chubby ladies how it goes (redux)

February 24, 2014 (4 years ago)
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This is not a sex story however  sex related since my topic involves my  experienced with chubby girls. to my memory; i fucked at least 5 women whoare  classified as BBW (big beautiul women). Im  just curious why friends preferred fat ladies as bedmate....... usually, i prefer slim even not sexy or ladies who were not fat as sexmates...... so to satisfy my curiousity ..... i tried

My first chubby experienced was in 2002, i met her thru cable tv , i think in sky cable, she's from makati along c-5, in her early 30's. single mother, flawless skin, reflection of a woman who lives   comfortably. we meet at shell gas station along c-5 the southbound direction. We proceeded at diamond inn along cuneta avenue and we fucked. she is a good cock sucker, has nice smell, thats why i ate her pussy well.

My second chubby experienced; was in 2011, she is in her mid tirties a working girl, we met in cubao in october 2011 super chubby talaga. we checked a motel  and fucked . she had vaginal smell haha, that s why i dont eat her pussy. the funny thing was when she fall she snores very loud. thats why i ran out of the room and leave.

Then my third was also with FB late twenties, cebuana, who works in a bpof irm, smell good; ate her pussy well

.My fourth was in 2012 and the fithwas in 2013 early part o the year thru a chat site.

 my view is this; fucking chubby girls and sexy ladies are the same..... some are good sex partners,
some were not.....

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