Slave of Seduction

November 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Slave of SeductionThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


“`Di ka pa ba matutulog, babe?”

“Hmmmm?” Napangiti si Monique sabay yakap kay Raffy. Ang kanyang fiance.

“Bukas nalang yan, babe. Leave it to me,” he sheepishly smiled.Napailing nalang siya.

She’s unpacking his suitcase. Nasa Davao sila ngayon para sa isang business trip. Her fiance is trying to oversee the ongoing construction of his high rise condominium units. Hands-on ito sa pagpapatakbo ng negosyo. Even if naka-base sa Davao ang business partner nitong si Micheal, nakakahanap pa rin ito ng panahon para i-check ang progress ng construction. Right now, they’re at the Marco Polo Hotel. Inaayos niya ang mga gamit nito sapagkat kung hindi, tiyak na hahayaan lang nito na magulo ang mga gamit.

“Are you sure, you’re not gonna stay here?” Nagpapa-cute na tanong nito sa kanya habang dahan-dahang hinahawakan ang kanyang baywang.

“You know I can’t be here. No, strike that. You know I shouldn’t be here,” sagot niya. And she gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“I’ll go to my room now. Good night, Raffy baby.” And she hugged him tight. He hugged her back and kissed her.

“`Lika na.”


“`Lika na. Hatid na kita sa room mo.”

“No way. What am I? A four-year-old?” Natawa nalang siya.

He made face and pulled her out of the room.

“Seriously, babe, you don’t need to walk me to my room. Hello, we’re like two rooms apart,” aniya sabay tawa.

He just grunted. Ginawaran siya nito ng masuyong halik nang marating na nila ang kanyang suite room.

“`Love you. Sleep tight, babe.”

“`Love you too. Nighty-night!”

She locked the door and headed straight to the bathroom to prepare her hot tub. Dahan dahan niyang ibinuhos ang bath salts sa tub. Babalikan niya nalang ito pagkatapos mag unpack ng mga gamit sa kanyang suitcase.Pagkatapos ayusin ang kanyang mga gamit, tinungo niya na ang bath tub.

She was completely naked as she stepped into the tub.She let out a long sigh. Ngayon lang siya nakaramdam ng pagod. The feel of the warm bubble bath against her skin feels like a soothing balm. She reached for the loofah and started rubbing all over her body. As she squeezed the loofah, she noticed that she’s still wearing her rings. Nakalimutan niya palang hubarin at ilagay sa dresser.

A sudden rush of happiness filled her heart while she’s staring at her two precious rings. Ang isa ay ang kanyang engagement ring. It’s a 4 karat Cartier diamond ring given to her by her fiance. Ang isa naman ay ang kanyang Tiffany & Co platinum band chastity ring. Mahalaga ang singsing na ito para sa kanya. Binigay ito ng kanyang mommy noong fifteen years old pa lang siya. It’s symbolic of her purity. She made a promise to God, to her mom, as well as to her own self that she will remain pure until marriage. And that she will only give herself to her husband and no one else.

Napangiti siya. She’s very thankful that she found the right man for her. Raffy is an epitome of a perfect guy. Mabait, matalino, walang bisyo, hands-on sa negosyo. And the best bonus is that he’s handsome and he perfectly understands her vow of chastity. He says that he loves her even more because of it. At sabi rin nito na mas nakaka-heighten daw ng kanilang sexual tension ang “waiting game” lalo pat at papalapit na ang kanilang kasal.


Monique woke up feeling refreshed. Ginising siya ni Raffy at sinabihang kailangan niya nang maghanda para sa kanilang early breakfast. She told him to wait up. She’ll just take a quick shower and bababa na sila. Matapos magshower, tinungo niya ang walk-in closet. She’s contemplating on what to wear. Alam niyang pupunta sila sa construction site kaya kailangang comfy clothes ang suot niya.

“No stillettos and pumps huh,” she said while carefully checking each and every clothing she just unpacked last night.

Pinili niya ang isang mustard yellow Lacoste mid-thigh tennis dress. Since petite naman siya, hindi ito magmumukhang malaswa sa kanya. Plus, the color compliments her beyond fair porcelain skin. She’ll pair it up with her white Nike sneakers.After dressing up, she blow-dried her hair so she could tie it up into a high pony.She grabbed her oversized Abercrombie canvas bag.

As she stepped out of her suite, she saw Raffy approaching towards her. He looks so dashing in an ash blue polo shirt tucked in his tailored jeans.

“So, are we heading to the golf course?” Biro niya rito while giving him a smack on the lips.

“You look so beautiful, babe.”

“And you’re equally handsome, Mr. Big Shot Business Tycoon.”

“You just simply know which buttons to push, noh?”

She just chuckled and they headed straight to the lobby to have their breakfast. He pulled up a chair for her. As she sat down, a familiar man approached their table.

“Michael, pare, it’s good to see you!” Halata ang fondness sa boses ni Raffy.

“Babe, you remember Michael? He’s my close friend from business school.”

She just nodded and smiled.

“We’re classmates in AdMU. Since then, we’ve been best friends,” singit ni Michael.

Again, she just smiled. Presko kasi ito. It actually kind of ruined her morning. And since she doesn’t wanna upset her fiance, she just opted to be civil towards his business partner.

“Sit, have breakfast with us, pare.”

“Certainly, I wouldn’t pass on that offer, `tol.”

And so they had their breakfast. She had to painstakingly endure Michael’s braggy attitude for the entire duration of their meal.

“Hey, is that Xander?” Tanong ng kanyang fiance.

“It is! Huh, that bastard. What is he doing here?” sagot ni Michael.

“I’ll talk to him for a bit, babe, excuse me for a while.”

“Babe,” aniya sabay hawak sa kamay nito. “Don’t you think it’s inappropriate? I mean, are you gonna discuss business prospects with him? At this hour?”

“Yeah, but I’m just gonna ease into it slowly naman, babe. I’ll ask if he’s interested in putting up condo units in CDO.”

“But, you’re practically trying to ambush his peaceful breakfast with his wife, babe.”

“C’mon, Monique, it’s just some harmless business chitchat,” singit ni Michael.

“Besides, we’re not even sure if that’s really his wife,” dagdag pa nito sabay ngisi at nag fist bump pa kay Raffy.

She gave him a disgusted look before turning to her fiance.

“But don’t forget, we’re heading to the construction site, babe.”

He held her hand and kissed her cheek.

“So, Monique, how’s your restaurant?” tanong ni Michael nang makaalis na si Raffy.

He’s talking about her gourmet restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.

“It’s doing great.”

“But you’re also an interior designer, right?"


“Perhaps we can head to the construction site now? Alam ko tapos na ang showroom sa first floor. I think you can help with its interior design.”

“Sure, later, Raffy and I will go there.”

“How about we go there now? Sigurado ako matatagalan pa si Raffy sa pakikipag usap kina Xander.”


“Wait here, I’ll talk to him.”

Naglakad ito patungo kina Raffy. They talked for a bit and then she saw him heading towards her. Smiling.

“Alright, Raffy told me to take you there. Let’s go?”


“Let’s go. Susunod nalang si Raffy.”

She looked at Raffy. Tumango ito at ngumiti sa kanila.

She found herself sitting on the passenger’s seat of Michael’s Ford Ranger. Malapit lang naman pala sa kanilang hotel ang ipinatatayong condo units nina Raffy. Ilang minuto lang nakarating na sila at nagpark na si Michael sa harap ng lobby ng condominium building. Sinalubong sila ng mga engineer ng site. Ipinakilala siya ni Michael at pumunta na sila sa showroom. It was huge and totally furnished. Although, she could say na marami pang pwedeng idagdag at baguhin para mas maging maganda ito.

Tinungo niya ang bintana.

“You guys can change the drapes, so it would look classy. And lose that coffee table, it contradicts the modern look this showroom’s trying to achieve.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Sabi ni Michael. Ini-lock nito ang pinto.

“What are you doing?”

He walked towards her.

“Ayokong maistorbo ng mga engineer at contractors. Ang daming demands at puro problema nalang inirereport sa`kin sa tuwing pumupunta ako dito.”She did not react.“So, tell me, anong gagawin natin dito?”

“Excuse me?!”

Ngumisi ito.

“I meant, what are we gonna do with this room? You’re in charge of its interior design, right?”

“Oh, uhm, yung drapes. And yung lamp dapat palitan.”

Lumapit ito sa kanya at sinagi ang braso niya.

“What’s wrong with these drapes?”

He asked in a very sensual voice. Habang hinahawakan nito ang drapes. Pero nasa likuran niya ito kaya para mahawakan ang drapes, kailangang nakapalibot ang kamay nito sa baywang niya. It’s obvious that he’s sniffing her neck. He’s inhaling her scent.

Bago pa siya makapalag, hinapit ni Michael ang kanyang baywang at siniil siya ng halik sa labi. She was dumbfounded. Hindi siya nakapagreact agad lalo na nang pilit na ibuka ni Michael ang kanyang mga labi ipinasok nito ang dila nito sa kanyang bibig.

She finally gathered her strength and pushed him as hard as she can.“Monique…”She gained her composure.

“I’ll be going back to the hotel.”

“No. Kiss me, Monique.”

Umiling siya. Kinuha niya ang kanyang bag at tinungo ang pintuan. Mabilis siyang naabutan ni Michael.

“Take your hands off me!”

Hindi sumagot si Michael. His lips went down her neck.Nataranta si Monique. Hindi niya alam kung ano ang unang gagawin, kung sasawayin ang mga labi ni Michael sa paghalik sa kanya o ang kamay nito na nasa loob na ng kanyang underwear.

“Stop it, Michael!”

“Oh, come on, Monique. Don’t act as if you’re naive. Alam kong alam mo kung bakit dinala kita rito sa showroom.”

“But you said, Raffy’s coming over.”

“What? Hihintayin pa ba natin siya para threesome tayo?”

Sinampal niya ito. Parang umakyat ang kanyang dugo patungo sa kanyang ulo sa sinabing iyon ni Michael.

“Okay, okay, calm down.” Sabi nito sa kanya bago siya nito dampian ng masuyong halik sa labi. Kinuha nito ang mga kamay niya at paulit ulit na hinalikan ang kanyang mga palad.And then he gently bit her earlobe.

“Don’t make this hard for me, Monique. Magugustuhan mo rin naman ito. I’m sure of it. Mag-e-enjoy ka ng husto at baka sa susunod, hanap-hanapin mo na ako.”

Kinilabutan siya sa sinabing iyon ni Michael. She pushed him away. Nang makawala siya rito, agad niyang tinungo ang kinaroroonan ng pinto.

But he grabbed her again.

“Where do you think you’re going, huh?!” anito, nanlilisik ang mga mata. She suddenly felt scared.

“Michael, please, babalik na ako sa hotel…”



Nakangising umiling si Michael.

“Bitiwan mo ako, Michael!”

“Alam kong gusto mo `to, nagpapakipot ka lang. Ba’t ka sumama sa akin dito kung ayaw mo? The truth is, you also want this, right? You also want to play this game, Monique.”

“No. Michael, please!”

“Makikipaglaro ako, Monique. But I’m gonna make sure that I’ll win. You’ll be mine.”

She felt scared. Really scared. Nahintakutan siya nang ibuwal siya ni Michael sa kama at sumampa ito pagkatapos.

Nanlaban siya. Nang makawala ay halos talunin niya na ang kinaroroonan ng pinto pero mas mabilis pa ito sa kanya at nahawakan agad siya nito sa braso.

“There’s no way out, Monique.” Anito sabay dila sa earlobe at leeg niya.

Muli siya nitong inihiga sa kama at dinaganan. Hahalikan na sana siya ulit ni Michael pero umiwas siya kaya sa pisngi siya nito nahalikan. Pinagapang nito ang halik. Now he’s kissing and licking her earlobe, down to her neck. Kinilabutan si Monique.

Hindi niya mapigilang mapaiyak ng mga sandaling iyon.

“Let me go!” sigaw niya pero hindi siya binitiwan nito. Ang higpit ng hawak nito sa kanyang mga kamay na nasa headboard ng kama.

“Michael, maawa ka, please…” umiiyak na pagmamakaawa niya rito.Tila wala itong narinig. Pati ang mga panlalaban niya ay balewala rito.

Natagpuan nalang niya na sakop na naman ng mainit na halik ni Michael ang labi niya. Iisang kamay nalang nito ang may hawak sa mga kamay niya na nasa headboard. Ang isa pang kamay nito ay malayang naglalakbay sa kanyang baywang patungo sa kanyang puson.Napapikit si Monique. Tumigil na siya sa paninipa at pagpupumiglas. She began to feel her body giving in to his sensual assault. He started rolling her dress over her head. He also removed her bra. Nang tumambad ang mayaman at maputi niyang dibdib ay napangisi ito bago tumingin sa mga mata niya.

“Parang awa mo na, Michael, `wag mong gawin sa’kin `to…”

Pero parang wala itong narinig. Nagsimulang maglakbay ang kamay nito sa malambot niyang katawan habang walang patid ang paghalik nito sa kanyang labi, sa mukha niya, sa leeg, sa tenga, pati na rin s kanyang dibdib.

Parang lalo siyang nawalan ng lakas na manlaban pa sa sumunod na ginawa ni Michael. His mouth trailed downward. His tongue flicked over her nipple. Paulit-ulit. He was teasing her, tasting her, making her stomach muscles quiver. Napapikit siya.

Naramdaman niyang hinubad nito ang kanyang underwear.

Nananaway ang kamay niyang binitiwan ni Michael kanina pa. Pero napahinto siya nang maramdaman niya ang kamay nito na humahaplos pababa sa puson niya, sliding slowly up to the inside of her thigh. Naalarma siya. Nakaramdam ng takot.

Michael was looking intently at her. Watching her every reaction.


“I need to have you now, Monique.”

Her cheeks flushed because of what he said. Mabilis na nakapaghubad ng saplot si Michael. Dinaganan siya nito. His superior weight and strength trapped her.She could feel his throbbing manhood against her left thigh. Mas higit ang takot na naramdaman niya nang mga sandaling iyon.


Naputol ang sasabihin niya nang sakupin nito ng mapusok na halik ang kanyang labi. Kasabay niyon ay ipinagpilitan na nito ang sarili sa kanya. Marahas kaya damang-dama niya ang sakit.

Hindi siya makapaniwala na nangyayari ang ganito sa kanya nang mga sandaling iyon. She cannot imagine that she has completely broken her vow of chastity. Worst, she gave herself to a man she barely knew of.

Nabulabog ang diwa niya nang maging mabagal ang paggalaw ni Michael. The searing pain slowly faded away. Pleasure began to grow inside of her until she was moving with him as she fully gave in to his seduction.

Hiyang-hiya si Monique sa sarili pagkatapos ng nangyari sa kanila ni Michael.

Hindi siya makapaniwala na nagawa nitong kunin sa kanya ang pinakaiingatan niya sa loob ng dalawampu’t apat na taon.

Nagagalit siya kay Raffy dahil hinayaan siya nitong sumama kay Michael sa construction site.

Nagagalit siya kay Michael dahil sa kapangahasan nito. Sa sapilitang pag angkin sa kanya.

Pero mas nagagalit siya sa kanyang sarili. Kung hindi siya sumama kay Michael, kung nanatili nalang siya sa hotel at hinintay na matapos si Raffy sa pakikipag usap kay Xander, hindi sana mangyayari ang lahat.

Nakarinig siya ng mga katok sa pinto ng kanyang suite room. Pagkabukas niya ay nakita niya si Raffy... Read More

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