-- I want my guests to be entertained." I teased him as I ran my pointer finger on his chin. "So? Does Cuervo sounds interesting to you?" I winked at him and did not wait for his answer as I walked towards the kitchen to get lime and salt.

We settled on the couch and poured tequilla in the shot glass and passed it to him. I took a pinch of salt, pulled my tube down and rubbed it in one of my nipples. "Do the honors." I said, as I inserted my finger with remaining salt in his mouth.

"So this is how you entertain your visitors, is it?" Marco licked the salt on my nipple and drank the tequilla and sucked on the lime. "I might get used to visiting you from time to time." He then leaned forward and kissed my lips softly. But I pulled away. "I won't mind you visiting me everyday" I said, and poured another shot. I stood up and removed my dress in front of Marco. It must be the alcohol that I have consumed earlier that's why I'm being bold like this. On a second thought, I'm always as horny as hell. Marco bit his lower lip while he watched me undress.

I unbuttoned his shirt and sat down on his lap. I put some salt on his neck licked his lips before I licked the salt and took my shot. I sucked on the lime and immediately kissed Marco torridly. I can taste the tequilla and lime on his tongue as I sucked on them. I felt his hands on caressing my butt as I reached for the buckles of his belt. I stopped and reached out for the bottle and poured another shot.

He unzipped his fly and took off his pants and boxers. "Ohh wow! That's a big dick!" My eyes wide and my jaw ajar. He lifted me and carried me towards the direction of my mini bar. "Would you mind if we can be a bit dirty on your dining table?" He asked as he sat me down on the edge of the table. I put down the shot glass beside me. "No. Not at all, but make sure that you will clean it afterwards."

He started exploring my mouth again as he laid me down on the table. I can feel his stiff cock on my tummy and it excites me more. He took the shot glass and poured a few drops on my left nipple and then he licked and sucked them with much gusto while his other hand cupped my right breast. After a few more sucking and licking, he did the same thing to my right nipples. Darn! The sensation and the anticipation drove me crazy.

He planted soft kisses down my tummy and stopped when he reached my pussy. Marco opened my legs wider and his middle finger started teasing my mound. I moaned as he pressed on it even harder. He poured the remaining tequilla on my pussy and he licked them non stop. I felt the liquid in my back side and he also licked them dry. He then hardened his tongue and flicked my clitoris while he inserted his middle finger in my pussy. "Ohhhhhh damn, Marco! That is so good..." I uttered lustfully. He sucked on my clitoris and inserted another finger inside my pussy. In and out it goes from my pussy while he sucked and licked my clit. I grabbed his head and grind my pussy on his face. "Ooooohhh yeahhh baby, lick me some more!" I said in gritted teeth. Marco removed his fingers inside me and stopped eating my pussy. He pulled me up and put his two fingers inside my mouth. "Suck them Ishy, show me how you enjoy the taste of your cum as I do" he said, as he watched me suck on his fingers.

He pinched my nipple and it made me moan so hard. His fingers travelled down my stomach and he gently pinched my clitoris. "You are so wet, Ishy! I want to eat you once more." Seated at the edge of the table, I watched him as he knelt on the floor and once again buried his face on my pussy. He opened my legs wider and hardened his tongue and slid it inside me. I watched him feast. I mashed my breasts and pinched my nipples.

Marco stood up and asked me to bend over the table which I obliged. I felt him blew air on my backside as I felt him parting my ass cheeks. He poured tequila on my crack and the liquid slid all the way down to my asshole. He licked my asshole and afterwards. I felt him insert his thumb on my asshole. "Oooohhh fuck!" I screamed. But it was a scream of ecstasy. I can feel my head spinning as he pushed his stiff cock inside me. "Arghh! That's too big for me!" I shouted through gritted teeth. I can feel his whole cock inside my pussy, his thumb playing with my asshole, this other hand rubbing my clit. I was in pure heaven. I felt my cum dripping to my legs as Marco started thrusting. "Fuck. Me. Now. Fuck. Me. Faster!" I moaned.

I felt every inch of his cock as my pussy engulfed them. I moaned even more as he flicked his fingers on my mound, rhytmically matching his cocks's movement inside me. His changed his pace as his thrusting became faster and faster. I am overwhelmed with lust, dizzy and excited at the same time. He pulled out his thumb on my assh... Read More

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