So Much Fuss About Vagina? Well, Thanks!

May 31, 2016 (2 years ago)
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i do not know if this work around is approved by the admin [i need 22 hours to submit a poem in a time that i do not have so, i make it as a blog! ]

i'm submitting a blog with an accompanying poem.

i always fall within the mystery why men have so much fuss about women's vagina. but when i think that what if one day men stopped wondering, pursuing, longing about the much coveted women's vagina the world will be left with artificial insemination! and vibrators and dildoes will have a record sale!!! men will suddenly stop fucking women! men will no longer salivate just looking at a woman's ass anymore! and what a lonely world will that be?

so, shall we be grateful that there's so much fuss about vagina?

here's a tribute to vagina...

the vagina flower

and so i am a farmer in this dreamworld,
i planted a flower, now unfurled,
there were luscious petals, only a few,
but always soaked in a sticky morning dew.

it's been 16 years long before it bloomed,
never smelled it but i know it's perfumed,
it's never seen the sunlight or drank milk,
always covered in a fabric, a cotton or silk.

it's as often as the moon when it cries in blood,
that's when men who don't want children would be glad,
but it seems fruitless couple would have to cry,
with endless kamasutras and another try.

i guard it against partying moths and butterflies,
who constantly lure it with sweet talk and lies,
but i had less worry because it's stalk is thorny,
but not when juice is flowing because it's horny.

then one day, someone succeeded to thrill her,
and the flower thought it was only a finger,
but it was something huge that started to fill her,
it's pulling away when she noticed...
'twas a milk-spitting caterpillar!

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