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Sexy Love Part III

August 28, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Kathy was leaning on the trunk of my '98 Lancer. Cigarette in hand, she was just staring into space. I can just imagine the thoughts running through her brain.

"Oh my God, what a complete perv. I mean, come on! We're cousins! Eew! Fuck Mike! Fuck this country and fuck everybody!"

I took a deep breath and approached her. I leaned on the space beside her and lit a cigarette. I mean, what do men do in these situations? Really? Should i say sorry? Should i just jump in the car and drive off? Should I...

"Let's go." she said, as if she could read my mind. "Don't ditch your stick, I want to smoke in the car."

"Okay." Yup, that's me, master conversationalist. Mr. Smooth at your service.

"Where can I drop you off?" I asked as i turned the key.

"If it's ok with you, I want to hang at your place. I want to completely sober up first before going home."

"No problem."

What followed was probably the longest 28 minutes if my life. 28 minutes. Yes, I checked. Looking at my stereo's clock gave me something to do to amuse myself. Kathy was quiet the whole time.

At my unit, I opened the lights and the aircon and asked if she wanted some water. She nodded and sat herself on the couch and brought out her phone. I poured her a glass and sat on the couch beside her. I was about to go on one of my famous "silent waters run deep" moments when a sound came from her phone. She adjusted the volume until I could hear a familiar intro.

Sexy Love.

Kathy stood up and took my hand.
"You didn't let me finish the song. You still owe me a dance."

As we were standing face to face, she put her arms on my shoulders and swayed her body from side to side. I inched closer until I could put my hands on her waist while feeling the tips of her bra cups flatten softly on my chest. She looked at me and I looked back. Then, she kissed me.

"Oh when we do our thing, when we do the things we do, baby girl you make me say ooh ooh ooh..."

"Kathy," I started, "are you sure about this?"

She nodded and said, "Tomorrow's a new day. What we have is right now, this moment. Let's just enjoy it."

She kissed me again and repeated, "Tomorrow's a new day."

I kissed her back, more aggresive this time. My fingers found their way to her back and found the zipper of her dress. I pulled it down and softly pushed the fabric off her shoulders, revealing her strapless black bra. I tugged on her dress until it fell to her ankles. Kathy kicked off her sandals while she started to unbutton my polo, our mouths not separating. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. I removed my shoes using my feet and pushed my jeans down with my hands. Except for my green checkered boxers and her matching black bra and panty, we had nothing on. We were just two people under the influence of alcohol and lust. Make that, two cousins under the influence of alcohol and lust.

I led her to my room.

"Reservoir Dogs. Arguably Tarantino's best." she remarked as she saw the poster in my room.

"Not arguably but definitely. Here's the bed."

She laughed as she took off her bra and panty. Her breasts were like medium-sized watermelons, I shit you not. Meaty and jiggly, it had light brown nipples the size of small marbles which made my mouth water. She hopped on the bed and lay on her back. I removed my boxers and went on top of her, my hard penis resting on her pubic region. I plunged my tongue into Kathy's mouth while my hands went to work on her beautiful tits, squeezing them gently and letting her nipples harden underneath my palms. I let my tongue trail from her mouth down her chin and finally on her neck which i sucked gently, careful not to leave a mark.

"Oh shit..." she moaned softly, running her hand through my hair.

I focused my attention on her gigantic boobs. I cupped both in my hands and squeezed them softly towards one another, making it easier for me to lick both of Kathy's big nipples with just a simple turn of my head. I put one nipple in my mouth, like a baby to a mother. I let my tongue roll around the delicate bud, flicking it and biting it with my lips. I then went lower and kissed her tummy, which I found really cute.

"Lechon city!" she said with a laugh.

I looked up at her and smiled.

"Hell no. It's sexy. You're so sexy." I said between soft kisses. She smiled and I noticed for the first time that she had dimples. I then positioned myself between her thighs, licking the inner sides alternately before going for her honey pot. She was shaved and I could see her tan lines. I made my pointer and middle finger into a "V" and opened her snatch which was already moist. I singled out her clit, first with my lips, then my tongue. I lapped at it like a hungry dog, eliciting a sexy moan from kathy. I then french kissed her pussy while I stroked her beautiful tan thighs that had rested on my shoulders.

"Oh shit, kuya, you're so good! You're so good! I'm coming. I'm coming!" she said just moments before I could feel her back rising and falling from the bed and her hand gripping a fistful of my hair. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and bobbed my head up and down.

"Oh fuck, fuck fuck! Shit!" Kathy was screaming now, her body tightening as she came. I could feel her juices on my mouth and cheeks. She was panting, breathing hard as I noticed beads of sweat in the middle of her boobs. I kissed her and she licked my lips, tasting her own cum. I knelt between Kathy's legs and let my penis slide up and down her wet womanhood, teasing her clit with the tip of my glistening cock.

"You okay?" I asked her. She nodded with a smile. I inserted my manhood and began to pump, slow and steady. Kathy's mouth widened as I pushed deeper and faster. I held her thighs as I fucked her with more powerful thrusts, her sweaty breasts bouncing violently that she had to grab them to keep still.

"Mmm... Fuck me some more kuya. Deeper, deeper, shit, harder!"

My sweat was now dripping on Kathy's thighs as I continued to pump her. She was biting her lower lip, probably to stop herself from shouting. I could sense kathy was reaching climax again as her breathing got faster and her back was rising and falling again, as if wanting my cock to go deeper inside her. I could feel her pussy muscles clenching my penis as I pumped harder and faster unti... Read More

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