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Smiling Girl from Korea

September 7, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened June 2010.  I used to be a party goer, although I'm not a heavy drinker, 3-4 bottles of beer would be my regular limit, I love to barhop and enjoy going out with friends.  On one occasion, my college classmates invited me to a night out to celebrate a work promotion.  We went to a bar uptown where there were lots of Koreans hang-out.  We luckily got a table and just observe the people dancing (most of them are Koreans).  I am smoker so I decided to go out and stay outside and drink and smoke there with 2 friends.  As we know, Koreans come in groups and stays in groups so we were pessimistic our chances with korean girls.  Going back inside, we already noticed our friends dancing with girls (pinays) and seem to enjoy themselves already, so the 3 of us finished our drinks outside and got a table there.  We just chated when out of the blue, a group of 3 korean girls approached our table and asked if we had a light since they don't have a lighter.  We offered them our lighter and invited them to sit with us on our table.  They declined our invitation.  We also noticed they were with some male korean companions so we just continued with what we were doing (guy talk).

A few minutes later, the same korean girl approached our table and this time she was alone asking to borrow our lighter.  We offered it to her and told her she can keep it as the 3 of us guys had lighters.  My friend Ed introduced himself, me and Jojo.  She told us her name was Kim and that she's from Korea.  She was talking and the only thing we really understood was she is a student learning english and she's from korea.  We offered her drinks for which she politely declined.  She would leave our table and would come back just to smoke and sit with us on out table.  It was around 12am when my friend Ed excused himself as he has to go home (tinawagan na ng asawa).  He went inside to say goodbye to our friends inside the bar leaving me and Jojo outside.  Kim came back to our table with her friends (3girls and 4 guys) and sat on our table.  They were talking and we couldn't understand them but we just let them sit there.  We could however notice that the girls were drunk the way they move and talk.  Kim, introduced us to her friends but we cannot seem to understand or hear clearly their names.  Among the 3 girls, Kim was the most sober as the other two were now leaning on their companions for support.

Kim was a skinny girl, with short hair and among the 3 of them korean girls, she was the least attractive (the two other girls were really hot and sexy).  The thing that attracted me to Kim was her boyish attitude and her fairly smooth skin.  There was a sudden commotion outside the bar that the friends of Kim decided to move to another place.   With the commotion, Ed and I just stayed and observed from afar the commotion as alot of people were already there nakikitsismis.  Suddenly Kim, approached us and asked if she could stay with her for a moment as she lost track of her friends.  We contacted her friends and ask where they were as we would bring Kim to them.  Her friends told us they were picking up one of her friends and would just come back for her after they meet up.  We offered Kim some drinks and was game enough to drink with us.  She drank sanmig light with us and had 2 bottles already when her friends arrived.  Her friends still wanted to go somewhere else nearby but Kim decided to stay with us and told her friends to just pick her up when its was time to go.  It was about 130am when my friend Ed had to go home (he is also a happily married guy).  I asked Kim where I would bring her since I would drive my friend home.  She said she would joyride with us and called her friends that she would go home ahead of them.

We brought Ed home and asked her where she lives so I could bring her home too.  She answered she wanted 1 more drink and go home after, so we passed by a 24hr store and bought 4 beer cans.  We parked my car at the parking area near a mall.  There were 2 other cars parked nearby so we just stayed there and drink.  She had less english in her vocabulary that it was really difficult to communicate with her, as any question I would ask her would just give me smile as an answer.  Sensing she was already drunk (she drank the 2 beer cans), I asked her where would I bring her, and another smile would answer me.  She was tipsy already and murmuring korean words so I had to bring her back to her friends.  She was wearing a white spaghetti strap dress with a jacket overcoat.  I got close to her to and opened the door for her sensing she might vomit to give her fresh air.  She sat on the front seat of my pick-up truck and I pulled her legs out so she can easily throw up in that position.  In my mind, I was thinking of taking advantage of her as she was drunk and was smiling all the time, but my morality (if there is one) stopped me from doing so.  She stand up and lost her balance although I was able to catch her, both of us fell.  We were face to face when we fell and she was still smiling all the time.  I carried her this time I let her sit at the backseat.  This time, I intentionally lifted her skirt to watch her legs and panties.  It gave me a hard on and was turned on by watching her thighs and white panties.  Seeing her sit at the backseat and still smiling, I slowly rubbed my hands in her legs.  Watching her reaction, it didn't change at all, it all seems she was enjoying it.  She took off her jacket as I moved my hands under her dress.  As my hands rub her inner thighs, I could hear her moan and move her butt feeling ecstasy.  As my hands reached her panties, I would feel her pussy crack, and move my fingers between them.  My eyes were just focused on her reaction, she was still smiling but this time, she would close her eyes.  I moved my hands to her boobies as my other hand continue to play with her pussy.  I tried to take of her bra but was having difficulty so i just slid my hands under it, and pulled it up.  She was kinda flat chested that I couldn't feel her boobies much only her hard nipples.  We were parked at the corner of the lot, and it was not well lighted so it came to my mind that if ever it would happen, it would happen here at the parking lot.  Not wasting much time,  I pulled her panties all the way out and finger fucked her.  Playing with her clits making her moan.  With her boobs now fully exposed (I pulled her bra down to get a better view), I licked her little nipples and sucked all of her small breasts while continuing to finger her.  I then brought her out of the car and move her to the side of the hood.  I opened the front passenger door to have little covering and positioned myself to fuck her from behind.  Now pantyless already, I pulled her skirt up.   I took a condom from my pocket and fucked her f... Read More

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