Sexually Charged Summer ...

August 20, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Sexually Charged Summer ...It was summer, month of May..
My friend called inviting me for an exclusive party somewhere in Makati...

Wala akong planong lumabas pero my friend was insisting na I go with her.
It was a Friday after all and nasa bahay lang ako buong araw.
I finally said yes sa kakulitan niya and agreed to meet in 3 hours.

I arrived sa place and saw my friend waiting for me outside.
We went inside sa malaking bahay where the party was..

When we got in, sobrang daming Tao.. Music was so loud pero it seemed
Like everyone was having a great time.

Ibat ibang lahi ang mga Tao doon, ages probably ranging from 30yrs old and up...

My friend took me to the center of the room. Since kilala ng friend ko mostly mga Tao doon,
She introduced me around.. At the far right side corner of the room, I saw a tall guy na kanina pa naka tigtig, and he had this sexy look on his face..
Kunwari di ko sya napansin pero, malayo pa Lang, may kakaiba na akong nararamdaman.

Finally, my friend brought me to him.
He was Mark. Half pinoy, half American. An executive sa isang Global banking institution...

Matangkad sya mga 6ft, tanned skin, light brown eyes and hair.. malalaman mo na kaagad na laging nasa gym sa sobrang ganda ng katawan...

He smiled and looked straight at me, and he extended his hand.
I took his hand and looked straight back at him.
He didn't shake my hand but instead hold it close to his mouth,
And he planted a soft kiss.
Sabay Sabi, "I love the way u smell"...

Shit! doon pa Lang, na feel ko na ang strong sexual tension between us.

Ang lagkit ng tingin niya, he was literally removing every piece of what I was wearing that night.. And I was not wearing that much.. A short black dress, bra and nothing else...

He asked, "just you and Kate?"
I answered, "yes". ..

Suddenly, si Kate biglang nag paalam dahil may nakita syang kaibigan na kararating Lang.

When I was about to go with Kate, Mark took hold of my arm sabay Sabi, "Stay with me.."
I looked back at him and asked, "is someone with you?"
Sabi niya nag iisa Lang daw sya. And then I found out, sister niya pala ang hostess ng party.

Dahil sa lakas ng music, sobrang Lapit na ng mga mukha namin when we talked.
He was fun to talk with at alam Mong matalino talaga.
And he smelled so good too..

Suddenly he hold my hand, He asked Kung gusto ko pumunta sa garden so we could hear each other well.. Malayo sa ingay at sa daming Tao.. I said yes ..

We sat on the bench facing a small fountain. Medyo secluded ang garden at kami Lang ang Tao doon.. Trees were all over ensuring that part of the garden stays secluded.
While we were sitting down, he didn't let go of my hand..
While nag uusap kami, he kept on touching my cheek with his other hand.

After a while, na fe-feel ko na na umiinit na ang buong katawan ko. And I could sensed, he was feeling the same way...

Suddenly the inevitable happened, he slowly placed his mouth next to mine and nibbled my lips.. Shit ang sarap!

I opened my mouth and he let his tongue in, I sucked his tongue so slowly and played it with mine..

I suddenly stopped and whispered to him, "I'm not wearing any panties and I'm so fucking wet! will u lick it off for me?"

Pinasok niya kamay niya sa loob and he slowly touched my wet pussy..
Napa mura sya, sabay whisper sa akin, "I will not only lick your pussy, I will have a feast with it.."

Shit napa ungol ako sa Sinabi niya, Lalo na ng pinasok niya finger niya sa butas ko..
"Fuck! that feels so fucking good...", Sabi ko..

Inangat niya Lalo damit ko and he opened my legs wider..
While We kept on kissing wildly, he kept on playing with my wet pussy.

Sabi ko ipasok niya 2 more fingers and he did and it was so fucking good..
I was moaning crazy the whole time..

Suddenly he stopped kissing me, he took out his fingers and then he knelt in front of me.
He pulled me close until my wet throbbing pussy was directly to his face..

"Oh baby, you smell so good.."

And then I felt his wet hot tongue on my clit! "Shit! Feels soooo gooddd... Ohhhhh...
Lick it more... Oh yeahhhh... Shit so good baby..."

Dahan dahan niya akong dinidilaan.
Tapos pinasok niya dalawang daliri niya and he finger fucked me...

"Shiittttt.. Push it more baby... Yeahh.. Yeahhh... That way... Fuck so good.. "

He stopped and looked at me sabay Sabi, "oh baby you got a big wet horny pussy.."
Then he licked me much faster.. While he continued to finger fuck me..

Dahil gusto ko laruin yung boobs ko while he was enjoying the feast with my pussy,
I took off my clothes and played with my tits while he was pleasuring me...

Napapalakas na ang ungol ko.. Ang galing ng dila ni Mark. I could feel he was loving every minute of what he was doing to my pussy..

Suddenly I could feel the heat running all over my body..
"Fuck Mark.. That feels so good.. Don't stop.. Ohhhh.. Yeahhh... That's it baby.."
"Shit, lick me faster baby... Oh fuckkkkkk, I am about to cum... Shittttt..."

"Yeah baby cum for me.."

"Oh gooddd.. Yes.. Yes.. Oh my god, lick it more, fuck me faster with your fingers.. Faster markkkkk...."
"Yes! I'm cummingggggg! Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

He sucked all my juice and fuck, it was so goodddd!

I stood up and said to him, "let me pleasure you this time..."

I removed his clothes.. When I saw his cock, fuck, it looked big, hard and just waiting for my mouth to suck it.. My tongue to lick it...

Nilabas ko dila ko at dahan dahan kong dinilaan shaft Nya while holding his balls with my right hand..

Napa ungol sya.. Dahan dahan kong dinalaan pati balls niya... Went back to licking his shaft..

I then opened the small hole on top of his cock and slowly put my tongue in.. While moving my hand up and down sa shaft niya..

"Fuck baby, that feels so good.."

"Yeah?" I said.. "I'm going to suck u baby til u cum in my mouth..."
"I wanna take in all your cum baby.."

When I said that, I closed my mouth on his shaft until my mouth reaches the end part.
Slowly moving my mouth up and down his cock.. Ang sarapppppp!

I spit on his cock, licked it slowly and put it in my mouth and sucked him real good.. He was squeezing my boobs while I was enjoying sucking him..

Umuungol sya ng malakas. Sarap na sarap sya sa ginagawa ko..
While I was sucking his cock and he was playing with my boobs, I was playing with my clit..

"Ohhhhhh... Fuckk babyyyy... Yeahhh that way babyyy... "
"Shit! Deep throat baby! .... Yes! Yes!"

Pa bilis ng pa bilis pag sucked ko sa kanya..
Suddenly he stopped me, held my face and said, "baby, I have to fuck that big pussy!"

I stood up and turned around, and he fucked me doggy style..

I was moaning so loud dahil sa sobrang sarap!
"Shit baby! Yeah fuck me harder! Yeah.. Yeah.. Deeper babyyyy!"
Fuck ang sarap while kinakantot Nya ako! I kept on playing with my clit while he was fucking so hard, so fast!

"Fuck baby, I'm about to cum!" Sabi ko Kay Mark..
"Cum baby! Cum!"... Read More

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