Should i message her again or not?

November 30, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Should i message her again  or not?

Its been almost a month since i last messaged her. I stop sending messages to her becuase she told me so. I know i have done something wrong to her and i didnt mean it. We use to be a friend before that mistake. Its not only 1 mistake. Ive done 3 mistakes to her. And because of that our friendship suffers. To all the persons i confided my predicament there is only 1 common advice they gave me "Hayaan mo muna sya."

There are times  i want to message her to say hello but im hesitant to do it. Several questions pops out in my mind . Would she reply to my messge or just ignored it? Yes sometimes she ignores me as if i didnt exist. Or she would reply me and told me again shes not ready to recieve messages from me? But what i fear most is that she told me not to message her and dont bother her anymore.

I envied my fellow chatters. Ive noticed that there are times she would notice me but most of the time im non-existent to her. All i wanted is to bring back our friendship we have. But if she doesnt regard me as her friend anymore. Well i have to respect her decision and... Read More

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