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January 30, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Chrissie just got to her first subject in school when she received an anonymous message. Its kind of naughty but she cant resist reading it.

"I want to make you wet, Chrissie. Just read on, my dear."

"Who are you?".., Chrissie replied.

"Its not important. Well, look at your seatmate. If his a he, imagine letting him touch you in your thighs, gently rubbing it 'til it reach your crotch, then your pussy."

Chrissie looked at her seatmate and sees her nerd classmate.

"Ohh, he's ugly, Sir!"

"Don't mind his looks, his fingers are more important. Lick it with your mouth, then guide him to slid it in your hole, let him finger you. Moan with no sounds, Chrissie. Someone might notice you."

"You will cum with his fingers, two of them. He will come close to you, you will secretly kiss. You will tell him to come with you in women comfort room, so he could fuck you."

Chrissie felt really hot from that thoughts. One of her fantasies.

But their professor looked at her. So, she bowed her head, like she is busy reading a book.

"Mauuna ka sa cr, pero hindi siya makakasunod. Kaya magfifinger ka roon. Moaning, thinking your alone."..., the texts continues to come.

"But someone was there, no two! Lovers, also fucking!"

"They will tell you....., Join us, Chrissie. And you will oblige. You will let the lovers please you."

"The girl was sucking his boyfriend while you kiss him. He will finger your fully wet pussy. Massage your lovely breast."

"The boy will sit in the bowl. Knowing you're too horny, his girlfriend will let him fuck you first."

"Ikaw, mismo ang magtututok ng titi niya sa iyong basang puki. And you will moan loudly while he enter your hot but very wet pussy."

"You will ride him, ferociously. Never minding his girl. You're too close at cumming, again. The boy was also about to cum and the both of you cant control it."

Chrissie's panties become wet from what she is reading.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! The boy cums in your pussy, Chrissie."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! And then you cums, as well!"

"You kiss him torridly. Tasting his saliva. Then you will tell him....., Nice fucking you, but its your girl's turn."

"Before you go. You will also kiss his girlfriend in her lips, telling her....., Your boy is good, guard him well or Ill steal him from you."

"You will then go back in your class room. Flushed red, no one notice what just transpired. Looking at your seatmate, thinking, its your loss not mine."

"Ohhhh, shitt, Sir that was good. What's your name, Sir?"..., Chrissie asked the anonymous texter.

But the messages stops. Chrissie wonder who could that be.

"Miss Flores, what's bothering you?"..., their professor.
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