So, Why Worry

November 22, 2015 (2 years ago)
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So, Why Worry

You met this man from nowhere
But you already know he isn't free
You know you can find another one
So, why worry

He keeps texting you and calling you
And you love his company
But you know you won't miss him when his gone
So, why worry

You're mending a broken heart
When this man came and suddenly
He fills your life with laughter
So, why worry

You moved on from sadness to happiness
And a new love you see
Because of this stupid, idiot but funny man
So, why worry

Now your missing him when his gone
And you knew you love him truly
But he is with his wife
And you started to worry

You missed him by the minute
Counting days ang night when he will be
Talking to you again
Because you are too worried

The love he planted in your heart
Was too much to not worry
'Cause now you cared for him, loved him
But you know, with you, he can never be

So, why worry for a man
Why worry for another love lost and agony
He loves you, you love him
For now, its enough can't you see

There's no forever in this life
All will c... Read More

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