Spa Sessions: VIP 3 - Part II

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Date: June 14, 2016 (2 years ago)

Elmer led the way to the room. Working at this spa for the past four months made him privy, not just to the ins and outs of of the operation but to conversations and secrets of both the managers and the therapists. Especially his crush, the college dropout Weng.

Weng didn't know how he would steal glances down her blouse when she wasn't looking and how he would take pictures of her ass whenever she would wear that tight beige jeans that she owned. He'd lock himself in the cubicle and stroke his dick up and down while browsing thru her pictures. One time, while jacking off, he could hear her voice calling for him to assist a customer. Instead of rushing out to meet the guest, he closed his eyes and went faster, Weng's voice shouting his name in the background. He came in the toilet bowl and flushed his semen, panting and wishing and waiting for the right time.

As he turned the key to open VIP 3, he knew that time would be now.

"Mer, bilisan lang natin ha. Baka may guest na dumating. Patay tayo kay bossing!"

Elmer locked the door, kicked off his shoea and took off his shirt and pants.

"Mabilis lang ako, Weng."

He slightly pushed her against the wall and began to probe her mouth with his tongue. Weng kissed him back and unbuttoned her jeans before slipping it down to her ankles. She felt his hand slide inside her panties and it began to look for her hole. He found it and inserted his middle finger inside a few times before pulling it out and licking it.

"Basa ka na, Weng." he said as he knelt in front of her. He pulled down her undies and removed it along with her jeans. Elmer then raised her left leg and began to eat her.

"Oh shit, Mer! Sarap!"

Weng closed her eyes as she felt his tongue lapping at her swollen clit. His left hand reached inside her blouse and then her bra and squeezed her right breast.

"Dahan dahan, Mer! Ah shit!" The unexpected combination of pain and pleasure made her hornier. She placed her right hand at the back of his head and began to grind her pelvis.

She continued to move until she finally said, "Pasok mo na, Mer. Gusto ko labasan habang nasa loob kita."

Elmer grabbed a towel from the bed and wiped his mouth. He then positioned himself behind her to fuck her doggystyle. He held his stiff cock in his hand and guided it to her wet pussy. As he pounded her, he pulled her hair and let Weng suck on his fingers.

As the sweat from his torso dripped to her ass, he couldn't help but smile at his good fortune. Five months ago, he was let go from his job as a water delivery boy. Now, he was fucking this amazing ass.

"I'm coming, Mer. I'm coming... Ah, ah... Faster, Mer! Sige pa, Mer!"

Weng reached for the towel and bit as hard as she could to keep her from screaming.

"Lapit na rin ako, Weng. Lapit na rin!"

Elmer's hands were now on her waist. With each thrust inside her, he was pulling her body towards him. He was pumping her so hard that the wooden bed was creaking loudly.

"Ayan na ko, Mer! Shiiiit!"

He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock. She was already tiptoeing as she came hard.

Elmer then continued to pump and when he felt his own climax coming, he withdrew his cock and quickly jumped on the bed. He then pointed his hard penis on Weng's face and jacked off, exploding on her, drops of hot semen hitting her left eyebrow, cheek and upper lip.

"Oh shit, Weng. Sarap mo!" he said as he sat down on the bed, catching his breath.

Weng smiled as she bent foreward to lick the tip of Elmer's now limp member before putting it inside her mouth and sucking all his cum.

"Thank you, Mer ha. Kailangan ko nga yun."

"Sabi sa'yo eh. Basta kung kailangan mo, sabihin mo lang sa akin."

They took turns going to the bathroom to wash up with Weng going first. By the time Elmer was finished, she was already dressed.

"Una na ko, Mer. Baka may guest na dumating. Salamat ulit." she said as she kissed hi...

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June 15, 2016 (2 years ago)

Nice story, sir. Lookig forward to more of your stories. Keep it up.

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June 17, 2016 (2 years ago)

Thanks for reading! Hope to come up with more stories soon! :)

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June 17, 2016 (2 years ago)

Spa sessions ulit, with Mer and customer. (That rhymes :p)

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