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Starbucks and I

August 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Starbucks and IA solemn morning of drinking iced coffee was a great starter.

Just after I stood up was a guy I barely noticed, or let’s say – a guy I forced not to notice. He was handsome on his own way, he had the appeal. I know him and it’s positive. The friction dragged me back to my seat, as he fired a glance at me. Now, I’m helpless. The sun is up, yet my world started to crash in humiliation. As he drew nearer, I bowed my head like an elementary student feeling sorry for cheating. I just played with my cellphone, fingers crossed that this would be a short chit-chat.

The looks in his eyes have melted my knees once again.

I held him once again, not with a hug but with hello. At least, rather than fooling ourselves as if nothing had happened.

Probably, I was his worst girlfriend. That self-centered bitch who would walk with him inside the mall without talking, was me. The television in mute. The bland coffee. The tasteless, the inconsistent, the die-hard BRUNOMARS lover yet the jealous girlfriend. Worse, the flirt-girl who knows no boundaries.

We have fought over simple things: over his ex-girlfriend, over my bestfriend, over a Picadillo. Over anything that includes the two of us. From the start of our newly-built relationship, things were in a whirlpool. Spinning faster, getting dizzy, until all’s a blur. Until we fought, blaming and cursing each other for our (generally, mine) faults. With my sadistic personality, I haven’t realized that I would always give him a bruise: not a physical bruise, but an emotional imprint in his heart.

Soon, the story ends. The final day happened in my room, with the my blue lights on. We argued about my instability as a girlfriend, with my irrational mood swings, and my headstrong personality. Then he told me that he was giving up. He didn't love me anymore. That there was no more me and him..

My eyes went bloodshot, as tears fell to my face. I was awakened by the impact of his words. Shocked by his move, like a resuscitated coma victim.

I told him I love him for the last time, and I whispered my truthful sorry for what I’ve done. I wished I could hug him tight before I told him that I’d let him go. You didn’t deserve me as a girlfriend.

So we broke up. I’ve wounded a precious jewel. I won’t let him be crushed.

I know he needed a break from hell. Hell, happened to be me.

The mocha frappucino plastic bottle fell off from my hands, crushing it with my shoes, telling myself: I’m the blandest coffee ever ma... Read More

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