January 23, 2016 (2 years ago)
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No pun intended. :-)

Today, I slept almost the entire time. I felt like having the need to make up for the days when I lacked sleep because I couldn't sleep at night and yet, I always want to sleep in the moring. I like sleeping in the morning until early afternoon, is all.

I had the liberty to feed my sloth because I finished my laundry at around 4 a.m. of Sat, so I have nothing to do but sleep, onwards.

But before I called it a mornight , I spent my time at the chatroom where I had so much fun chatting with new people. I want to believe that, I have pretty much made new friends (hoping for them to be like Layla, Light and Layo_(the coffee man) age. :-) Peace for the mention, I love you three! <3

I kind of ate a lot today too. Lol I can't help it. The extra rice I ate seemed to have enjoyed their journey inside my digestive system, knowing that they'd meet, in spirit, their kins (the other extra rice I ate for the past days) inside my tum (or intestines? I forgot my bio lec na). Yes, rice makes the "bilbil", among others. Lol

Now, I am a lazy ant right again, while thinking of some good things to do, late at night. Eat. Watch. Dayum! Take a... Read More

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