Sexy Love Part IV

August 28, 2015 (2 years ago)
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"Lie still." Kathy commanded as she stood on my bed, just above my sexual organ. She bent her knees, letting her wet pussy touch my hard cock. She moved upward, grinding herself on the length of my shaft.

"Mmm, Kathy, that feels good." I said softly.

She stood up and moved until she was on top of my face. Again, she bent her knees until my face was centimeters away from her pussy and I could smell her sex. She bent lower. I stuck my tongue out, tasting her sweet sweat and cum. She moaned and grabbed her boobs, squeezing them with pleasure. I continued to lap at her hole, like a thirsty man in the dessert. She rolled over on the bed until she got to the edge. She positioned herself between my legs as started stroking my penis. She held it up so she can suck my balls and lick the area between them and my asshole. I felt goosebumps all over my body. She returned her attention to my junior.

"Hi there." she said as she kissed the head, rolling her tongue all over, letting her saliva drip after she had finished. She then took my penis inside her mouth, slowly but surely getting everything until her lips reached my pubic hair. She looked up at me seductively and swallowed. I could feel the insides of her mouth tightening as I knew I was deep in her throat. She then moved her head up and down while she massaged my balls. I could hear her make yummy slurping sounds as she gave me a blowjob.

"Oh shit, Kathy, I'm coming.... Wait, wait, shit!"

She went faster, this time with only half of my penis in her hot mouth, the other half she masturbated with her hand.

"Kathy, shit, I'm coming now!" I said as I exploded in her mouth. On instinct, I pressed her head towards my body so my dick was almost entirely inside her as I continued to pump out my man paste.

"And I erupt like a volcano and cover her with my love. Baby girl you make me say ooh ooh ooh."

"Ahhh... Fuck!" I almost shouted before finally squeezing out the last few drops inside Kathy.

Cock still in her mouth, she looked at me and smiled. She took my penis out carefully and opened her mouth to show me all the cum I had deposited before swallowing everything. She even licked her lips after.

"Ahhh... You taste sweet kuya Mike. At least I'm taking some of you to san diego." she said sweetly as she hopped on the bed next to me.

"I'm sleepy." she yawned. She put one pillow between her legs and another for her to hug and curled into a fetal position.

Kathy closed her eyes and whispered, "Thanks, kuya."

I bent over and kissed her forhead before spreading my blanket over her body. I headed for the bathroom to pee then to the kirchen to drink some water. glass in hand, I closed the door to the room where kathy was sleeping and lit a cigarette. I got my phone and called my mom to say that kathy had too much to drink and had fallen asleep in James' room.

"Baka naman you got too drunk to drive her so she had no choice but to sleep there?" mom replied, her sleepiness evident in her voice.

"No, ma, not at all. She's fine. I'll bring her over after breakfast. Sorry to wake you up. Good night."

"Ok, anak. Thanks again for doing this. Good night."

I almost had the urge to say, "The pleasure is mine."

I took one last puff of my smokes and one last sip of water before heading to the room. I noticed that Ne-Yo had stopped singing. Low batt phone, I thought with a smile. Inside, Kathy had moved a bit, causing part of the blanket to go down, exposing her right nipple. While I was tempted to suck it, I just pulled the blanket up, covering up to her shoulder. I gently kissed her cheek and rolled out the portable mat behind my door and positioned myself to sleep. I looked up at the hong kong disneyland clock on my wall and saw that it was 3:48 am.

It was already a new day.


The next two weeks was a blur. Kathy's sisters had arrived from San Diego and they all made the usual Boracay-Palawan-relatives they haven't met routine. But all this time, I couldn't get her out of my head. We didn't have contact until two days before their departure back to the states.

It was around 8:00 pm. James had gone out to celebrate his blockmate's birthday so I'm guessing he'd probably get drunk and come home by lunch time the next day.

"What you say we kick some foreign ass tonight?" I said to myself as I headed to my gaming console. I haven't even switched on the PS3 when the doorbell rang.

It was Kathy. She stood at the doorway, wearing a polo shirt and walking shorts, looking pretty.

"Hey." she said.

"Hey." I answered as I led her inside.

"I'm leaving the day after tomorrow but I couldn't leavd... Read More

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