September 20, 2014 (3 years ago)
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A on the spot poem.. La kase ako magawa will waiting sa tropa I just remember this girl name abi.. This one is for you..


I. Here I am again waiting for you
No matter what it takes
I'll be sitting here and singing
Just another song we've made
For a simple girl who brought my heart
In a single moment that you passed by
I'm still here waiting for you..

II.in this life full of sudden
Nothing is wrong when you feel it happen
No one can take my guts
For waiting you here in the darkness
As I see this hope
I know this life is never untold
But I swear all this time
I'll still here waiting for you..

III. I know that you will come back soon
So I ready myself on
Everyday I keep going on
Even if its hard to accept the truth
That you'll gone forever
How I wish I can make you mine
But still I don't why
Just one last thing before it ends
I'm still here waiting for you

He he gutom LNG to Hindi na mkapagisip ng ayos haha

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