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(Sex Submissions are fictional stories created only to feed the mind of the readers. These are stories which ordinary men meet exxxtraordinary women, forced/submitted to the Gods of lust, and/or vice versa. So, just sit back, relax, enjoy reading and fap away!)


“Hey, girls! We'll just buy food for our dinner and for tomorrow's breakfast. Ano gusto niyo?”, as soon as we reached the dock.

We just had our island-hop trip. I was with my friends, Macy, Che and Zyra. We were having our long weekend in Bolinao, Pangasinan. A greek-inspired resort that truly captivated us from the moment we arrived there. The place is very relaxing and the caretakers were very accommodating. Thus far, we were having a great time.

“Kayo nang bahala, sis. Anything's fine by me.”, Cheska replied.
“Ako, gusto ko ng chicken. Fried or BBQ.”, Zyra requested.

“Okay. Just text or call us if you'll change your minds.”, I answered.

“Balik din kami kaagad ha?”, as Macy followed.

Macy and I went ahead to the car to buy food. Cheska and Zyra were left behind in the villa.

“Sis, can I drive?”, as Macy asked while grimming.

“Ha ha! Gaga! Baka patayin tayo ni Jeff.”

“Sus! Hindi naman malalaman eh! Dali na!”, Macy was insisting.

“Girl, buti nga pinahiram tayo eh. Next time ka na mag-drive 'pag kotse ko na gamit ko. He he!”, as I hopped inside the car.

Jeff is a special someone. We've been dating for a couple of months that time. He's so kind and very sweet. Too kind, that he actually let me swap my car with his SUV. Since, he thought that an SUV would be perfect for our trip, because it's spacious, he lend us his Montero Sport to swap with my Honda Jazz for a couple of days. That's a plus points for him! He wanted to come with me, but I said that it's an “all girls” trip. So, he didn't assert himself to join. I just told him that we'll be spending a time-off when I come back.

We drove off and head to the town. It's only a 10-minute drive from the resort we stayed at. It was already passed 6 in the evening and the place was starting to get darker. We were hoping we could still buy fresh meat and/or seafood at the local wet/dry market, but Erwin, the caretaker from the resort, told us that the market closes early. Thus, we just planned to buy preservatives and maybe some fast food, whichever comes first along the road we were driving on.

“Sis, drop me off na lang sa supermarket. Para makabili ako ng alak and some snacks for later. Then, buy ka na lang ng Jollibee or Andok's. What do you think?”, Macy said.

“Hm, pwede din. Basta kung ano na lang makita ko, ha?”

“Oo naman. Ikaw na bahala.”

Five minutes after, we reached a small supermarket, just before the bus terminal.

“Sis, text me na lang pag nandito ka na.”, Macy told me.

“Ok. I'll let you know if may ipapabili din ako.”

“Okay. See you later!”

“Laters!”, as I dropped her off. Then proceeded looking for a fast food chain.

While I was driving, my phone rang and noticed that Jeff was calling...

“Hey!”, as I answered my phone.

“Hi, Laura! How are you?”, he asked.

“Heto, naghahanap ng food for our dinner. And you?”

“I see. Wala naman. Will be going out later with some friends. Nagyaya kasing mag-poker 'yung balikbayan kong kaibigan. Minsan lang naman daw, so, pinagbigyan ko na.”

“Oh, okay. Well, you have fun.”

“You, too, Laura! Ingat ka ha? And ingatan mo si Monty. Ha ha!”, as he joked about his precious SUV.

“Ha ha ha! And what if something to happened to Monty? What would you do to me?”, I asked.

“Hm, good question. Well, I would not be mad at you, to be honest. I will be frustrated, though, but I think a kiss from you will totally make it even. Ha ha!”, he answered.

“Kiss lang pala eh. Sus! He he!”

“It also depends on how big would be the damage of my car. A kiss, siguro, dent or minor scratches lang yun. Ha ha!”

After a couple of minutes, I finally found a fast food chain and parked the car. I was still talking with Jeff...

“Really, huh? What if, let's say, nayupi yung bumper mo? Would a kiss be fair?”, I continued to ask.

“Of course not! Pag nayupi yung bumper, mas malaki din dapat ang kapalit.”

“Like?”, as I wittingly asked.

“Hm, good and tricky question. But I'd say, second base? Perhaps?”

“What about it?”

“I don't know, just a thought?”, he told me.

He was fishing. Since the first night of dating, all he got so far is first base. I was actually waiting for him to level up his moves but, as I've mentioned, he's too kind and not the aggressive-type of guy. Which, somehow is good for most girls, but for me, I was getting to get bored because I wanted more than a “PBB Teen”-like drama. Though, I've never gave him any sign that I was willing to. It could also be my fault.

“Like caressing my boobs?”, as I teased him.

“Sorry, what?!”, he was shocked on what I said over the phone.

“Hm, would you like to touch and fondle my breasts, Jeff?”

“Laura? Are you okay? Or drunk?”

“I'm asking you. Gusto mo bang gawin yun?”, I reiterated.

“Uhm, sure?”

“Yes or no?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Laura, I want to touch and fondle your breasts. Actually, I'll suck and lick it, if you'll give me a chance.”, honest words finally came out off him.

“Hm, I'd love that, Jeff.”, as my hand began to travel inside my shirt and into my bra. “Want to know a secret?”, as my fingertips touched my nipple.

“What is it?”, he asked.

“I'm playing with it right now. Inside your car.”

“Shit! Talaga?! Wow!”, he couldn't hide his excitement.

“Yeah. I'd love to feel your own hands touching every part of my chest.”, as I continued to tease him.

“I can't wait, Laura! Kelan ka ba babalik?”

“Soon.”, as I pinched my already-hard nipple. “Uhmmmmm...”, as I moaned on the phone.

“God! You're already making me hard!”, Jeff confessed.

“Really? I hope I could feel it when I come back.”

“Would you let me?”

“Yeah.”, as I was so turned on because of that naughty conversation. “Damn! We need to stop this. Mahihirapan lang tayo pareho. Ha ha!”, as I halted.

“Oo nga eh. Shit, I can't wait to be with you, Laura! Please come home!”, he begged.

“Tomorrow. Wait for me, okay?”, I told him.

“Okay. Sige.”

“Bye, Jeff. Bibili pa ako ng food namin. Baka gutom na yung mga kasama ko. He he!”, as I bid him goodbye.

“Sure. Ingat ka ha? Text me when you get back to the resort. Okay?”, Jeff instructed.

“Ok. Bye.”, as I hang up the phone.

I got off the car and went inside the fast food restaurant. After I ordered some chicken meals for my girls, I sat down and waited for it. While waiting, I exchanged text messages with Jeff and told him how our short fiasco has turned me on a bit. It's been a long time since I had sex with someone and I was longing for it. I was hoping that Jeff will be that guy who could give me the craving I was yearning for. But, in a very odd circumstance, I had it sooner than I expected.

At my 10 o'clock, I noticed a young guy, wearing a loose shirt and saggy pants, inconspicuously staring at either my legs and/or me. Since I was only wearing short shorts that night, he was glancing at my exposed legs. From his point of view, he could see it just underneath the open-spaced table I was at. At first, I didn't mind him, but when his stare has turned into a “nanghuhubad” type of stare, it was beginning to scare me.

All of a sudden, after the guy finishes his food, he approached me...

“Miss, pwede ko bang makuha number mo?”, he asked impolitely.

“Huh? At bakit ko naman ibibigay number ko sa'yo? Ok ka lang?”, as I answered in a snappy way.

“Sige na. Gusto ko lang sanang makipag-text sa'yo. May boyfriend ka na ba?”

“Ha ha! It's none of your business. And wala akong time makipag-text.”

“Pa-Ingles Ingles ka pa, hindi ko naman naiitindihan. Sige na! Hindi naman ako makulit mag-text eh.”, he insisted.

“Well, ngayon, nakukulitan nako sa'yo! So, pwede ba?!”, as I was still shutting the door on him.

Few minutes after, my take-out order finally arrived. I quickly stood up and walked towards the car. The guy followed me. And when we got outside the restaurant, he was still asking for my phone number...

“Miss! Miss! Sige na! Number mo lang!”, with his raised voice.

“Bakit ba ang kulit mo?!”, irritatingly asked him.

“Gusto ko lang naman makuha number mo. Masama ba yun?”

“HA HA! Sinabi ko na ngang hindi pwede eh!”, I was starting to get really annoyed.

Then the security guard from the establishment suddenly approached us because he was hearing our argument. “Ma'am, ano pong ginagawa sa'yo nitong batang 'to?”, then I was stunned when he hit the kid behind his neck. “Ikaw nanaman ha? Napakakulit mo! Ilang beses na ba kitang sinabihang 'wag kang tatambay dito ha?!”, the manong guard was so angry at him. He also kicked the poor guy in the leg area.

I suddenly had a change of heart after I saw the kid was being bullied by the security personnel. His eyes were about to cry and I was sure that he was scared at that point. So, I took the initiative to stop manong guard. “Kuya, 'wag niyo pong saktan. Wala naman po siyang ginagawang masama sakin eh.”, as I went in between the kid and the guard.

“Eh ma'am, matagal ko nang pinapaalis 'yan. Laging bumabalik.”, as manong guard explained. Other bystanders were also rushing in the scene.

“Hayaan niyo na lang po, manong. Nagtatanong lang naman siya sakin.”, as I opened the car doors to let the poor kid go inside. “Halika, pasok ka na. Hatid na lang kita.”, I was afraid he will be beat up by the guard so I let him in.

I hopped inside as well and quickly drove off. “Okay ka lang ba?”, as I questioned the kid.

“Ok lang ako.”, as he was staring outside.

“Ano pangalan mo?”

“Marlon.”, he briefly replied.

He was shaking. The once stiffed guy, has turned into a gentle sheep. “Lagi ka ba talagang nandoon sa restaurant na yun?”


“Anong ginagawa mo doon?”

“Wala. Naghahanap nang babae.”, he explained.

“Ha ha! Doon lang ba may babae?”, as I laughed.

“Doon kasi madalas magpunta yung magaganda.”

“So, maganda ako, ganun?”, just to lighten up the heavy feeling he was having.

He didn't respond after that question. After 10 minutes, we arrived at the supermarket where I dropped Macy off. She wasn't outside yet, so I just waited for her and continued to interview the kid.

“Ilang taon ka na ba?”


“Saan ka nakatira?”

“Medyo malayo sa bayan.”, as he was still glaring outside the car's window.

All the time that we were talking, he was very snobbish and grumpy. Maybe because he felt embarrassed from the altercation earlier that evening. I felt so guilty as he was just asking for my number. And because I started an unnecessary quarrel, it led into this poor kid getting hurt. I have to make up with him somehow.

“Bakit mo ba kasing gustong kunin ang phone number ko?”, as I questioned him.

He looked at me at the eye. “Gusto ko kasi ng sex.”

“Ha ha ha! Natawa ako dun ah!”

“Bakit? Doon naman nagsisimula yun diba? Sa text?”, he then asked.

“So, you're a virgin? Hindi mo pa nagagawa yun?!”

“Hindi pa.”, as he looked away in embarrassment.

“Sa dami dami ng babaeng nandoon sa restaurant, bakit ako pa ang napili mo? Ha ha!”, as I was still laughing it off.

“Nagbakasakali lang ako.”, he looked at me again. “Tsaka maganda ka at seksi.”, dead honest as he spoke.

“Ha ha! Okay.”

We were both silent after that. I was astonished on this kid's guts for fairly telling me everything that he feels. Quite honestly, I liked the way he stare at me while bravely saying all that out. It only means that he really meant it. In fact, it got me turned on, in a very weird way. And knowing that he's a virgin, it gave more spice to it. Hence, this kiddo deserves it and might have the time of his life. That was the only way of compensating him back on what happened earlier at the fast food restaurant.

After a while, I broke our silence...

“So, since virgin ka pa, wala ka pa talagang alam? I mean, nakahalik ka na ba ng babae?”, as I commenced my interrogation.

“Meron na. Mga dati kong nakilala sa text.”, he answered.

“Ah, okay. Pero yun lang?”

“Oo. Hanggang doon lang ako.”

“Hm, okay.”, as I leaned towards him. “Halikan mo nga ako.”, I ordered.

Marlon didn't think twice and moved his head closer. We touched lips for a second, then his tongue rapidly swirled inside my mouth. He was so aggressive on kissing me. I returned the favor. Wrapping my tongue around his. We were engaged in torrid and lustful kissing. Then just after few of it, I stopped him.

“Hm, okay naman pala eh.”, acknowledged his skills.

I could sense from his eyes that he wanted more. He was rattling in excitement. His hands were gripping the seat cover very tightly. He was just detaining his self. But the feeling on my end was doubled. I got so aroused in an instant. My body was craving for it. Blood pressure was rising. Lust was invading my defense mechanism. Fuck!

In a blink of an eye, he went closer and kissed me again. My head slightly banged on the window as he forced half of his body on the driver's seat. His vigorous lip-sucking was so intense that his saliva was all over my mouth. He was so eagerly lavishing me! Shit, I was already beginning to get wet down there!

Abruptly, I pushed him away for a second. “Wait, 'wag dito! Baka biglang dumating kaibigan ko.”, concerned that Macy could go out from the supermarket any minute. He got back into his seat as he waited for me to drive off.

We roamed around and searched for a spot where we could continue. Since, we were in the province, it was not difficult to look for a dark place because the houses are slightly apart and there are a lot of vacant lots around. In minutes, we found the perfect place. A narrow street with a big mango tree alongside with it.

As soon as I put the car on park, I turned off the headlights, switched the engine off and immediately went at the backseat. Marlon quickly followed and sat beside me. He came on my lips and kissed it zealously. We both became bolder as the comfort of being in a deserted place gave us more courage to do the dirty deed. Short after, he began fondling my breasts. His hands were shaking. I really could tell that it was his first time.

“Hinay-hinay lang.”, as I broke out from our kissing.

“Ngayon lang ako nakahawak nito. Pasensya na.”, he was apologitic.

I removed my shirt, slowly. Then, I unhooked my bra. I leaned my back against the car door. My boobs were exposed to him. His reaction was priceless! His eyes have popped opened like he has seen a ghost or something. His mouth was disclosed. This kid was having a treat thus far and God, I liked the way I was teaching him!

“Dilaan mo.”, as I grabbed his head and directed it to my chest.

Marlon proceeded there and started licking my nipples. At first, it was kinda stiff but later on, he was beginning to lavish it smoother. I got his hands and put it in action as well. My hands guided it on my chest so he could caress it. He squeezed it hardly, like he was grabbing a stress ball. Told him to massage it gently, that he did instantly. This kid was learning fast!

I could already feel his hard on as his body was pinning down on my groin area. My right hand reached for it outside his hip-hop pants and started rubbing it.

“Tigas na tigas na 'to ah.”, as I said to his ear.

Marlon halted on licking my chest and head down. My hand lost its grip on his rod as he slid his body descended towards the thing between my legs. He tried to unbutton my shorts but he was having difficulties. Hence, I helped him undo it. Marlon sat up for a second as he watched me removed my denim shorts. I didn't remove my panties yet but I let him continue to tease my cunt as he went back in there.

“Basa ka na.”, he said shortly.

My juice might have been dried out due to the naughty phone call I had with Jeff. In a glance, I suddenly felt his tongue brushed off the top of my underwear. He wet it with his sputum until the fabric has been visibly drenched with it. He got heated up even more that I couldn't wait any longer. Hence, I slid my panties to the side and revealed my wet pussy to him.

“Ituloy mo lang yung ginagawa mo...”, as I directed him.

Marlon's tongue has stiffened and began soothing the labia. Its movement was so rapid, like there was no any rhythm whatsoever. Because of his eagerness and excitement, he was munching it very roughly, that I was getting irked rather than pleasured. Hence, I paused him by holding his head and pushing it away for a second...

“Halikan mo ko ulit...”, I demanded.

We sucked lips. Our tongues met. He was gentle upstairs. Then, I held him back again...

“Gawin mo 'yon sa puke ko...”, as I thought him to treat it the same.

Marlon went back on feating my cunt. But this time, he was tamed. His tongue became more fluent, churning all around my pussy. His lips were brushing the labia, like he was sucking my mouth. His head was syncing with it, encircling my groin area. His hands were parting my legs so he could feast on me gracefully. Damn, this kid was nailing it!

I let go of my panties and touched his head in delightfulness. I began to sway my hips around his mouth. “Ooooohhhh!”, as I began to moan hard.

His sweeping moved upwards and was slightly hitting my spot. “Aaaahhh! Diyan ka lang.”, as I begged him to focus on my clit. He followed it and anchored his tongue there. “Sheeeettt! Diyan, diyan... Hmmm, ang saraaappp!”, he was now consistently striding the button. I was thrilled! I was electrified with such waves of sensitivity! I wanted to hold my climax, as I'd still want try out the kid's young cock. But his energy and continuity made it hard for me to stop him .

“Ohhhh, God! I'm almost there!”, every inch of his tongue gave so much pleasure. Couldn't hold it any longer. I wanted to let it out! “AAAAHHHHH!!! FUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!”, as I felt my cum overflowed from inside. My innermost was pumping in contentment, as more of my honey emerged from the nest of lust. “OOOOHHHHHH!!!”, I was slowing down while still savoring my climax.

Meanwhile, Marlon was still at it. He probably didn't know what happened. Hence, I just let him suck my juice.

Few moments after, he stopped eating me and positioned himself, like he was about the fuck me. Halted and told him to sit down. I pulled his saggy pants a bit so his manhood could get a breather. I gradually went on top of him. My hand grasped his thing and I quickly noticed that he already had a pre-cum on the tip. Couldn't blame for that, though. Every virgin guy would be excited for his first time, right?

My fingers brushed it off and then slowly pointed his thing towards my cunt. I finally got it inside as soon as it touched the entrance. This kid's dick is very thin but the length is way above the average size. I shouldn't be calling him kid no more, after that moment. He has turned into a man now.

“Ang sarap pala.”, he commented after he felt my pussy.

“Uh huh? Masarap ba ako?”, talked dirty to him and began my movement.

“Aah! Oo! Tanginaaah!”, as he was starting to feel my hot cunt pleasuring his manhood.

His hands were tightly gripped on my waist. His eyes were closed. His face was crumpled in so much amusement he was having. I gathered my hands at the backseat. I was in a squat position while moving body up and down. Bit my lips as I watched this young man experience sex for the first time in his life. I was enjoying every moment of it!

My pace quickened after a minute or so. I was humping his stick so hard that it was creating some skin-banging noise inside the car. I leaned closer to him so his mouth could play with my chest. But he declined and was just going for the ride. Marlon was still unconscious due to severe agitation.

“Anong feeling ng kinakantot? Huh?”

“Ang sarap! Sobraaahh!”, he answered.

“Hmm, yeah! Masikip ba ako?”

“Oo! Ang init sa loob! Tanginaaaahhh!”

“Aaaahhh! Fucccckkkk! Ang haba ng titi mo!”

“Malapit nakooohh! Aah!”, Marlon suddenly said.

I quickly hopped off from him. “Shit! 'Wag muna, please?!”, as covered the tip of his cock with my left hand. I was preventing his cum to come out. But after a second or two, it just popped out from its tip.

“PUTAAAAAHHHH!!!”, as he shouted out. “UUGGGHHH!!”, his cum shot all over my palm. Some of it flowed over its shaft. It was a bucket-full of it!

I just let him savor it. Marlon was settling down after his climatic finish. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the damage he did on my hand. “Shit! Sorry ha?”, as he apologized.

“Okay lang. Ang dami nito ah!”, as I spread his cum on his manhood, while slowly stroking it.

“Ang sarap mo kasi.”, he replied.

Gave him a kiss on his lips after that. Then, we cleaned ourselves up. I felt sorry for doing it inside Jeff's SUV, I just couldn't help myself. But, I did make sure that no evidence will be left behind when I return it to him. It was his fault anyway, since he turned me on that night, ha ha! Got my phone and saw that Macy has 3 missed calls and a couple of text messages. She was already looking for me. Jeez! What would I tell her?

I rapidly drove off...

“Saan kita ibababa?”, I asked Marlon.

“Doon na lang sa sakayan ng dyip, sa may kanto.”

A couple of minutes after, we arrived at the jeep terminal. And before he went down the car. I gave him my number. “By the way, Laura pala name ko.”, as I introduced myself.

“Salamat, Laura ha? Hindi ko makakalimutan 'tong gabing ito.”, he was smiling at me.

“Next time, kapag manghihingi ka ng cellphone number ng isang babae, ask them politely. 'Wag yung masyadong mayabang. Ok?”

“Ok, sige. Tatandaan ko 'yan. So, pwede ba tayong magpalitan ng text mamaya?”

“Sure! Basta mag-send ka lang, magrereply naman ako.”, I kindly told him.

“Sige. Mauna nako. Salamat ulit!”, as he bid goodbye.

“Ok. Ingat ka ha?”, then he shut the car door after.

I proceeded to the supermarket and arrived 5 minutes after. Macy was already standing at the entrance, waiting for me. As soon as she saw the car, she went near and got inside.

“Saang lupalop ka ba bumili ng pagkain? Ha ha!”, as she joked.

“Sorry, sis, long story. I'll tell you all about it when we come back at the villa.”

“Nako! For sure, magbubunganga nanaman si Zyra niyan pagbalik natin, ha ha!”

“Let her be, ha ha! Hindi ka na nasanay sa kanya.... Read More

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