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Date: March 17, 2018 (4 months ago)

Don't hate life just because it gives you tough situation like this.
It is only its way to prepare you for something better that you truly deserve.

So don't think that just because it happens to you for the second time would mean that there has a problem in you, no dear. Believe me, it happens to anyone.

Before the right man for you finds you, you have to be the right woman for him first. And in order for you to be "The One," getting hurt is inevitable as you will encounter people that will almost answer your question of, "Is he the one?" and yet none of them could stand tall and prove himself to you: leaving you hanging, unwanted, questioning your whole being, and the such.

That's when the cycle begins, until someone enters your life and turn that cycle into something extraordinary and makes your life different. Then maybe, just maybe, this one is the one you're looking for.
Don't beg for someone's attention, young lady. Don't settle for something temporary. Remove yourself from a relationship that has no such thing as "label." You deserve a man with substance who will make you his priority, his choice not an option.


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March 17, 2018 (4 months ago)

Take note of it.

Good job!

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March 18, 2018 (4 months ago)

Thank you for this ma'am. :)


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March 19, 2018 (4 months ago)

"I have the best wife in the world. And you deserve the best husband. But what if.. If I can't be that?"

"Just be my husband. Just love me."

The Unmarried Wife

To be honest, i'm a liar. ♥♞♬♂⚄☜†∇

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March 20, 2018 (4 months ago)

Question remains. Do you deserve him ? Don't overthink. Take note.

"Virtual is like everything else. Assume nothing. Only then can you truly see what you're dealing with." - Quellcrist Falconer , Altered Carbon

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March 30, 2018 (3 months ago)

life throws us a lot of curve balls but we should play to win. win that moment. 27 na nga ako eh, mawawala na sa kalendaryo pero naghihintay parin ng tamang tao. Gaya nga ng palagi kong sinasabi, siguro nakita ko na sya kaya lang baka di pa tamang oras. Goodluck satin.

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March 30, 2018 (3 months ago)

Cliche man but like what they always say; if it's meant to be, it will be. Kung tingin mo nakita mo na pero di pa tama ang panahon at oras para sa inyo, don't worry sayo pa rin balik non. :) and God bless us both.

Mahirap maghanap ng taong pangmatagalan sa sitwasyong pangmabilisan.

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March 30, 2018 (3 months ago)

Kaya nga eh. Nanonood ako ng movie at nasasabi ko minsan na ang corny nung ganung pangyayari. Tapos eto ako ngayon naniniwala dun. Basta pag ikakasal ka na invite mo ako ha.

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March 31, 2018 (3 months ago)

I used to say corny too on those movies or scenarios, but I realized, andun yung "magic" e. Meron yun, di lang natin feel kasi di tayo yung bida haha! But yea sure, will invite you in my future wed. Hanap muna ako jowa. Hahaha chos

Mahirap maghanap ng taong pangmatagalan sa sitwasyong pangmabilisan.

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April 2, 2018 (3 months ago)

hoyyyy. bawal ka na maghanap. andito na ako eh. hahaha

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