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May 11, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Just wanna share something that I "discovered" recently.  Although it was not the first time that I squirted, but it definitely made another first in my book of erotic adventures.

Bakit? Kasi it was my first time na sobrang nabasa 'yong likod ng shorts ko I really thought I peed on it.

Sabi nga nila, 'yon ang tinatawag na female ejaculation, and I squirted a healthy amount at that, like akala ko it all came from my bladder which was practically empty at that time kasi katatapos ko lang umihi before doing the deed.

So here was what happened...

I started with the usual gentle touch on my bud down there tapos sinabayan ko lang ng laro sa nips.  I was not really wet sa simula pero knowing me kapag nag-start na akong maglaro (lalo na sasabayan ng uneven breathing at mumunting pagsinghap ng isang guy from the other side of the globe) madali akong mag-init at mag-wet. (Though depende na rin sa guy how he handles the session, or maybe sabi nila, it takes two to tango.

So I was into rubbing my clit with my middle finger and pinching my nips when I remembered what my ka-SOP told me a few nights before, "ang hirap humabol sa 'yo. pero masarap pa din naman.. kaya lang ang hirap humabol.." (Ang hirap humabol kasi ambilis kong labasan lalo na kung lalakeng-lalake ang boses ng guy at masarap siyang mag-moan :D)

With his words in mind, I diverted the direction of my finger.  Instead of concentrating sa clit, I began rubbing my pussy cheeks.  Doing circular motions while slightly pressing on the soft flesh, sa left, then sa right and brushing the tip of my clit.  Then I also rubbed my finger on the entrance to my hole, just enough to get some juice.  

It was agonizingly slow at first, then pabilis ng pabilis and then I concentrated on my engorged clit. I was then ready for my orgasm of the day.  I could feel the heat building inside of me and when I finally let out that loud moan my fluid just oozed out of my vagina like I was peeing.  I was really wet, literally that I blurted out, "Fuckkk! nag-squirt na naman ako!... syetttt!"  "Na naman" because I also squirted the night before that, but not as much as this time around.

Pero hindi pa din ako sure kung nag-squirt nga ba ako or ihi lang 'yon.  So after I washed up and changed into clean shorts, sinampay ko na 'yong basa kong shorts sa may chair para patuyuin.  Inamoy ko naman di naman amoy ihi pero napaisip pa din ako.  

The morning after I checked agad my shorts.  It was dry na and so inamoy ko uli.  As in wala syang amoy, smelled like newly-washed. Then, I therefore conclude na nag-squirt nga ako :)

So there you are.  

Sa mga girls, kung hindi nyo pa nagawa, try it.  Ang sarap ng feeling.  It was a mind-shattering orgasm for me, maybe it would be for you too.

And guys, if you haven't done it yet with your girl, try nyo sya.  You can r... Read More

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