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February 2, 2017 (1 year ago)
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I was 18 when I first tried SOP. I was young and curious but I can't risk my parent's approval. Ayokong maging kahihiyan although deep inside, alam kong this desire of mine is not something they should be proud of.

I met this guy in an online chatroom. Smooth talker, magaling sa role play in chat and well, witty. Nadala na yata ako ng matinding L dahil sa usapan namin at napapayag niya akong mag SOP.

I was scared and clueless. Di ko alam anong sasabihin. But when we started talking.. Grabe, ang sexy ng boses! I didn't know if the info he shared about himself wa true but the sexiness behind his voice is enough for me to pleasure myself.

I was dry humping at first but when he commanded to take off my clothes, I willingly obliged. When he asked me to spread my legs, I willingly did. When he told me to touch myself, it was the wettest state my pussy has been in. Nagulat ako sa kabasaan ng pussy ko. He mad me moan, and grabe. Hahaha screamer yata ako.... Read More

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