Six Again

January 25, 2016 (2 years ago)
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November, last year. While having coffee at SB SM North Edsa skygarden, I observed a kid (dressed as a princess for trick or treat, I guess) holding her new toy, I observed her excitedly pulling out Elsa (from Frozen) out of it's box. She crinkled her face and then laughed with delight.

I put down my cigarette butt and sighed. I'm having my "me-time", the week seem hell that leaves you worn out and cranky and tired of independent life and adult responsibility.

Perhaps things would improve if I adopted the perspective of a six-year-old. An avid "pretender" as a child, I decided to pretend, for one day to be six again.

I set some basic rules: no bill paying, no outings, no work (I suggest you do this on your day off or you'll have to explain why you are using the laser pointer at work to make a light show in the back room). Since it was my day off that week, I did do my adult chores, only with a new perspective.

I started as soon as I finished work. I took a lollipop, but first rooted for my favorite color- red. I went to a bookstore and picked up a coloring contest sheet. I decided to treat myself to lunch. I went to KFC, ordered chicken and had an extra plate filled with gravy after that I went to McDonald's for hot fudge sundae, burger and fries. I played with my food. I took the burger home since i had room for dessert, I stopped at Ministop and bought gummy worms. I also stopped and played in the mall's play place- Tom's World (it was a little uncomfortable). I arrived home, I put on matching shorts and top with Hello Kitty print on it.

I called a friend and instead of the usual conversation, I said "Prepare a tent of blankets and coloring book... punta ko diyan!" As expected she reacted "Huh? Bahay-bahayan ateng? Anong trip mo?" I hung up the phone for she'll surely laugh at me then I rummaged in my closet and dressed up (too-too skirt and got my hair curled, trying to have a doll-be-like look).

Next, I went grocery shopping near my friend's place. I used the cart like a scooter and raced down the aisles like an idiot. I picked a jar of Stick-O, a pack of Mik-mik and random chips. I bought chocolate syrup for milk. I selected funky paper towels and pink plastic wrap. I was getting the hang of this.

My friend came to fetch me at the grocery store and as expected with her right eyebrow raised, she let out a laugh.

We had spent our day biking, stopped to climb a tree, walk atop fence and pick unripe mangoes. We watched Cartoon Network while having stick-O, chips and soda for dinner. I took her sister's teddy bear and went to bed.

My day of being six was over; but since then I have learned to incorporate the young-at-heart part of me into my everyday life. I still take gummy worm... Read More

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